Where is Dixie's heart filmed

Celebrities make the movie "The Cold Heart"

Community is the location for filming. Stars like David Schütte, Moritz Bleibtreu and Frederick Lau are involved in the film.

Loßburg - The Black Forest as a fairytale landscape: For "The Cold Heart", Loßburg in the Freudenstadt district is the dark backdrop. A modern movie is being created from the fairy tale of the same name - with a prominent cast and many a hurdle.

Thick fog drifts through the dark forest, black smoke rises from the dark Koehler hut. Moss on trees and on the forest floor as well as large fir trees determine the picture. The mystique is real - and like a fairy tale: the right setting for the film team. With the remake of the classic fairy tale "The Cold Heart", the filmmakers move on historical terrain and at the same time in the modern age. In a little over a year, the film should hit the cinemas. The shooting takes place on the original location: in the Black Forest.

"It is very fortunate for an actor to be able to play this role," says Frederick Lau during the filming. The 26-year-old Berliner is one of the most successful young actors in Germany and most recently attracted attention with the award-winning film "Victoria". He plays the leading role in the cinema production "The Cold Heart". He mimes the Black Forest charcoal burner Peter Munk, who sells his heart and exchanges it for a heart made of stone in order to get rich - but then plunges into misery.

Director Naber tells the story up to date

The story of the film is provided by the fairy tale classic of the same name by Wilhelm Hauff (1802–1827), published in 1827. Director and screenwriter Johannes Naber stages the fairy tale set in the Black Forest as a fast-paced adventure story with a prominent cast. There are actors such as Moritz Bleibtreu, Milan Peschel, André Hennicke and Sebastian Blomberg. Lau's adversary, the "Holländer-Michel", embodies David Schüttler, his lover Lisbeth plays Henriette Confurius.

The new cinema production breaks away from its predecessors and breaks new ground. "The historical garb remains, but the narration is state-of-the-art," says director Naber. "It's not a classic fairy tale, but a modern fantasy film that reinterprets the fairy tale." The film, which is due to hit the cinemas in November next year, is aimed primarily at adults.

"The material is very topical," says Lau. The role is exciting because the character changes its character several times over the course of the film. "It has contradictions and is extremely diverse, torn and contradicting," says Lau.

He read "The Cold Heart" for the first time before filming began. "I'm not someone who reads fairy tales or who grew up with them," says Lau: "But reading this fairy tale captivated me." The search for happiness, the desire for love, human abysses and the pursuit of wealth and recognition are topics that also apply today. He also had to prepare very hands-on for the film. For four weeks he took training in stick fighting - in order to cut a good figure in the fighting in the movie.

The Black Forest becomes a fairytale landscape for the shooting. The film is in the middle of the forest. Before the actors step in front of the camera, they have already spent hours at the dressing table. Koehler and everyone else have to look accordingly in the film, makeup artists and stylists have their hands full. Special effects help where it is not mysterious or spectacular enough.

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