How to open the HP 630 laptop touchpad

Every video or every representation on the computer is a sequence of quick individual images and what you want is not available in Windows or is implemented in a similar way on the touchscreen of the Yoga (also in the file explorer). But again: Why someone buys a notebook with a touchscreen and stylus support and then denies functionality is not conclusive for me - here you could have bought a Mac Book or a perfectly ordinary notebook.

It is not possible to switch on the yoga when it is closed, but in my opinion it makes sense so that it does not switch on during transport.

Alternatively, the Yoga offers you a 360 ° display and thus the tablet mode - perhaps an alternative to putting the Yoga in the holder. Of course, the display lid is a little more difficult to open, but it doesn't close or stays in position. As far as I know, there is no other way of resolving this with the Mac Books.

I think you made the wrong purchase decision - probably an iPad Pro 12 ", a Microsoft Surface Pro or the Lenovo Miix 720 would have been the better decision if the device was used as a stylish, small-format, stationary replacement and not as a notebook Then don't worry about the display cover and could switch the device on at any time.