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Strategy aid Ghost Master

[This page is still being worked on, but first this ... so roughly ...]


In advance: I generally recommend for all levels to always take care of the liberation of all restless spirits first, in order to ...

  • nothing to risk

  • by getting more points in the final evaluation

  • then to have their powers available and

  • being able to relax and focus only on the haunted

In addition, the liberation of one of the spirits can either be the objective of the mission (accordingly, all others should only be ready - if they exist) or the liberation of the spirits could endanger the completion of the mission (e.g. if mortals have to be frightened for it, but until Not allowed to flee at the end).

As a rule, the liberation of the restless spirits is also closely linked to the mission goal and the progress in the mission, sometimes you can't avoid it. Accordingly, I will always explain these first in the following.


A few more tips:

  • The preambles / introductory words / opening sequences before the missions run in real time. Therefore, it often makes sense to skip these. This is important, for example, in "The Unusual Suspects" and above all in "Phantom of the Operating Room", but I will point this out again at the appropriate point.

  • The ghostbreakers can only track down your ghosts when plasma is flowing, i.e. they are using powers. For this reason, and because ghosts often automatically use additional, useless and sometimes obstructive forces, I recommend setting the plasma flow back to 0 after a force has been applied (click on the plasma display under the lowest force level). Commands such as “only use powers of your current power level” are also helpful.

  • If restless / not yet liberated ghosts are attacked, the same applies as with all other ghosts: attack is the best defense!

  • Whenever you use a human torch, fireball or fire dance, there is the risk of the "fire extinguisher bug", especially the two missions in the police station as well as cream pot & broomstick and full horror jacket are predestined for this. A person running after someone with a fire extinguisher suddenly freezes. Sometimes it works just to scare them. Usually that doesn't help. It also takes a little longer to drive them crazy with combat squadrons, mania, delusions and the like. The most efficient ways to remove the bug are high voltage current, human torch / fireball and, above all, voices in the wind. (Train ghosts with voices in the wind a lot of frightening powers so that you don't just take them with you because of voices in the wind, but they also make sense in a different way!) If that still doesn't help, only restarting the mission helps.


And here are a few more Basics of the game, which are more or less explained in the tutorial (if not deactivated in the settings), but I don't want to leave them unmentioned:

  • At the top left of the screen you will find the plasma display. Each bound spirit consumes plasma and also any power that is then added to it. Therefore, in the beginning you cannot use the strongest and most plasma-intensive forces in the ghost. More plasma is generated by frightening mortals (human torch, fireball, giant swarm, fear shock, personified terror, death hunt and high current are particularly wonderful! But unfortunately also quite plasma-intensive.) The more plasma you generate, the more ghosts you can create at the same time bind with stronger forces without risking a plasma alarm in which you have to quickly throttle the plasma used.

  • Mortal Faith (blue) determines how effective the Force is (how frightened or insane it is). You can tell by blue rings that the power creates faith. Some only create belief, others only fear (red), others only madness (yellow). As a rule, however, it is belief and fear or belief and madness.

  • All mortals have conscious and subconscious fears, which I have also collected on the respective sub-pages of the mortals (if this is not already the case, I will still do that). If you are aware of these fears, you can use spirits with appropriate powers in a targeted manner. By the way, forces like dream thief and total exposure bring the fears to light. If you use the fears of mortals, you can chase them away faster and also generate paranoia, which will earn you additional points in the final evaluation. The stupid thing is that you really have to reveal your fears (with a dream thief, etc.) in order for mortals to be really paranoid. But it is also not absolutely necessary in order to achieve very good scores in the game.

  • People calm down after a while and the fear bar drops - however, madness and belief remain. They flee as soon as the red fear bar has risen above the white part (which varies from person to person); mortals go mad when the yellow part has wiped out the white part. Then they can no longer be driven out, but madness also counts as an escape. (Windwalker is excellent for madness and fear, because of its high mobility. And when he can freeze and fear shock and voices in the wind and wind reinforcement and cold and mania and delusions, he is one of the strongest and most valuable spirits, I think.) The cool thing is that mortals are frightened just when they meet an insane person ...

  • Feeling unwell is shown by x2's revolving around mortals. Voices in the wind, creeping plants, flower power and various other forces can create this. Then the next force is all the more effective.

  • Exiled spirits can no longer be used in the mission, but fortunately again afterwards. There is also a strong point deduction for exiled spirits. Personally, however, I have never lost any ghosts to ghost breakers, witches, the priest, the medium or the Stay Cool Ice Cream Man. You will always be warned acoustically and visually of the danger and often already when the corresponding danger is only on the way to the spirit. Therefore this can be done without any losses.

  • At the end of each mission, your haunted performance is rated. Much plays into the final evaluation, for example there are points for every liberated spirit, for every shock and every scream, for every escape, for every madness and up to three pumpkins the faster you have completed the mission. The time is then a multiplier that pushes the result up again (but it can still be that you achieve a higher score, even though you were slower than last time). You get gold plasma if you beat your last result. With this you can train the spirits new powers. I recommend saving this if possible for strong or really needed forces. The gold plasma are the first digits of the difference from the new score minus the old score. (Example: 2,856,258 [new] - 2,406,378 [old] = 449,880, therefore +449 as gold plasma or 3,373,980 - 2,020,032 = 1,353,948, therefore +1353 as gold plasma) [Yes, yes, I am So hobbyless and do the math;)] Powers that you train your minds cost a lot more than they use up in the game of plasma. You can see more about this on the bottom of the respective ghost.

