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The secret Albion club is as old as Britain itself, they say. And since the country redefines itself every few hundred years, that's definitely true. You only become a member by invitation and that doesn't happen too often.
The club was founded in 1562 by wizards and witches at the court of King Elizabeth I. So they have always interfered in the politics of the country, but only in secret. In the last 150 years the club has withdrawn more and more from Muggle politics and is now almost exclusively limited to the magical world. Evil tongues even say, not even that!
If you are to believe some, the club today consists mainly of bored witches and wizards of the upper class who are looking for something more exclusive than the "dignified society of cuddly muff breeders". Some might see it that way and use the club primarily for their private interests (the Leicester Square clubhouse has a sauna, bar, hot springs, dueling arena, indoor winged horse riding stables, and a free subscription to the Daily Prophet!), But there are some who share the club's motto "Get involved!" take something more literal.

Power carries responsibility. Power demands foresight.
You could say the term "Eminence Gris" was created for the President. Or for one of his ancestors. Wherever you can imagine, he has a hand in it. As a professor for international magical law at the UHM, he has contacts in the most secret cabinets in Europe and some even say the USA. You see him less than often at university, but what do you expect from an advisor from states?
He has been President of the Albion Club for almost ten years now and, like everywhere else, stands for stability and order. He hates risk and recklessness, which you can see in the way he runs the club. After more than 20 years of unrest, he has brought a line back into the ranks of the elite wizards and witches. Not to everyone's delight, as many see stagnation and even a slow decline in influence in his rule. But at least the open hostilities among the members have ceased. Certainly because they have now all become sensible and understand that it is better to pull together.
Incidentally, he himself does not see anything, because he is blind. You hardly notice that (unless you notice the almost invisible, completely white eyes), because thanks to his patronus, who is almost permanently by his side, he still seems to be able to perceive everything around him. It is uncertain whether his patronus can also read or how he otherwise reads the work of his students. But which professor is reading it?

The President is strictly against getting more actively involved in British politics. The Albion Club was and should stay a rumor. He prefers to have many branched contacts than a few members to divide up the high positions among themselves. He is also strictly against the fact that the next Minister of Magic comes from the ranks of the club. However, he is partly responsible for the fact that McLeard is now a minister and is receiving increasing criticism for this.
In addition to being President of the Albion Club, Avery is a professor at UHM and an influential member of the wizarding community. As such, he has many contacts with characters that have already been played, such as Almansor Potter or colleagues such as Albus Dumbledore and Artemisia Corey. In addition, Lysander Drux, student of magical law, is eagerly waiting for his professor.
In the in-game, Avery plays an important role in the current events surrounding "the intrigue". The Minister of Magic has to go and members of the Albion Club support this demand openly or not so openly (read: they want to have him killed). Avery needs to position itself. Perhaps he sees that the current minister is dangerously incompetent? Or is he sticking to his original decision that McLeard is the perfect straw doll? In addition, Avery will also notice that someone from the underworld is trying to turn the wizarding community inside out and is not idle here either. But in which direction?
The president is a knot character in which different plot and character strands converge. He has influence at the university as well as in the ministry and of course in the club or high society and thus offers many connection options in the inplay. At the same time, its role and position are not fixed. You can focus on the university, the ministry, or both and decide for yourself what he will do.
The character is therefore well suited for those who like to plan long-term plot goals, want to influence the in-game, but are also looking for "everyday scenes" at work, conversations and entangled relationships.

Surrey owes everything to the President. Because although he comes from an old wizarding family, it is not exactly respected or even rich. The Albion Club enabled him to train at the ministry and brought his current position to bear, and the president made him secretary of the club - against all odds. Instead, he is now his eyes and ears, perhaps a little more than the President is used to. Because this seems to ignore the growing threat against his person and his post. But the secretary doesn't miss how the runner-up strives to the top or how the treasurer enriches the club's cash register. Why is nobody doing anything ?!
He sees the profound injustice that Surrey finds in the club everywhere - in the ministry or on the street. And the rich and famous just turn away! They do not want to admit it or they believe that it has to be that way. But he can't live with it. He has to do something, so he decided to take the law into his own hands. So he is now slowly expanding his influence and at the same time (metaphorically) goes on the hunt for criminals at night. He is not looking for petty criminals, but for the top culprits. What does he do with them when he finds them? He doesn't really know yet. Wage, he plans to show them to the President so that the Albion Club can follow his ideals and do Britain a service. But even he suspects that this is perhaps a little too idealistic.
As an employee at the Ministry (where, is free), Surrey has a lot of connection among the already existing characters there. He could meet Elphias Doge in the International Office, Almansor Potter in the Department of Mysteries, Zephyrus Quinn with the Aurors and if he wants to fight internal corruption in the Ministry, Selissia Flitwick is the right place for him.
Additionally, Surrey finds a like-minded guy in Garrick Ollivander when it comes to tracking down the bad guys on your own. Surrey has no shortage of potential connections, both in terms of "normal" contacts and those shady characters who can help him with his investigations, such as the not entirely inconspicuous bar owner and smuggler LonĂ¡n O'Callaghan or the former unspeakable Coryleus McMillian, who had to change departments because he found out someone stole artifacts from the Department of Mysteries.
Surrey is a character who is associated with a lot of drama and action. He is designed to have a double life as an investigator, with the questions of how and how much he investigates open. It's up to you whether he crawls into a hero costume at night or collects information subtly. If you are looking for someone who offers extraordinary scenes, a lot of torn inner workings and funny plot ideas and connections in the board, you have come to the right place.

