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The problem with long texts in blogs: they cost a lot of time and work and are hardly read. Manu agrees and calls for short reviews of 300 words to be written. And since I only played the co-op mode of Portal 2 and not the whole game, a short review was particularly suitable, especially since Freddi has already written something about the Portal 2 single player.

After you were allowed to read my portal confession recently, here is the reason why you finally played Portal: the Portal 2 co-op session with the honorable Mr. Maxx. I didn't play the single player (except for two chambers or something while Maxx still had to eat), so I can only rate the multiplayer here. Let me tell you: you should play the single player campaign beforehand, otherwise you will be lacking a bit of perspective with all the new stuff, because there are no tutorials.

As an impartial collaboration facilitator, it would be unfair of me to name my favorite member of your team. However, it's perfectly fair to hint at it in a way that my least favorite probably isn't smart enough to understand. Rhymeswithglue. Orange, you are doing very well.

In co-op you play the unequal pair of Atlas and P-Body, a modified Personality Core and a turret with legs, from GLaDOS only Orange & Blue called. Equipped with two portal guns and thus 4 portals, the two jokers now have to puzzle their way through 5 sections of 8 chambers each. Maxx and I played in split screen, for online games there is the possibility of marking points for other players so that they know where they want their portal to go (which can also be useful in single player). As with Portal, the chambers are getting more and more tricky, the puzzles more and more difficult and GLaDOS more and more mean. We couldn't find out whether GLaDOS ‘sayings are random, the nice AI definitely tries constantly, Orange & Blue playing off against each other who, to their great displeasure, are becoming more and more human, dancing in front of their eyes and giving high fives.

The two of you have formed an excellent partnership, with one of you handling the cerebral challenges and the other ready to ponderously waddle into action should the test suddenly become an eating contest.

Portal 2 co-op is funny, funnier than Portal and probably also funnier than Portal 2. GLaDOS is in top form here. Some of the puzzles are tough and you have to calculate a few hours for the 40 chambers. Unfortunately, the replay value is also zero here, there is no reason to play the chambers again, hopefully one of the upcoming DLCs will bring in a bit of variation.

I like it:

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