  • Spirits can be trained at different levels. The more often you use a ghost in missions / take them with you, the more trained and independent it becomes. Then he can execute more and more complex commands. The trained values ​​are discipline, intelligence and attention. The ghosts start on different levels, but most of them start at the lowest, wild. There are the following basic training levels: wild (one command), untrained (two commands), house trained (three commands), tamed (four commands) and trained (five commands). In addition, there are four other training levels that are specific to the respective Haunter class (air spirits, disturbances, elementals, vapors, frighteners, horrors). Maybe I will add something to this solution again, but maybe not, since I think that is relatively irrelevant in practice. There is also a little more details in the manual.


The opening credits take place in your later headquarters, where you will train your spirits. Here are a couple of mortals sitting around some kind of ouija (later a way to end training) and you have to (d) enter a name.

Creepy green light then comes out of the ouija and the mortals flee the room. A group meets the electronics-savvy Cogjammer, who jumps into a television, whereupon it devours a mortal. Two meet Ghastly, who splits himself like in his power Personified Terror and shows that an ax cannot harm him. Another duo encounters a swarm of clatterclaws in the bathroom. When everyone is evicted, the ghosts chill: Shivers plays billiards, Cogjammer jumps out of a slot machine and Ghastly eats a burger and impales a falling spider. Eventually Boo flies into the picture and dumps a cocktail that flows through him. Finally he haunts the camera.


Act 1

The following spirits have been assigned to you - treat them well!

In detail, your starting ghosts are the following: Clatterclaws, Shivers, Boo, Stonewall, Aether, Ghastly, Cogjammer and Whirlweird.


Haunted 101


Time for a few field exercises, young Ghost Master: We'll take you to the University of Gravenville, to the house of the student fraternity Kappa Lambda. There aren't many girls there right now, but if you chase them all away, that should be enough proof of your skills.


Based on: "The Facts of Life" (USA 1979-1988).

This sitcom is about the problems and conflicts of teenagers in a girls' school in general. The names of the characters in the game are partly a mix of the names of the actors in the series and their roles:

  • Cindy Haddock = Cindy Webster (Character) + Julie Anne Haddock (Actress)

  • Blair Whelchel = Blair Warner (character) + Lisa Whelchel (actress)

  • Joanna Fields = Joanna Marie "Jo" Polniaczek (character) + Kim Fields (actress of Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey)

  • Natalie Cohn = Natalie Green (character) + Mindy Cohn (actress)

  • Nancy Schachter = Nancy Olsen (character) + Felice Schachter (actress)

  • Dorothy "Tootie" Cohn = Dorothy 'Tootie' Ramsey (character) + Mindy Cohn (actress of Natalie Green)

The characters with the surname "Cohn" may be related in the game, while Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey and Natalie Green are close friends in the series. In addition, the series character Joanna Marie "Jo" Polniaczek and its counterpart in the game (Joanna Fields) have a more masculine behavior, are characterized as tomboy or tomboy.


Required forces: Above & Above or Sparks Storm or Heavy Current


Recommended spirits: Shivers, Cogjammer, Clatterclaws, Boo


My recommendation at the first spook: Shivers, Cogjammer, Clatterclaws, Boo


My recommendation on return: Shivers, Firetail, Clatterclaws, Elektrospasm


Involved mortals: Cindy Haddock, Blair Whelchel, Joanna Fields, Natalie Cohn, Karen Fuller, Nancy Schachter, Dorothy "Tootie" Cohn


Restless mind: Weatherwitch


Mission objective: Chase the Cappa Lambda girls out of their fraternity house.


Time: less than 15 minutes for one pumpkin, less than 10 minutes for 2 pumpkins, less than 5 minutes for 3 pumpkins


Starting plasma: 100



  1. Weatherwitch


Haaaa-chee! Darn dust! The storm winds used to obey me, but since I've been sitting in that electric broom, I haven't even got my nose under control! Haaa-TSCHIII! It would be different if I were free, darling - I would let go of a storm that wakes the dead! Hehehehe! "


Cogjammer has the strength that is available to you at the beginning to free the banshee from the vacuum cleaner: Tie him to the radio near Weatherwitch and let him work under and over. Later this also works with forces such as high voltage.


A-hahahahahaaaaa! Good, my darling, now I belong to you! Now we are creating the mood here! "


The further procedure:


Chase the students away. Dorothy "Tootie" Cohn can btw wake up very well with Clatterclaws' combat squadron ...


Seance fiction


The conceited, annoying Alpha Tau students make fun of the supernatural and show no respect for the deceased! One would wish that they could feel the full power of the spirit world and now the opportunity has come: the young mortals are having a party. In the basement, three socially disturbed individuals hold a kind of séance. It's just a joke - the fraternity students don't really believe they are calling the ghosts. Give them a good idea: They should all run away in a panic. That will teach them the true power of the supernatural.


Based on: "Weird Science" (Eng. "L.I.S.A. - The bright madness", USA 1985, D: John Hughes). The original title is similar to the original level title "Weird Séance".

The teenagers Gary Wallace (mixed in the game with actor Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt Donnelly (mixed in the game with actor Ilan Mitchell-Smith) create their dream woman on the computer, who makes both more courageous and popular. L.I.S.A. also a big party in the house of the Donnelly family, a party can also be seen in the game. Wyatt's brother Chet Donnelly has become Chett Paxton (with double T) while playing with actor Bill Paxton. By the way: While the characters Gary and Wyatt can be seen on the movie poster, Wyatt and Chett are on the loading screen.


Required forces: Shocking song or tremor, lucky charm, fate!


Recommended spirits: Boo, Aether, Stonewall, Shivers, Ghastly


My recommendation at the first spook: Clatterclaws, Aether, Stonewall, Shivers, Ghastly


My recommendation when returning: Buck, Banzai, Shivers, Ghastly, Static


Involved mortals: Felicity Farnsworth, Karen Fuller, Helen Highwater, Ally McStick, Gary Hall, Wyatt Mitchell-Smith, Chett Paxton, Ted Gable, Matt Burke, "Obi Wan" Shinobi, "Weasel" Stratton, Gregg Marmalade, Tony Tupulo, Pluto 'Plutarsky, Brad De Vries


Restless spirits: Terroreyes, Wendel, Lucky


Mission objective: Chase the Alpha Tau students out of their fraternity house.


