What do peckerhead mushrooms look like

Gluthof: Pilz Surprise

Collect 18 feather caps, 24 wicker morels and 4 violet caps. Provided item:


Little did I know that my famous mushrooms were getting around like that. It would be a pleasure to cook a mushroom feast for the Gluthof! Hmmm ... you need to get me some rare copies. For this I lend you my favorite collection bag, with which you can find the best mushrooms. It really always works. Let's see, I need small braided caps from the bastion and a few of the fancy violet caps from the Ardenwald. And I need feather caps from the tips of our mushrooms here. You have to climb all the way to the top.


Did you fill the collection bag?


Hm, they smell wonderful and ripe! You really have a knack for that, .


You get:


Upon completing this quest, you will receive:
If you enter the following in-game, you can check that you have already completed this:
/ run print (C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted (61406))



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