How to close slicer in Excel 2010


Microsoft Excel 2010 slicers are easy-to-use visual controls added in Excel 2010 that make it quick and easy to filter data by selecting values ​​from a list. The slicer feature provides the user with a full visualization of the pivot table to which dynamic segmentation and filtering can be applied to display the required data. With the help of the search filter, the time to search for a data record in the large data record is significantly reduced.

Keyboard shortcuts for the slicer in Excel 2010: Alt + N + SF

The slicer is on the Insert tab on the ribbon. A slicer works like a report filter. So you can connect it to a PivotTable, PivotChart or CUBE function to filter them and create an interactive report.

In the example shown below, there is a slicer in three different countries. One or more or all of the countries can be selected. This would reflect filtered data corresponding to the number of countries selected.

In contrast, selecting a tile in a slicer in Excel 2010 is easy - it only takes one click. To select multiple tiles, use Ctrl + click, Shift + click, or click + drag combinations.

Using Slicer to create your reports will encourage interaction so that you and your staff will spend less time analyzing. Slicers also works with Excel Services 2010 and Excel Web App so you can work and share the web too.


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