Time: less than 15 minutes for one pumpkin, less than 10 minutes for 2 pumpkins, less than 7:30 minutes for 3 pumpkins


Starting plasma: 72



  1. Terroreyes


First I get chopped up for illegal research purposes, and then these bastards steal my parts too. Hey, you there: This lid isn't that tight. Let me out and I'll help you make a huge spectacle. "


To free Terroreyes from his glass prison, tie Aether right outside the window and let her sing her harrowing song. Alternatively, a floor above would be useful as a bondage.

Further procedures:

  • Quake

  • a person with bad luck (Lucky's fate! is best suited for this, since it puts luck or bad luck on all mortals) with the fascination of terroreyes and hope that they will accidentally toss the glass on closer inspection


Uff, I'm better now. I saw everything very distorted through the thick glass. "


  1. Helix


Too hard, man! These three freaks are holding a séance for me! Fully necromantic, ey, I'll drop dead! Hey, that thing the Alpha Tau bums pulled me off made me drop dead! I'm gonna miss a thing for the headbearer, man! I'll let the turnip rotate on his shoulders like Linda Blair! " [Linda Blair is the name of the actress of the girl Regan Teresa MacNeil in "The Exorcist", USA 1973, D: William Friedkin), who is possessed by a demon and whose head rotates several times.]


Wendel will join you as soon as you've driven Ted Gabel away.


Au dude, did you see that stupid face on the snore bag? You could die for that on the spot, man. "


  1. Lucky


Oh hello. Me, Lucky, and this is Lucky's table. The table is usually warm and nice, but sometimes the Lucky table bangs and Lucky doesn't like it at all. Only bang the table when bipedal things play well and bipedal things don't play so well anymore. So Lucky stay here and keep you warm. "


So Lucky feels too comfortable ... What if, after a long time, a mortal would win again at the pinball table ...?

Make Lucky the lucky charm of a person approaching the pinball table. But then immediately reduce Lucky's powers again. The lucky one wins, the sparks make Lucky no longer feel good and ... joins you. Another possible solution: Sparks storm by Static or Cogjammer (trained on return) in the same room.


M-Jaaauu! Thing no more warm and nice! Maybe Lucky will play with you until tired again. "


The further procedure:


Ghastly can be tied to the mousetrap in the basement with the three “socially disturbed individuals”. If he casts Personified Terror, all three run away at once. The mortals in this mission are generally easy to drive away, but of course your spirits are not yet the strongest.


Calamityville horror


A lovely old lady lived within these walls. But over time her mind became clouded, she became more and more confused. Visiting was her greatest pleasure: she couldn't part with her guests at all. So she mixed arsenic in her tea and everyone stayed with her ... forever. The atrocities that happened in this house shook the walls to their very foundations. Even if a house is not necessarily a sentient being, we have a duty to protect the invisible world. Bring to light what no one suspects: reveal the corpses to mortals. A single one, however, will not be enough to make the skeptical police realize that scary things are going on here.


Based on: "The Amityville Horror" (Eng. "Amityville Horror", USA 1979, D: Stuart Rosenberg).

Ronald DeFeo Jr. shoots his family while they sleep. Years later the Lutz family (in the game Hutz) bought their house, but flees in a panic due to ghosts and the increasing paranormal violence of their father George Lutz. There are several sequels and a remake.


Required forces: Trembling or trembling, cold or ice, fascination or obsession or temptation, rattling chains, diversion (might be an advantage)


Recommended spirits: Whirlweird, Stonewall, Boo, Weatherwitch, Ghastly


My recommendation at the first spook: Terroreyes, Stonewall, Boo, Weatherwitch, Ghastly


My recommendation when returning: Terroreyes, Stonewall, Boo, Ghastly, Clatterclaws


Involved mortals: Steve Hutz, Diane Hutz, Bobby Hutz, Carol-Anne Hutz, Greg Hutz, Marcia Hutz, Grampa Hutz, Gramma Hutz, Bill Ratzenberger, Detective Norman Franz, Officer Megan Russo


Restless spirits: Static, Maxine Factor, Arclight


Mission objective: Reveal the hidden corpses to mortals.


Time: less than 15 minutes for one pumpkin, less than 10 minutes for 2 pumpkins, less than 7:30 minutes for 3 pumpkins


Starting plasma: 150



This is the first level in which ghosts could be attacked and banned (see under "Caution"). A yellow exclamation mark has detected the ghost, an orange one it is attacked. You should then remove it from the game by clicking on Bank at the latest, otherwise you will no longer be able to use it for the duration of the mission.


  1. Arclight


She was so nice to me. Even made me tea when I came to fix the boiler for her. And hey presto, I'm mousy dead and she walled me up. If only a mortal would come by ... then I could slip into his body. "


You bind Stonewall to the earth in front of the wall and cast a tremor. One of the mortals must remove two more bricks so that Arclight can take possession of it. Boo with his rattling chains can be helpful here to attract people. Only the men of the house or Bill Ratzenberger knock the remaining bricks out of the wall.


The whimper here is used up - time for a tea break. "


  1. Maxine Factor


Hello, sir or lady or ... whatever you are. Could I be interested in our facial care products? To go with the silky moisturizer for the night, we have the non-foaming, revitalizing wash syndet and a purely vegetable refreshing tonic. May I spray some fragrance on you? I would like to demonstrate our line to you on one of the ladies in the house. You are sure to find one or the other for you in our exclusive selection of fragrances and cosmetics. "


Maxine Factor can be tempting when mortals are on the second floor, as the reach of these is not as strong as that of obsession, for example. Weatherwitch's siren chant (if the banshee is tied in the second floor hallway) and Terroreyes' fascination or diversion (if trained) increase the chance of a person noticing the boarded door to Maxine Factor.

