What does phatic language mean for communication

Phatic communication

Quote:“When people communicate with each other, they need a technical medium for it. You can make phone calls, talk, look, give signs, text messages or talk to your body. This is technical! For real communication, however, attention is needed. Mutual attention opens up real contact. That is the phatic communication. Two people set the channel to "open". [...]

The baby is practicing phatic communication. When mom is away for a moment, it squeaks. Mama has to look in the eyes! Then it's quiet. The baby doesn't want to be alone. Introverts, on the other hand, try not to establish a phatic connection, they look away, do not greet, sneak into their office and avoid contacts.

Facebook and Twitter are "phatic"! We are like babies there. "Hello?" - "Hello!" - "I have bad smell" - Like.Like.Like. "Wash with Teerbauöhl!" Like.Like. Facebook and Twitter keep the channels open to the world of all friends. If someone says "It's raining everywhere today! With you too?" tweets, showing that he's now turning his attention to the big wide world. He is there. He takes care. He cares. The mother looks at Facebook and sees: Teen is online. Teen is here.

The introverts, the Google+ debaters and the internet agnostics get excited about the pathetic content on the web. "Garbage from sick brains! Anyone reading this must feel disgust!" They insist on important, meaningful content that can be rated +1. For them it is not about attention, but about respect, admiration and attention. The wretched haters somehow don't know what phatic communication is. Or you suffer / suffered from a mom who didn't pay attention to you as a baby when you needed it - instead you had to pay attention to dad if he wanted it that way. [...]

In working life, attention is almost identical to "being controlled", the maximum penalty! "Focus on the profit!" Oh, that's a wide field ...

Controller, do you have to discredit the joy of the digital phatic gaze through level discussions or look for content worthy of criticism? Leave the phatics alone on Twitter and Facebook! " - Gunter Dueck[4]