What does 150.0 Mbit s mean

Product detailsSmart Gateway: DIN rail device for private or professional use.

Interface between the In-Home bus, IP networks, Internet and cellular network: the call, speech and video signals from the door are transmitted in the IP network.

Interface for the local or mobile forwarding of the in-home door communication in IP networks.

• Mobile door call via smartphone app via the Siedle server (cloud service)
• Flexible expansion options for an in-home system with IP clients
• Siedle Axiom and JUNG TKM client can be used without a user license

Further features
• Support of the Siedle app for iPhone or Android smartphone
• Up to 10 IP users (license required, 5 licenses included)
• Group calls from up to 6 IP subscribers
• Parallel calls to IP and In-Home bus terminals possible
• Direct door selection from the list
• Central image memory with automatic time-controlled deletion of images (compliant with data protection regulations)
• Local extension of a door intercom system using a Smart Control Panel from Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG (www.jung.de)
• Connection of VoIP telephones (with and without video) (license required)
• CTI door call: audio transmission via the telephone network in parallel with the video signal via an IP network is possible, thus ensuring an audio connection in optimal TC quality (subject to license)
• Connection of PBXs (up to 3 call connections at the same time) (license required)

System requirements
• In-Home bus intercom system
• Each SG 150-… must be supplied via a separate NG 706-30 / 33-….
• Alternatively, the power supply is also possible via ANG 600-… / PoE according to IEEE 802.3af.
• To use the Siedle app via the Siedle server (cloud service):
• Smart Gateway:
- Current firmware version: 2.0.4
- Active Internet connection (upload): The image rate (number of images per second) of the transmitted video stream from the Smart Gateway to the Siedle server depends on the data transmission rate that is available for this connection at the time of the door call. The Smart Gateway adapts the frame rate dynamically to the available bandwidth:
- Minimum bandwidth: 2 Mbit / s (approx. 5 images / second)
- Recommended bandwidth: 4 Mbit / s (approx. 10 images / second)
• Smartphone:
- Operating system: from iOS 11.4 / Android 7
- iOS: The Siedle app is optimized for use on the iPhone and iPad.
- Android: The Siedle app is optimized for use on the smartphone. The Siedle app can be used on tablets, but is not optimized for this.
- Stable WiFi or cellular connection (3G / 4G / 5G): The frame rate (number of images per second) of the transmitted video stream from the Siedle server to the Siedle app depends on the data transmission rate that is available for the cellular connection at the time of the door call:
- Bandwidth 2 Mbit / s: approx. 5 images / second are displayed
- Bandwidth 4 Mbit / s: approx. 10 images / second are displayed

Made in Germany
Designed and produced in Furtwangen in the Black Forest

Technical specifications
Operating voltage:20–50 V DC, PoE according to 802.3af
Operating current:max. 400 mA
Protection class:IP 20
Ambient temperature:0 ° C to +40 ° C
Division unit (TE):6
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D:107 x 109 x 60
Item information
Article designationItem DescriptionColor / materialKGArticle no.Price € / piece
SG 150-0Smart gatewayblackD.210007449-00761,60 €