As soon as this is done, the person looks for a key, which the person will find soon and then removes the boards from the door. Stereotypically, a woman in the room needs to test the maxine factors and makeup, which are the shackles of the mind. If Maxine Factor temptation works when a female person is nearby (Officer Megan Russo would also go), she is lured to the cosmetic products and tries them out.


Perhaps the blush would look better if the color of her face was a little paler? Do we want to try it out? Mmmm? "


  1. Static


So, I'll stand on the roof and fix this stupid antenna. Right now I'm thinking any wire hanger is better than that thing, and that's where I get so weird. I'm still thinking, maybe the old woman put sour milk in the tea, and my bowels will explode. I'm reaching for the fireplace ... I guess I fell in. Now I'm stuck. Can you help me? "


To free Static, the first thing you can do is tie Stonewall to the top of a planter on the roof with the Shake Force so that Static's corpse slides into the chimney. But then you have to take further steps until his body is exposed: Since Static's skeleton is stuck in the fireplace, it is a little more complicated for him and I recommend that you take steps first:

  • The fireplace in the living room needs to be turned on. To do this, of course, it has to be cold first, so you have to create an artificial winter: Ghastly can be tied to the piano. He has to make it nice and cold with the cold. That would also work with Terroreyes, tied to the tea service. Mortals in the room will now light the fireplace. But since this is clogged with the skeleton, it smokes out of the fireplace in the living room. If you haven't used Trembling to put Static's body into the fireplace, the fireplace in the children's room on the second floor will smoke instead. One of the two smoking chimneys must be noticed by mortals.

  • The craftsman (Bill Ratzenberger) has to come over. As soon as the smoke is noticed, the mortal will call Ratzenberger. He has to go to the fireplace in the living room (better because the police can see it better) or to the one on the second floor and scrape free the fireplace. This will make Static's skeleton fall down as the third corpse.

  • Alternative and faster option: If Static's corpse slipped into the fireplace trembling, you can use Boo in the living room to do animation to expose the skeleton. Then you save yourself both the cold and the handyman.


Ah, it's good to stretch that old ectoplasm. And now I'm going to energize these funny characters a little bit. "


The further procedure:


Two of the three skeletons must be shown to the police so that the Hutz family can come to the police station and you can successfully complete the mission. You should uncover as many corpses as possible as quickly as possible; this saves time because the police only have to be called once.

As soon as a corpse has been discovered by a member of the Hutz family, they will contact the police. Then you have to wait, maybe scare the Hutz family a bit (especially the children Bobby and Carol-Anne, who run away very easily) or lure the police officers to the corpses ...


Tip 1: Grampa Hutz is almost insane. If he goes completely mad, you will get more points in the final rating. Clatterclaws and Buck with combat squadrons (if trained) are useful for this, but also Stonewalls Ex & Hopp.


Tip 2: If trained, you can also work quakes on your return, which causes several things at once:

  • Static's body slips into the chimney

  • all three stones of the wall in front of Arclight peel off

  • the boards on the door to Maxine Factor are destroyed


Danger: When Marcia Hutz's bar of faith is full, she calls her three witch friends, whom we will meet later in “Cream Pot & Broomstick”. (If you have a spirit that can have an uncanny calmness on Marcia Hutz, you only need a blatant faith-increasing force á la vision, bogeyman or personified terror to work on her and the bar of faith is filled. By the way, works just as well later with Don Bartholomew in Deadfellas ...) Watch out for them, chase them away or drive them crazy. Or prevent Marcia from calling her ... But let's be honest: It just happens that the faith bar doesn't fill up on a mission, right ...? With “Come again!” That is a nice change later ... But of course it costs extra time.


Summoner Desperately Wanted


A boisterous occult professor recently took a mighty tome with him into the woods to conjure up an ancient spirit named Darkling. The experiments turned out disastrous and he fled the hut to continue his research at the university. Three of his power-hungry students got hold of his notes and went to his hut to find the mysterious book and use it for their own nefarious purposes.


Based on: "Evil Dead II - Dead by Dawn" (Eng. "Dance of the Devil II - Now there is more dancing", USA 1987, D: Sam Raimi), but the loading screen is the poster for "The Evil Dead".

Some young people find a Necronomicon and a tape recorder with incantations in the basement of a forest hut; soon, however, the accidentally conjured demons take possession of them. The film is the sequel to "The Evil Dead" (Eng. "Tanz der Teufel", USA 1981, D: Sam Raimi) and was continued.

Professor Knowby's wife Henrietta had to be killed by him and buried in the basement, as well as Moonscream in the game, who was also the wife of Dr. Krauss is. Here, too, the names of the students are a mix of film characters and actors:

  • Bruce Elm = Bruce Campbell (actor) + Elm (possibly based on the character Ash Williams, whose first name also has three letters)

  • Richard Getley = Richard Domeier (actor) + Professor Ed Getley (character)

  • Sarah Knowby = Sarah Berry (actress) + Annie Knowby (character)


Required forces: Trembling or trembling, harrowing song, gusts or storm, rattling chains, siren song


Recommended spirits: Maxine Factor, Boo, Stonewall, Aether, Weatherwitch


My recommendation at the first spook: Arclight, Boo, Stonewall, Aether, Weatherwitch


My recommendation when returning: Arclight, Boo, Stonewall, Aether, Weatherwitch


Involved mortals: Bruce Elm, Richard Getley, Sarah Knowby, Dr. Krauss


Restless spirits: Whisperwind, Stonewall, Moonscream


Mission objective: Get the mortals to use the ancient book to conjure up the Darkling.


