Beer hands like I met your mother

The Sistine Chapel is a place that holds for every Pope the memory of a very special day in his life ... e here in this holy place the cardinals come together to await the revelation of the will of Christ, through the person of the Successor of Peter is chosen ...

And here, in a spirit of obedience to Christ, by entrusting myself to His Mother, I have accepted the decision made by the Conclave and have declared my willingness ... to serve the Church.

In this way, the Sistine Chapel once again became the place of activity of the Holy Spirit in front of the entire Catholic community, who installs the bishops in the Church and, in particular, the Bishop of Rome and successor of Peter.

The Sistine Chapel is the place that, for each Pope, holds the memory of a special day in his life. … Precisely here, in this sacred space, the Cardinals gather, awaiting the manifestation of the will of Christ with regard to the person of the Successor of St Peter….

And here, in a spirit of obedience to Christ and trusting in his mother, I accepted the election that sprung from the Conclave, declaring ... my readiness to serve the Church.

Thus therefore the Sistine Chapel became once again before the whole Catholic Community the place of the action of the Holy Spirit that nominates the Bishops in the Church, and nominates especially he who must be the Bishop of Rome and the Successor of Peter ".