Milani name meaning hope

First names that mean hope

When the birth of the child is imminent, mother and father are eagerly awaiting and hoping that the son and / or daughter will be born healthy. But hope plays a role much earlier - as hope of getting pregnant and as hope that the pregnancy will go well. With an appropriate first name, one can look forward to the further path with optimism.

With the hope goes - especially when the mother-to-be and the child are doing well - always a feeling of confidence hand in hand. And at the latest when you hold the little one in your arms and see that it is doing well, you know that it is worth being optimistic. And later on - from early childhood to adulthood - hope is a part of a person's life. With an appropriate first name you can give your child such a positive attitude from the first moment on.

In the following table we have put together an overview of female and some male first names that mean hope. With a name like that, your child will always have a little bit of confidence with them.

AmalHope, aspiration in Arabic152 votes36 comments
AshaHope, longing, desire in Sanskrit57 votes3 comments
ElpidiaLatin female form of the Greek name Elpidios, which comes from the Greek elpis = hope going back11 votes2 comments
EmelHope, wish in Arabic174 votes27 comments
Esperancahope in Portuguese23 votes5 comments
EsperanzaSpanish form of the Latin name Sperantia, derived from the Latin sperare = to hope going back. Easy too hope in Spanish82 votes11 comments
Hopehope in English1020 votes156 comments
Itxarohope in Basque38 votes3 comments
Nadahope in South Slavic215 votes73 comments
Nadezhdahope in Russian54 votes11 comments
NadineFrench form of the name Nadezhda, which is in Russian hope means1753 votes539 comments
NadjaShort form of the name Nadezhda, which is in Russian hope means3022 votes768 comments
NadjeschdaVariant of the name Nadezhda in Russian hope means51 votes8 comments
Omidhope in Persian136 votes11 comments
Rajahope in Arabic296 votes58 comments
ShpresaFrom the Albanian shpresë = hope110 votes87 comments
Speranzahope in Italian13 votes2 comments
Tesfayehope in Amharic15 votes2 comments
ThembaHope, trust in Ndebele, Xhosa and Zulu (Bantu languages)35 votes4 comments
Tikvahope in Hebrew49 votes32 comments
Toivohope in Finnish291 votes4 comments
Ümithope In turkish175 votes62 comments
Ümüthope In turkish101 votes19 comments