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How to open a locked reinforced door

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Here is a guide ready, with their help, to finally better understand how and what to open, a armored doorwhich is never locked now. We can do it all a kind of home improvementto do with our hands and thanks to the desire that should never fail. Many were let out of the house after forgetting their door keys, or maybe they were in there. In this case, you will receive a toolbox and a Lubricating spray. Do this and you may find that it is just a clog due to wear and tear or rust. First of all, understanding how an armored door is formed is good to give you an idea of ​​what you are trying to fix. It is realized with thick steel of two millimeters; the lock it is anchored directly to the wall with brackets; The door consists of a sheet of steel. The patch must have one great robustness can withstand different Burglary attempts; The safest is the "triple map". So let's see together how to open a locked armored door. All that remains is to get to work and keep yourself occupied in this company, which at first glance seems difficult. Good reading e have fun to all!


  • 3 identical keys from the same lock
  • Saw to cut the metal

Opening the door blocked with a credit card

There are more or less valid solutions for access through an armored door. One can be a credit card: the most common, but not always valid, method. The lock can be caused by wear and tear: after years, the gears get stuck and may collide with each other. The peculiarity of the keys of the armored doors is that the right and left ends are separated from the cylinder, which unlocks two different gears in the lock. We try to carry out every single step of this useful guide for the letter in a way that there is no risk of error and therefore serious errors sometimes occur!

Unlock the release with a lubricant

Be careful not to force yourself as this will make the situation worse. If the key remains in the lock, spray the lubricant on the screws and remove the lock. Wait a moment and see if you can get it out. On the other hand, if the lock is not due to the inside iron on the door, seek advice from an expert and call the fire department. If you have the three keys of the same lock, take the hacksaw and cut off the right and left sides of the first lock. Then leave the third key like this.

Use of three key copies

Try to cut the two keys sideways up to the cylinder. Make sure the left side stays on the first key and the right side stays on the second key. If you don't have the three copies of the keys, a hardware store can do them for you. Now that you've cut off the two keys, insert the first key into the lock and turn it as if you had to open the door all the way. Do the same with the second key. Turned once, put the first key back and turn it once. Now reinsert the second key: if you turn it one last time, the lock will open without causing so many problems. And here we will also be able to fully open our reinforced door, which is stuck, in just a few steps. Have fun and practice this useful guide!

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Never forget:

  • Never try to force the lock with the key as it will only make the situation worse.
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