Whoever has money has power. Those who manage money have more power.
It is successful and ambitious - or it used to be. The Albion Club's appraiser works in the ministry's finance department and knows how to deal with numbers. Unfortunately, she doesn't know how to handle money, it seems. Prince loves gambling and has always been very good at it. What about hers? Ability of clairvoyance has to do with which she was able to see a few seconds into the future. However, this otherwise useful ability has recently proven to be devastating because it no longer works properly. Sometimes she sees completely different things, sometimes just nothing!
For example, Prince has lost large sums of money gambling in recent months, first from her own fortune and then from the club's coffers. But she can't keep her hands off the game and the next one will surely bring her the big win, so that she can pay the money back.
But how long will it take to discover her secret? And who will want to use it for themselves? Whoever has the treasurer in hand certainly has a great influence, but she may be someone who walks over corpses to keep his secret ...
In addition to being the treasurer of the Albion Club, Prince works in the Ministry as Secretary of Finance. So she is the treasurer of the magical world of Great Britain. As such, she has a lot of influence and good contacts in the ministry, especially among her own generation. So she will know Elphias Doge and Zephyrus Quinn. She also knows for sure Basil McGonagall, Gringotts' assistant bank manager. He (had) also had a gambling problem and probably the two - voluntarily or not - have been debating their winnings and losses together many a night. Here there would be a connection in the form of an unpleasant friendship, because Basil has stayed away from playing for months and does not want to be seduced again ...
Prince is a character with a lot of follow-up potential in the in-play and one or two specific problems that can be followed in an exciting way. She is not necessarily involved in the intrigues at the ministry or the next raids on the street (but it can be if desired). In the in-play she offers a lot of potential for comical and dramatic scenes with her somewhat defective gift of clairvoyance.
Although the character can easily be moved in a different direction, it is especially suitable for those who are interested in character development and a mixture of "everyday scenes" and personal plots.

Power comes from "doing what I want". - And to be able to do that, I'll be the next Minister of Magic!
Selwyn is the offspring of one of the most respected pure-blood families in Great Britain - unfortunately he is not a pure-blood himself. And that's only because the rest of his family follows a slack "We have nothing against muggles" line. Not that he doesn't love his Muggle mother, but what kind of doors hasn't it closed for him on his ambitious way to the top? When he wakes up every morning and reads the framed writing on his wall that says, "Today the Department of Magical Sports Matters - Tomorrow the Whole World!", He thinks with grief how easy it is for all those two influential ones Having pureblood parents. At least that's what he imagines.
He has already achieved a lot at a young age and his ambition takes him further. He wants to go into all secret cabinets, behind all closed doors and in all warm beds, so almost. Ultimately, Selwyn wants Become Minister of Magic and not just any one, but one of the youngest in history! The Albion Club is his way there (except maybe for the beds). A few months ago he was admitted to the secret society, but simply being a member is not enough for him. He intregates against the president, who is unwilling to support his ambitions, and tries to get other, influential members to his side. And Selwyn doesn't just advertise in the club, thanks to the immense wealth of his family, he can afford practically anything and is ready to try out how far money can get you.
Selwyn is practically open door as one of Britain's richest wizards. He should know a number of influential and well-known wizards and witches, for example Almansor Potter, Bathilda Bagshot, or Albus Dumbledore. If you like it, who can tell? In addition, Selwyn finds many connection options in his generation, such as Coryleus McMillian or
Selwyn is a character with one goal - and otherwise a lot of leeway. You can determine his motives and character traits however you want and thus turn him in almost any direction. Maybe he wants to become Minister of Magic because he wants to prove himself to be doing well enough? Or does he want to help the wizarding world? Maybe he doesn't take the job seriously and thinks it's just another award to buy?
He hardly has any specifications that make him stand out and thus offers a lot of space to bring in your own ideas. At the same time, however, he has everything to play an important role in the current plot and beyond. Selwyn is therefore suitable for all those who are looking for a character who can easily find connection in the in-play, but with whom they can determine the direction themselves, even later.
This Canon is part of our extension The intrigue. The Albion Club welds the characters they are looking for together, but beyond that, each of them has a life and a job outside of it - which means they offer many connection options in the inplay. Avatar persons and names are only suggestions, you are welcome to choose others.
It is also possible other members of the club to play. However, the club does not accept everyone. Influential, wealthy and, ideally, pure-blooded, the candidates should be already to be in the secret club to be included. If you have an idea for another member, please let us know!