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Amy PondThe Eleventh Doctor (Eleven) River SongRory Williams
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Horrified, Brain looked at the bloody face of the Time Lord. Had he just taken out his anger on someone over 900 years old?

Amy had once told him that the doctor was the last of his kind, that he was traveling to forget, and that he was a very lonely man. With bright eyes that might have shown a little too much affection for the eccentric time traveler, she had also told Brian about all of the doctor's good deeds. He had saved countless beings, saved planets from destruction.

Brian shook his head sadly.

Of course the doctor was a good man. How could he ever have doubted it? If there had been a way to save Amy and Rory, now they would be here. They had accompanied their friend of their own free will, knowing full well that it could often be dangerous. They followed him and fate had decided. It was that simple.

Brian kneeled down next to the doctor, breathing heavily, ignoring his protesting knee joints. He took his handkerchief out of the pocket of his vest and carefully pressed it to the doctor's nose.

"Sorry Doctor," Brian muttered. "Come on, open your eyes."

But the doctor remained silent, pale and bleeding, and did not move. His hand was still clutching the picture. Brian grabbed it and turned it over to take a look. Four faces smiled at him. The picture must have been taken on Christmas Eve, because in the background he saw a Christmas tree and burning candles. Amy and Rory hugged each other, cheek to cheek. They looked incredibly happy and Brian could feel tears welling up in his eyes. The third person was the doctor. Loosened and relaxed, he looked at the camera while a blond, curly haired woman gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Brian was sure he had seen them in other pictures. Rory had mentioned her in conversations with Amy - not that he was consciously listening, but he had just heard it - her name was River…. or is it Melody?

However, the two of them had made a big secret about this woman and now he would certainly never find out who she was, because the doctor would certainly not say a word about her.

Sighing, he wrested the picture from the doctor and, with some effort, managed to heave the unconscious man onto the sofa. Brian rushed to the bathroom and came back with Rory's emergency kit. He stroked the little tote bag affectionately and sniffed as he began to fix the doctor's nose. It still didn't move and Brian was getting nervous. Perhaps the fall had done more damage than the blow? He began to feel the back of the alien's head, but couldn't find anything unusual.

A cool pack couldn't be wrong, so he got up again and looked for it in the freezer. Just as he had fished out the cold, blue plastic bag, the phone began to ring. Cursing softly to himself, Brian looked around searchingly. He'd taken it off the station earlier this morning to speak to a friend who knew about rose pests.

Suddenly the answering machine started and Brian could literally feel his blood run free.

"Hey guys! We, Amy and Rory are unfortunately not near the phone, ”said Amy's voice. "Just leave us a message after the beep and we'll call you back."

In the background he could clearly make out the grumbling voice of his son and his throat tightened.


There was a loud rumble through the narrow hallway that led from the living room to the kitchen. The doctor appeared in the door, sonic screwdriver drawn, and staggered into the room. "Where," he called out of breath. "Where is she?"

His appearance was more than alarming. Smeared with blood and breathing heavily, the Time Lord was able to stand on his feet. Brian took a step towards him, but it was too late. The doctor fell to the floor, waving his sonic screwdriver as if he were mad.

Brian took the device from the alien. I couldn't imagine what he could do with it in his condition.

"Doctor," Brian tried in a calm voice.

But the man didn't seem to hear him at all. “Where did the voice come from? It's impossible and still ... that was Amy, did you hear her too? Maybe there is a way after all, maybe some kind of wormhole, an anomaly, how else could that be possible? She is the girl who was waiting, my Amelia Pond. The universe has haunted her mind. If anyone could find a way, it would be them ... "


A pair of gray-green eyes studied him with sheer desperation and a glimmer of hope. Brian knelt down again and put a hand on the doctor's shoulder.

“That was the answering machine. I was there when Amy discussed it. There was a terrible argument because Amy couldn't make up her mind to tell Amy and Rory Williams. ”Brian smiled sadly at the memory. “She was a pond, doctor. My son couldn't change that. ”He looked down again at the other man, who looked up at him expectantly. Apparently he hadn't grasped the meaning of his words at all.

Brian sighed and tried again. “Doctor, you won't be back. You should know that best. ""

The doctor let out a scream, hit the floor with his hands, leaving bloody prints. Blood and tears mixed on his cheeks.

"Amy," he called again with a force that shook Brian. It was terrible to see the doctor suffer like that. This man had good reasons to hide his feelings from himself and especially from others, that Brian realized now when he looked into those gray-green eyes that looked glassy with pain and loss. This man's pain far exceeded his own and Brain took it all back. Amy and Rory weren't just his family. The doctor, too, had found his family in them.

Brian thought hard about how he could help this poor being and there was only one thing: comfort. The doctor needed consolation. But how do you comfort a time-traveling alien?

"Doctor," he tried again. Reluctantly, he put a hand on the other's back.

“Tell me. I promise that this time I will listen. "
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