Time: less than 15 minutes for one pumpkin, less than 10 minutes for 2 pumpkins, less than 7:30 minutes for 3 pumpkins


Starting plasma: 150



  1. Whisper wind


My name is Whisperwind and I am a child of the wind. People tied me to this dream catcher by magic. Now I can't roar through the heavens anymore. I would so much like to leave this unsteady thing and return to my world, but I cannot get away without help. "


Aether you bind to the bike in the room with the dream catcher and destroy it with the harrowing song.


Now I can fly freely and unbound through the air! Thank you, you friendly being! "


  1. Raindancer


How could I be so foolish! Raindancer can no longer dance. This foul-smelling vessel, made by hand ... When will they free the trapped floods and wash me, poor spirit, into freedom? "


The problem is that there is a wasp's nest on the toilet block, which means that no mortal person uses the toilet, which also contains the key to the basement. To destroy the nest, tie Stonewall next to the toilet and make it shake. A typhoon consisting of a mix of storms, gusts and wind reinforcement also destroys it. Now a person has to use the toilet. If this then activates the flush, you free Raindancer.


Oh, how good that is! Now turn Raindancer against your enemies so that it patters down on them! "


  1. Moonscream


My damned husband buried me here in the dark. I still remember ... the horrible book and the rituals ... my heart stopped, my mind stopped ... then death came. I no longer feel the joys in life, only the greed for revenge. I will show the living what it means to be dead. "


Moonscream is located in the basement and must be seen by mortals, who therefore have to get into the basement first. To do this, tie the Weatherwitch down in front of the door covered with leaves and let the leaves fly away with gusts (alternative: whisper wind and storm; wind reinforcement is not enough). Weatherwitch attracts the mortals with their siren song, who then no longer go looking for the cellar door, but looking for a key to it. There are three variants:

  • The students use the key. This is located in the toilet block.

  • The students use an ax. The ax is stuck in a tree stump behind the hut.

  • You make Stonewall shake (on your return). This destroys the wasp's nest as well as the dream catcher and the lock on the cellar door. The Necronomicon also moves in the basement.


So that you don't frighten people, you should cause a tremor with Stonewall before entering the basement so that the Necronomicon moves from a stack of boxes to the floor and can be easily picked up there (alternatively: animation, what does not work are the forces storm or Wind reinforcement). Because as soon as the door is opened, the mortals enter the cellar (if necessary, call missing persons) and go in search of the book, which they can find thanks to your help.

You want to start summoning the Darkling next. To do this, they stand in a circle around the Necronomicon and play incantations from a tape recorder that is next to it. Before they can do too much, however, Dr. Krauss, who threatens her with a gun. So the students leave the basement.

In order for Moonscream to join you, she has to make herself visible by vision. To make Krauss even more scared, you can do this, for example, when Krauss is alone in the basement. But it also works for all other mortals.


You will scream as miserably as I do! Oh, sweet music in my ears! "


The further procedure:


Ghost Master! Don't let the deranged professor thwart our plans!


You have to dr. Drive Krauss away - in such a way that you don't overly frighten the others who keep coming back to the basement. Clatterclaws, Boo, and Stonewall are quite well suited for this subtle scare. Equally nice is Arclight, who can be tied to Moonscream's corpse and who can turn the professor into a human torch and set the cellar on fire. If the professor then flees in a panic, the students may have to be lured down again (if they don't come down through Krauss' screams). Boo's rattling chains make sense here.

So when everyone is gathered again around the Necronomicon, the evocation of the Darkling begins, who immediately takes pleasure in the souls of the students.


The ritual is complete, but the Darkling needs more souls to be free. But that is a task that you can devote yourself to later. For now, enjoy your victory.


Act 2

You did such a good job the ghosts are unemployed and join you in Gravenville.

Your newcomers are Buck, Quiver and Hypnos.


The unusual suspects


Gravenville has been badly shaken by your successes. Now make sure that mortals no longer feel safe anywhere. The Höllenstrasse police station is responsible for large parts of the city - a bastion of law and order: the perfect destination. Chase all mortals out of it before the night is over. Then fear and terror reached the heart of the city.


Based on: "The Usual Suspects" (Eng. "The usual suspects", USA / DEU 1995, D: Bryan Singer).

After the explosion of a ship loaded with cocaine, Roger "Verbal" Kint is interrogated as the only surviving person at a police station. The film is told from the criminal's point of view.


Required forces: Flood, storm of sparks or heavy current or spark or strange behavior or tremor or oven or under and over, diversion or fascination


Recommended spirits: Static, Buck, Raindancer, Wendel, Terroreyes, Arclight


My recommendation at the first spook: Static, Buck, Raindancer, Wendel, Terroreyes, Arclight


My recommendation when returning: Moonscream, Buck, Raindancer, Firetail, Clatterclaws, Arclight


Involved mortals: "Obi Wan" Shinobi, Matt Burke, Ted Gable, Cameron Shaft, Homer Clinton, Smiley O'Conner, Ursula Kudrow, Magenta Quinn, Julie Wu, Diane Hutz, Steve Hutz, Dr.Krauss, Carol-Anne Hutz, "Weasel" Stratton, Captain Frank Travanti, Officer Robin Sutton, Officer Andrew Haid, Dr. Klugman, Officer Kate Crouse, Officer Megan Russo, Detective Norman Franz, Sergeant Stan Prosky, Dr. Brunner


Restless spirits: Elektrospasm, Blue Murder


Mission objective: Chase the mortals out of the Höllenstrasse police station.


Time: less than 20 minutes for one pumpkin, less than 15 minutes for 2 pumpkins, less than 10 minutes for 3 pumpkins


Starting plasma: 70



tip: Carol-Anne Hutz can be driven away by Buck's incitement even before the family has entered the police station if you skip the opening sequence.


