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Cheaper phone calls: Cell phone tariffs with savings potential

You don't want to surf the web, just want to make a call? Great, you will find suitable tariffs here.

The market for mobile phone tariffs is huge, so finding the best individual tariff is not that easy. While power users are on the lookout for unlimited tariffs, bargain hunters are more interested in the cheap LTE tariffs on the market. Others only rely on tariffs in the D1 network and still others do not want to be bound by a contract and therefore rely on prepaid tariffs. This article is about another specialization: cell phone tariffs for cheap calls.

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Making cheap calls: What are the characteristics of the tariffs?

In order for a mobile phone tariff to be suitable for the scenario described, it must meet one of three requirements. Either it offers a particularly low price per minute or a contingent of free minutes and is therefore suitable for those who do not use the phone very often who only pay a small amount at the end of the month. Or the tariff includes an all-network flat rate at an affordable rate, in which case it is recommended for frugal frequent callers. Both variants occur in the three major cellular networks, the O2 network being the most common. It is usually irrelevant whether you are calling from your smartphone to the cellular or landline network. What is important, however, are the costs per SMS, megabytes (MB; if no data volume is included) and MMS, because there are sometimes cost traps. Some tariffs are so-called basic tariffs, which can be expanded at any time using bookable options.

Telephony tariffs with a low price per minute

The discoTEL mobile phone tariff, which accesses the O2 network, is particularly cheap. In addition to the low price per minute, the tariff scores with features such as no minimum sales and no contract period. The one-time starter package costs 9.95 euros and contains a credit of 10 euros. Another tariff tip is the simplytel clever 8 cent plus, which is also known simply as the simplytel minute rate. Customers pay EUR 4.95 once and receive EUR 5 starting credit, the duration is at least one month. You should avoid surfing with the minute rate, because at 49 cents per megabyte (MB) it turns into an expensive pleasure.

The tariffs from klarmobil and DeutschlandSIM come with the data volume included, which makes them a bit more expensive, but also more versatile. The individually adaptable "prepaid as I want" tariff from Congstar offers 100 free units (minutes, SMS) for an inexpensive 2 euros in an example configuration. Tip: If you live in the far north and are already a Wilhelm.tel customer, you don't have to pay any fees for calls to other Wilhelm.tel customers with the associated mobile phone tariff. The concept is also available from other providers, such as Aldi Talk (3 cents to other Aldi Talk customers) and Edeka Smart, which offer mobile phone tariffs without a basic fee, where a minute of conversation costs 9 cents. These "0-euro mobile phone tariffs" are also suitable for those who do not use the phone with a lot of money.

Telephony tariffs with Allnet Flat at a budget price

Do you sometimes make calls longer than free minutes are available? Constantly keeping an eye on the minutes of the conversation so as not to experience any nasty surprises at the end of the month, annoys you as a frequent telephone user? Then we recommend a low-cost tariff with an all-network flat rate, which starts at just under 5 euros per month.

The Allnet Flat tariffs of Smartmobil and WinSIM are identical - and there are even more tariffs with the same features. The reason: Drillisch GmbH is always behind the different brands and markets practically the same tariff under different names. You can make cheap calls in the Telekom network with the individually configurable Congstar tariff: here in the 7 euro variant.

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