How to deal with a rude friend

How to break up with a best friend (or other friend)

Why would you want to break up with a best friend?

You should be loyal to your boyfriend through thick and thin right? NOT CORRECT. Having a good friend who supports, comforts, and shares joy with you can be worth sticking with in bad times. But a friend who drops you, makes you feel bad, or keeps adding negativity to your life is not who you are to have be faithful for life.

There is no code of law that says you cannot remove people from your life if they make you unhappy. There are many reasons you might want to break up with a best friend.

  • They criticize you all the time.
  • You are too negative.
  • They have different beliefs than you do (and it causes problems).
  • They wear you out with their drama.
  • They like to talk about themselves but never listen to you.
  • You are selfish.
  • You are manipulative.
  • You are evil.
  • They seem to be using you all the time (a real friend wouldn't).
  • There is no trust in friendship.
  • You went crazy.
  • You just want to keep going.

There are many reasons you might want to end a friendship, and none of them are wrong. Just because other people disagree, they are YOUR feelings and that makes them okay.

Why You Deserve Breaking Up With a Negative Friend

How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend - 5 Steps

So you can't just say 'get out'like a little kid and let your best friend run away. Well you can, but it probably won't work well for you. So the following is a 5 step process that I use to slowly distance myself from previous negative influences and move on with my life.

No games

Note: These steps are not about playing games. At this point you have probably tried to talk to your boyfriend and improve the relationship, but you are at the end of your mind and just want to get out of it. If your friend has no idea that you are upset, you may want to talk to him or her first. However, if you feel like this isn't doing much (I've been there) then by all means use these 5 steps to break up with a best friend and make sure you can get on with your friend's life without much fuss or fuss negative confrontation.

Step 1 - Start creating some space between you

Right now, your relationship is made up of habits. These habits are the bonds that hold you together even as the rest of your relationship goes south. You need to break these habits so that you and your friend can move on more easily. So if you spend 7 days a week together, you are only spending a few days together. If you usually meet for lunch on Wednesdays, cancel it. Your friend is likely upset, but they won't confront you about the behavior.

Step 2 - Tell them you need a break

Yes, that sounds a lot like a romantic relationship, and it is. Your best friends have a connection that many people cannot share with you. Tell him or her that you are no longer sure how you feel about the friendship and that you need some time to think about it. If they want to talk, share your feelings. But if they are trying to make you feel wrong (aggressive friends usually will) leave the conversation and take your intended break from the friendship.

Step 3 - Let them know that you've decided to move on from the friendship

Eventually they will call you. This is the time to tell them that you have decided that friendship is no longer serving a positive purpose in your life and that you have decided to move on. I know this sounds harsh, but that's how you feel right? You want to break up with your best friend and get on with your life. You have to be honest in order for them to understand exactly how you are feeling.

Step 4 - Don't call, email, text, or contact them

Just like when you break up with a romantic partner, you don't want to give them false hope that you still want to be friends. They will likely be hurt at the end of the friendship, and giving them signs of hope can potentially cause them even more pain.

Step 5 - Get On With Your Life

Create new routines and look for more positive friends to build relationships with. The amount of freedom and happiness you will feel when you cut a negative friend out of your life is enormous. It feels like a weight has been taken off your shoulders and you can just become who you want to be.

How to deal with a friend who won't let go

Breaking off contact with a friend before they're ready can potentially really piss them off (or potentially drive them crazy). But you can't let how you deal with the situation affect your choices in life.

How they react is you Choice. There is not much you can do about their reactions. But you can be in control.

1. Don't fight with them - or anything with them

It can be itchy when they scold you and get under your skin. They might also die to speak to you so they can try to win you back. But resist the temptation to communicate with them. It is, as I said before, if you do this you may be giving them false hope of possible friendship.

And remember, desperate people are very convincing. You are ready to say what you want to hear so that they can prevail. If your friend convinces you to feel sorry for them or to give them one more try, all your effort will be in vain and you will have to start over.

Eventually, if you resist the urge to give and talk to them, they will calm down and leave you alone. Your feelings just need to relax a little, and that only happens over time.

2. If they threaten you, don't take it easy

Most of the time, these are empty threats. They hurt and try to make you feel like they don't care about you. However, when they show up at your door, don't just greet them the way you normally would. Stay behind closed doors and call the police if you have to. You need to let them know that you are not ready to abuse them because you made a decision that you made for your happiness.

Ever got back a friendship that went downhill?

  • Yes - with therapy
  • Yes - without therapy
  • Yes - and it still sucked!
  • Not

I want to be friends again!

It does happen. You can break up with your best friend only to realize that you want to be friends again. However, before you call and match, ask yourself a few questions.

one.Did you fix the issues that caused me to end the friendship? If not, your friendship will likely return to where it was before. If the friendship is to be different, the problems must be solved first.

2. Do I really want her back? The feeling of wanting her back often occurs when you are having tough times in life. You long for the trustworthy friendship you've had. Sometimes you just might miss the old ones - the one who was really a good friend to you. Remember that they have changed over time and the person they are now is not the same person they were before. They long for the old, not the present.