Stephania pierrei diels how to grow


What do I need to know about Stephania Erecta and how do you care for it?

Stephania Erecta (or Pierrei Diels) belongs to the moon seed family and is found mainly in the tropical regions of Asia. There the bisexual plants reproduce both via seed and tuber formation. The rare caudex plant grows up to 8 m tall or higher and the caudex diameter can be over 30 cm. The entire shoot of a plant is referred to as the caudex, often also the trunk of a tree, the base of the shoot, the rootstock of ferns or the like. It is a morphological term that is not clearly defined. In French, it is usually used to denote thickened parts of the shoot (= tuber).

The tubers grow near the ground from the seeds of the parent plants and are then simply collected by the finder on site. Under favorable conditions, a new plant will develop from the tubers. There are male and female plants. In contrast to the female plants, in the male tubers the flowers come first and then the leaves. In the female tubers, the leaves develop first. The male plant later also develops small grape-like fruits, which first turn green, then red and finally black and can be planted. The tubers themselves continue to grow in the wild and get larger over time. In our latitudes, and especially within a pot, this is only the case to a very limited extent.

The plant itself contains over 50 different alkaloids. The ingredients from the tuberous roots are used in traditional Chinese medicine and for local application or as fish poison.

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