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BuildingSMART Industry Foundation Classes File

Category: 2D / 3D and CAD formats

Files in the so-called Industry Foundation Classes format are identified with the file extension ifc. It is an open standard in construction for the digital description of building models (Building Information Modeling-> BIM). ifc files contain the 3D model data of a building or its furnishings including elements such as windows, walls, floors as well as their attributes, materials and shapes. In addition, the entire logical structure of the building is mapped in an ifc file.

IFC is the standard exchange format for building data and is used, for example, in CAD, statics and energy calculation software.

ifc is the standard extension for such files. In addition, IFC files in the XML standard are provided with ifcXML and IFC files packed with ZIP with the extension ifcZIP. It should be noted that there are different versions of the IFC standard and older programs may have problems reading an ifc file.