  1. Electrospasm


I was the last one they pumped full of electricity in the electric chair. Today they don't do that anymore. I deserved it ... Killed someone. Now I'm stuck here, electrified and don't know what to do with it ... "


As soon as you have enough plasma from the haunted, you can let Raindancer flood the room after being tied to the toilet. But this is not enough to destroy the electronics: with Elektrospasm you simultaneously act as a spark or you bind static with the power of a spark storm to the power box in the room. Another option: Conjure up a typhoon, which causes lightning to strike the antenna on the roof and Electrospasm's old electric chair gives up the ghost. (Wow, in the truest sense of the word, the play on words was not intended!: D) Since you can usually only create a typhoon at this point in the game by mixing several weather-influencing forces, this variant is quite impractical, because otherwise it suits you Weak Elementals (and Weatherwitch) do not help much in the further course of the mission.


Oh man ... How long have I sat on the stupid chair and could only dream of freedom ... "


  1. Blue Murder


Hey you there Could you help me These criminals let me go straight off: they were waiting for me and blowing me away. Got a tip from a corrupt cop. Gotta know who that was. Surely at night he dreams of it coming out. How much did he get for it? "


The "corrupt cop" can be discovered in two ways:

  • Officer Megan Russo gets camera focus from time to time. She is overtired and therefore needs a coffee more often. If you keep her from consuming coffee by haunted her, she will fall asleep. (Of course you can also put other mortals to sleep, e.g. with fear shock or, right at the beginning, scare Carol-Anne Hutz so much with Buck's agitation that she passes out and you can make her sleepwalk.) If you have Hypnos on the team, you can turn him on bind the person in question and thus experience the subconscious fears of mortals, including those of the corrupt detective Norman Franz (which you should therefore not banish): Let him fall asleep with sleep, bind hypnosis and act scare sniffers or train total exposure beforehand. “He sweats lead! Take him over. " Blue Murders obsession attracts the corrupt.

  • In the basement you will find a suitcase full of money in an archive room. Drive Officer Andrew Haid out of the room in front of it, then Detective Norman Franz has the chance to secretly take some of it. But it is advisable to attract him. To do this, you tie Terroreyes to the money and, when Franz is close enough, you have a fascination. Alternatively, it can also be teleported here via a diversion. In any case, he takes some of the bribe and Blue Murder is alarmed: “The guy smells like treason ten meters against the wind! Get him here. " Let her lure him over with obsession and watch her revenge.


Would like to read your rights to you, bastard. But you don't have any. I hope the coal was right - your soul is definitely not worth a damn. "


Detective Norman Franz is then completely afraid and flees.


  1. Banzai


If you tie Stonewall to the bonsai tree on the right in the corner on the other side of the mirror in the entrance and waiting area, you can free Banzai here and not in "GhostBreakers". Since Stonewall is not of much use to you here, I would rather free him in the other level. However, Banzai's quake opens the cell doors, but destroys electronic devices.


Banzai stands before you, will be your faithful servant, a loyal spirit. "


The further procedure:


Ghosts like Buck, Wendel, Raindancer and Clatterclaws can spread fear and horror in the cells of the prisoners and fill the red bars - they can only flee if you work, for example, with Static Sparks at the associated power box at the end of the corridor in front of the cells . Forces such as sparks, high-voltage currents (particularly effective, since after opening the cells everyone immediately runs into the corridor!), Oven, strange behavior or under and over things were also possible.

Dr. Krauss is in a solitary cell to the left of the Electrospasm room. Can you manage to drive him crazy with combat squadrons, agitation or the like? He also has a power box (left on the wall of the corridor), which opens the cell. However, this is not necessary at all, as from a high level of fear or insanity on the part of Professor Dr. Brunner appears to free him. This mysterious person can also be frightened in this mission and leaves with Dr. Krauss the area.




Mortals are such wretched creatures that we as dead very seldom feel the need to interfere with their barely justified views - unless those views concern our very existence. Don Bartholomew, a complacent criminal individual, has ripped off the dead and claims "ghosts do not exist". Convince him to change his mind.


Based on: "Goodfellas" (Eng. "GoodFellas - Three Decades in the Mafia", USA 1990, D: Martin Scorsese).

From the point of view of Henry Hills (in the game Ray Hill, who, according to his biography, also experienced a rise within the Mafia), his criminal life including the rise and fall of the Italian-American Mafia is reported. In the film, his wife is called Karen, who, despite her husband's lover, sticks to him - and Karen Bracco in the game also loves Ray Hill according to her biography, according to her biography.

Here, too, the names of some performers and their roles have been mixed up in the game:

  • Ray Hill = Ray Liotta (actor) + Henry Hill (character)

  • Karen Bracco = Karen Hill (character) + Lorraine Bracco (actress)

  • Tony Bunz = Tony Darrow (actor) + Sonny Bunz (character)

  • Frank Batts = Frank Vincent (actor) + Billy Batts (character)

  • Joe De Vito = Joe Pesci (actor) + Tommy DeVito (character)

  • Robert Conway = Robert De Niro (actor) + Jimmy Conway (character)


Required forces: Fool's errand, bad luck, hailstones, flood or rain


Recommended spirits: Quiver, Weatherwitch, Buck, Lucky, Electrospasm, Raindancer


My recommendation at the first spook: Quiver, Moonscream, Buck, Clatterclaws, Electrospasm, Raindancer


My recommendation when returning: Quiver, Moonscream, Buck, Firetail, Electrospasm, Raindancer


Involved mortals: Captain Merrill McLeod, Julie Tewes, Eddie Venus, Jude Klous, Don Bartholomew, Jessica Lovejoy, Ray Hill, Karen Bracco, Tony Bunz, Frank Batts, Joe De Vito, Robert Conway


Restless spirits: Knuckles, Fingers, Flash Jordan, Wavemaster


Mission objective: Don Bartholomew does not believe in ghosts. Teach him better.


