Use of PVC pipe connections


PE Polyethylene Which regulations for wastewater (planning execution) SN 592000 Where does acidic rainwater go? Infiltration fed into, or into an above-ground body of water (stream, river) Abbreviation for approval recommendation VSA What prevents smooth pipe walls Dirt deposits What cleaning options for building drainage and underground pipes Collecting lines / underground lines Casting production: Which process is used to produce pipes with a length of 3m? Centrifugal casting process Cast fittings which process? Sand casting process Casting properties? Heavy, airborne sound-absorbing, heat-resistant Cast corrosion protection inside? Tar / epoxy coating Cast corrons protection outside Red paint Use cast Fall-Samnel- and possibly connection lines (WAS-H) Rainwater lines (WAR-R) Stoneware manufacture? Clay material mixed with chamotte is pressed into the pipe on the vacuum press How are molded stoneware made? Fittings are made with the special press or shaped by hand Stoneware properties? Acid-resistant, age-resistant, corrosion-resistant, prone to breakage Use of stoneware Sewer systems, underground pipes The basic building blocks of the customer material used in the wastewater sector Hydrocarbon Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) properties? Use 10 ° - 60 °. Brittle in the cold PVC color Gray / orange PVC use? Basic lines. Be careful with large tracking forces PVC pipe connection Push-in sleeves Polyethylene (PE) color? Black with or without added minerals. (Addition brings sound insulation = Silent) PE properties? Use -40 ° - 80 °. (Short-term up to 100 °) Density kg / m3 of PE density 950 kg / m3 PE use? PE pipe connections Spigot welding, plug-in socket, electrofusion socket, thermal socket, transition clamp, screw connection without collar sleeve, screw connection with collar sleeve, flange, long sleeve, transitions to other materials long sleeve silent all how many meters do you install? every 6m or every floor Silent all expansion sleeve how many meters do you install? every 3m Polypropylene (PP) color? Gray (PP) use? high temperature, laboratory equipment, odor traps which 3 groups are there in the drainage system? Personal care cleaning disposal belong to the objects of deforestation? Drain valves, odor traps, flushing devices 1 DU = l / s? 1 l / s Task of the drain valve? hold back solid substances. Limit the flow rate (according to regulations). Build up water in the machine. Valve types? Sieve valve / valve with rubber stopper / metal stopper valve / standpipe valve / waste and overflow valve Sieve valve size / use? 1 1/2 - 2 "wall-mounted basin / shower Valve with rubber stopper size / use? 1 1/4 - 2 "wall-mounted basin / washbasin / bidet Metal plug valve size / use? 1 1/4 - 2 "washbasin / bidet / shower Standpipe valve size / use? 1 1/2 - 2 "sink / wash basin / fountain Overflow valve size / use? 1 1/4 / vanity Minimum odor trap height? 50mm Washbasin YOU? 0.5 YOU Do you bidet? 0.5 YOU Shower not stowable 11/4 × 50 in DU? 0.6 YOU Shower stowable 11/2 × 56 in DU? 0.8 YOU Bathtub 11/4 × 56 in YOU? 0.8 YOU Bathtub 2 × 60 in YOU? 1.5 YOU WC 7.5 liters in shower 2.0 YOU WC 9 liters in shower 2.5 YOU Cistern are divided into 2 basic models? Surface-mounted cistern AP Concealed cistern UP A distinction is made between the following mounting heights for surface-mounted cisterns Low-hanging, half-high, high-hanging (two-piece system)