Weinstock, how fat girls laugh

The purpose of this work is to make available transcriptions and translations of verses and salutations that appear on old German beer steins with photos of the verses as seen on the steins. All verses on old German steins cannot be expected to have correct grammar and the same verse might even vary from stein to stein. We will attempt to make each German verse grammatically correct in High German (High German) and the reader can see the differences from what's on the actual stein. We will leave dialect (usually Bavarian) as it is. All nouns and sentence beginnings in German are capitalized and this will be the main correction. If you have trouble with reading the German letters, see the article "Steinologists' guide to old German print and script".

We hope that readers will submit good photos of steins with verses that have not been included. Also, corrections or improvements to a translation are welcome.

The translations are listed alphabeticallly below, based on the first line of the German verse. Click on letter beginning the first word of the verse. Since verses may have slightly different wording, better results might be gained searching Translations Illustrated by entering one or two words of the verse in the Google search box below. You can also search by subject matter. SCI does not endorse any ads displayed by Google.