Time: less than 15 minutes for one pumpkin, less than 10 minutes for 2 pumpkins, less than 7:30 minutes for 3 pumpkins


Starting plasma: 90



  1. Knuckles


I don't mind losing: everything belongs to Don Bartholomew here anyway. But the damn croupier is so terrified of the boss that he won't let anyone win. And when I catch him doing it, the rat just slams me down. That's not damn fair. I'll show him! "


A player has to win against the cheating Eddie Venus in roulette. With Quiver you can curse the croupier with bad luck (best / safest as long as he is still alone in the room). If a person plays against him, Venus gets more and more scared, while his opponent wins after three rounds.


Ha! Run like a rabbit! I guess you're the boss now ... need someone you can rely on? "


  1. Fingers


I was the Don's favorite pianist. Always loved to listen to me. Until the evening when the boss was in a particularly bad mood. I guess I jumbled the wrong song. Then he pumped me full of lead. I would love to finish the song ... I'm a professional ... If only I could remember which one it was ... "


Various people on the ship whistle tunes. The only real whistle is Jude Klous. So she has to be lured into Fingers' room. Quiver's Errand of the Fool is ideal for this (best if you have bound as few other ghosts as possible).


Hey that's it! The Don's favorite song!


Fingers plays the entire melody on the piano.


Hey You have what it takes to be a conductor! What do you want to hear?"


  1. Flash Jordan


The damn Pulitzer Prize is to blame for snooping around at the Don's grandmother's funeral, but the jerk with the gun was responsible for my hiding in the coffin. Now that I'm all dust in this urn, the Don thinks I'm his grandma's ashes. If you could scatter me, I would be extremely grateful. "


Flash Jordan is trapped in the urn that must be destroyed. If you have already freed Wavemaster or trained Raindancer Hailstones, you can use it to destroy the urn. (Trembling or ghostly hail or a combination of both are not enough.) When a mortal enters the room, the spirit can take possession of him and it is yours.


Thanks. Oh, and keep the front page blank: I've got a huge story. "


  1. Wavemaster


I am called Wavemaster, spirit of the unfathomable oceans. Curse them, those offspring of monkeys. They plow through the waves and sink their kind in the depths, their feet weighted down with stones. Now they've locked me in here and I can't go out. If only the mortals were motivated enough to empty this hideous bilge water. "


A mortal must operate the pump in the adjoining room, which can only be activated by human hands. Raindancer's flood or rain makes one person go to the pump and drain that much water. In order to even guide a person to Wavemaster, the errand of the fool from Quiver is again helpful.


Aaaah ... The vastness of the ocean has finally got me back. It is an honor for me to be able to serve you. "


The further procedure:


In this mission, all you have to do is either drive out Don Bartholomew or increase his faith bar to the maximum to be victorious. If his bar of faith is already very full or if he will soon flee, this will be announced to you by the narrator: "Don Bartholomew will soon believe in the supernatural - you should get all other matters in order before it's too late." "Other Matters"? More expulsions, shocks, screams and possibly not yet liberated ghosts.


Don Bartholomew fled from fright - he will no longer deny our existence in the future.




Congratulations, you have converted Don Bartholomew to a believer - long live he in fear and terror.


The most time-saving variant: An eerie calm has an effect on Don Bartholomew and makes him see a bogeyman or Personified Terror ...




Dark things are said to be going on in the home of a certain family in a certain suburb of Gravenville. You've already exposed the atrocities of a confused old lady. But the dark history of this house goes back a long way ... Apparently the house is on the site of an old chicken cemetery - the pit of the Calamityville poultry slaughterhouse. The restless spirits of the slaughtered turkeys and chickens seek revenge: All the headless necks and plucked carcasses manifest themselves in a spirit called Hard Boiled. He takes possession of the troubled soul of a child named Carol-Anne Hutz, who is already well aware of your terrible powers. If you help the poltergeist purge the house of any trace of sane mortal presence, you will make a valuable ally.


Based on: "Poltergeist" (USA 1982, D: Tobe Hooper).

The Freeling family (parents are named Steve and Diane in the game as in the movie) are haunted by ghosts in their house, starting with their little daughter Carol Anne (the name in the game) talking to the television (also at least to be seen in the opening credits). Scientists and finally even the medium Tangina Barrons (in the game Beatrice Leash as a mix of actress Beatrice Straight and character Dr. Lesh) are called in to help. In the film, the house is also in a cemetery, even if it is a chicken cemetery in the game. The film is the first of a trilogy and was remade in 2015.


Required forces: ---


Recommended spirits: Cogjammer, Clatterclaws, Boo, Moonscream, Whirlweird, Knuckles


My recommendation at the first spook: Clatterclaws, Moonscream, Knuckles, Ghastly, Electrospasm, Buck


My recommendation when returning: Moonscream, Knuckles, Ghastly, Electrospasm, Firetail, Buck


Involved mortals: Greg Hutz, Steve Hutz, Diane Hutz, Bobby Hutz, Carol-Anne Hutz, Marcia Hutz, Grampa Hutz, Gramma Hutz, Beatrice Leash, Laurence Murray


Restless mind: Hard boiled


Mission objective: Put the chicken spirits to rest by chasing all sane mortals out of the house.


Time: less than 20 minutes for one pumpkin, less than 15 minutes for 2 pumpkins, less than 10 minutes for 3 pumpkins


Starting plasma: 120



  1. Hard Boiled (Mission Objective)


Gack, gack, ga-gack, gack, gack, gack, gaaaack! "


Carol-Anne Hutz is not allowed to flee until the rest of her family has been chased away. Hard Boiled's powers are very useful in this, as they scare the rest of the family but seem to fascinate Carol-Anne. However, she can be frightened by the powers of other spirits.

Should the mortals be too afraid, they will contact the medium Beatrice Leash: “Mortals have called upon a capable medium for help. Your job is to protect Hard Boiled from the power of their exorcism. " Leash can, however, be frightened at the door and can otherwise be driven away quite easily.


Gack, gack, ga-ga-gack, gack, ga-ga-ga-gack! "


The further procedure:


Carol-Anne Hutz must be evicted. In addition, after the liberation of Hard Boiled, the ghostbreaker Laurence Murray appears, who has to be driven out: "Whom did mortals call? If you don't act quickly, this ghostbreaker will drive your ghosts away. " But even this one can be scared off well.


Tip: If someone uses the phone near the front door, you can scare him * her into stopping him * talking on the phone. This means that Beatrice Leash is not called, which saves time, but also brings fewer shocks and screams.


Cream Pot & Broomstick


These unspeakable students from Kappa Lambda really do it too colorful. We would deliberately ignore this, but since your successful blow against the Alpha Tau compound, the girls have become suspiciously cautious. To protect themselves against future attacks from the spirit world, they have taken in three young witches. It is important to make it clear to mortals that they cannot protect themselves against us, and quickly and clearly. Chase the witches out of the fraternity house before dawn.


Based on: "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" (Eng. "The daring witch on her flying bed", USA 1971, D: Robert Stevenson).

During the Second World War, three British orphans come to meet a witch who accompanies them on a search for a spell. They travel on a bed with the help of a magical bed button.


Required forces: Storm or Rain or Flood or Shiver or Quake, Human Torch and / or Fool's Errand


Recommended spirits: Raindancer, Cogjammer, Electrospasm, Wendel, Whisperwind, Buck


My recommendation at the first spook: Raindancer, Electrospasm, Wendel, Buck, Shivers, Quiver


My recommendation when returning: Raindancer, Electrospasm, Brigit, Buck, Shivers, Quiver


Involved mortals: Ted Gable, Matt Burke, Tony Tupulo, Michelle Ridgemont, Susan Spofford, Cher Medford, Felicity Farnsworth, Karen Fuller, Helen Highwater, Ally McStick, Nancy Schachter, Blair Whelchel, Joanna Fields, Cindy Haddock


Restless spirits: Firetail, Hogwash, Tricia


Mission objective: Drive the witches out of the fraternity house.


Time: less than 20 minutes for one pumpkin, less than 15 minutes for 2 pumpkins, less than 10 minutes for 3 pumpkins


Starting plasma: 65



  1. Firetail


Outrageous brats! I, a salamander of the noble fire, condescended to attend their ritual in person because they called me as protector of the south, and I am being disregarded! They forgot to fire me, and now I'm tied to this brazier while the fire is on. "


Firetail is freed by putting out the small fire in the basement of the house, which also maintains the witches' circle of protection. Whisperwinds Sturm (handcuffs on a balloon or bicycle) or Raindancers rain or flood (handcuffs on a goldfish bowl) are the solution here. Forces such as tremors or tremors (bondage to the potting soil) also went.


I thank you, benevolent creature! Although I never want to be at the will of mortals again, I will support your cause. "


This also breaks the protective circle of witches.


The witches are defenseless because their circle has been broken - it's time to strike!


Alternative: Use the circle of protection for your purposes and make all spirits of this mission invulnerable. To do this, you have to keep Firetail in the circle first (element fire). Tie Raindancer to the fishbowl (element water), Stonewall to the earth (element earth) and Whisperwind to the balloon (element air). At least it's nice to see and try out, but in my opinion the elementals then take away a lot of space for stronger spirits and for the liberation of Firetails you have to go out the fire anyway and break the circle. But of course you can re-ignite it afterwards, for example by means of a ghost gift. But it is a rather cumbersome variant and can cost you valuable time.


  1. Hogwash


Hey dude, I'm glad to see you. Check out that stupid old funzel - totally retro, hey! The crazy voodoo chickens from downstairs accidentally locked me up here while they were fantasizing about this protective circle thing. I kind of need a big load of juice to get out of there. "


So to free Hogwash it takes a nice charge of electricity. A mobile electronic device can also get into the conservatory ... Tony Tupulo has a Walkman with him, so you have to take this mortal to Hogwash. The mind only reacts to Tupulo if no other mind is bound to the electronic fetter on its body. ("Not bad at all, man ... Unfortunately the wrong connection.") It works well when Firetail turns Tony Tupulo (multiple times if necessary) into a human torch. Or you use Quiver's Fool's Errand.

Another possibility would be to create a ghost gift with Tricia, bind a ghost to it with an electronic chain and have it carried to Hogwash's winter garden. But. The. Lasts! (At least without the fool's errand.)


That's it, dude! Cool. Now I'm surfing the lightning, man! I'm fully charged! "


  1. Tricia


It's kind of crazy. I'm kind of ... like in a mirror, I'll tell you. And I'm practicing how to be a ghost and stuff. And then I'll try cloning, yes, and somehow I can't do it, okay? Maybe it's the hairstyle, yes? Maybe I should start with something easier, then I could somehow get it right. "


Blair Whelchel looks a lot like Tricia, so it's certainly easy for her to clone. Whelchel usually only stays in the bathroom on the ground floor, but not on the first floor. Make sure that Tricia's bathroom (except maybe when witches approach) stays as free as possible. You can lure Whelchel upstairs with Quiver's errand, for example. Or maybe it comes up itself if everyone who wanted to use the bathroom upstairs has to switch to the lower one ... But this can cost you a lot more time.


Wow! I've got it right! How do I look? Isn't my butt too big? "


The further procedure:


Only the witches Michelle Ridgemont, Susan Spofford, Cher Medford have to be evicted to complete the mission victoriously. Above all, Ridgemont is also well suited to being driven into madness ... However, further evictions are of course welcome and due to the mostly short fear bars are not particularly difficult to achieve.


Phantom of the operating room