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Mercedes Jones

Mercedes Jones



Singer for Sony Entertaiment Records


Baby (Shane, Sam)
Jackée, Whoopi, cheeky witch, Schnaufi, sister, Mo'Nique (Sue)
Schnaufi, Honey, Miss Push-it-on-the-world (Santana)
Aretha (Santana, Sue)
'Cedes (Santana, Artie)
the Jones stealth bomber (Shannon
Ms. Jones, my client (Lauren)
Sugar, my girl, the black girl from the Glee Club, whose name I can't remember right now (Puck)
the laziest girl in the world (Jesse)
Jones (Will)
Effie (Dakota, Santana, Kurt, Puck)
happy drunk girl (finn)
Little Oprah (Roz)
Beyoncé, no Kelly Rowland (herself)
my boo (Artie)

Family friends


Dr. Jones, dentist (father)
unnamed mother
unnamed older brother
Julius Jones (uncle)

Personal information


her voice, personality


Diva attitude (occasional)


2009 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
2010 Showchor Regionals (3rd place)
2010 Showchor Sectionals (1st place, shared)
2011 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2011 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Nationals (1st place)

Series information

Mercedes Jones is a graduate of William McKinley High School and a former member of New Directions, The God Squad, Celibacy Club, Troubletones, Cheerios, and McKinley Titans. She believes herself to be a diva out of deep conviction and is satisfied when you call her that.

Mercedes was the first to audition for the Glee Club and had a deep friendship with Kurt Hummel during her school days, whom she initially raved about because she was the first to come out. Towards the end of the third season she announced her future plans to become a singer and she accepted a recording contract with an indie label, as a result of which she moved to Los Angeles and attended courses at the University of California (UCLA).

In the fourth season she returns to McKinley several times to support the New Directions, especially the newcomers, as a vocal coach and mentor. In the fifth season, The city of angels, you learn that she has a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment and moves in New New York to New York, where she shares an apartment with Sam and Blaine. In The untitled Rachel Berry project she goes on tour with Brittany and Santana, but returns in Homecoming back to help Kurt and Rachel recruit new members to the Glee Club. In dreams come true she reports that she will go on tour with Beyoncé.

She initially had a romance with Sam that ended when he moved and was then with Shane. She broke up with him because Sam returned to McKinley and she still had feelings for him. Even if she doesn't get involved with him at first, Sam doesn't give up fighting for her, so it turns into Saturday Night Glee-ver comes to the kiss and in A ball before our time it is announced that she is back with him. However, the relationship ends due to Mercedes' graduation and their move to L.A. In New New York Mercedes moves to New York, where she lives with Sam and Blaine in her apartment and comes in Bash together with Sam again. In The untitled Rachel Berry project But they split up again because Mercedes is going on tour and he is returning to Lima. InWhat the world needs now she helps Sam perceive her relationship with Rachel and reveals that she is dating a rock star with whom she shares her celibacy vows.

She is from Amber Riley shown.


Season one

In overture Mercedes applies with the song Respect for the Glee Club. Immediately afterwards at the first rehearsals together with Rachel, Artie, Tina and Kurt for the song Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat, you are not satisfied with their performance. Later, after Finn was forced to join the club, Mercedes is still not satisfied, although they are good, but only takes on the background vocals and cannot come to terms with it because she is more like Beyonce than Kelly Rowland. But then she realizes that it is only a song and she can continue with the rehearsals. Together with the other Glee Kids, Mercedes watches the performance of Vocal Adrenaline and, like her colleagues, is very astonished by their talent. After Will decides to give up the Glee Club and Rachel continues to run the club, she is not satisfied with their choreography at first, but when Finn returns to rehearsals, she is happy about her new task: to take care of the club's outfits. After you Don't Stop Believin ' singing and if she watches them, he decides to stay, which makes Mercedes visibly happy.

In Beyond Gut and Sue she argues with Rachel because she almost hit her in the face, and also complains about the horrific song Le Freak, which Will picked. She later argues with Kurt and sings them in a solo Gold digger and perform with the othersPush it in front of the entire assembled school. At the end of the episode she sings the background vocals in Take a bow.

In Acafellas she is sad that she has no boyfriend and therefore begins to meet with Kurt. Mercedes hopes it will eventually end in a relationship. She thinks Kurt has the same feelings for her as she does for him. But Rachel and Tina want to dissuade her from this decision and tell her that Kurt is gay, but Mercedes doesn't believe them and says that she doesn't want to be alone anymore and that he doesn't have to be gay just because he's dressed well .

During the Glee Club car wash, Mercedes asks Kurt if they'd like to make their relationship official, but he tells her he's in love with someone else and looks at Finn. Mercedes thinks he means Rachel and when she asks him about it, Kurt lies that he has had a crush on Rachel for years. Angrily smashes his car window and sings afterwards Bust your Windows. At the end of the episode she goes to Kurt and apologizes to him, Kurt also apologizes to her and confesses that he is really gay and that she is the first person he tells this to. Mercedes says he shouldn't be ashamed of himself, especially not with the Glee Kids.

In Children of liesMercedes does not play a major role and can be seen at the rehearsals of the New Directions.

In April April April Rhodes tries to convince the Glee Kids and therefore teaches Mercedes and Tina how to smuggle things out of a shop. You then go to Mr. Schue and say April can stay. Like the other Glee Kids, she learns from Puck that Quinn is pregnant.

In Excited organisms like the other glee girls, she takes the vitamin D tablets to improve her performance Halo / Walking on Sunshine to improve for which they did not want to practice.

In Spoilers games Sue split the Glee Club into two groups. Mercedes comes to Sue because she takes all minority students to make Will look like a racist. Mercedes sings the solo in Hate on me.

In Remix Like most Glee Kids, Mercedes is afraid of a slushie shower.

In Fear and blame Will decides to do so Defying Gravity both

Singing Sectionals. Mercedes says that they should sing a little more "black", Will says that he would find something for them.

In Ballads puck pulls her name. When she comes to the first rehearsal with him, she has been on the phone with Tina the whole time. Then she says that they won't do a ballad for two, but that all the Glee Kids will sing a song for Finn and Quinn together. Puck is pissed off and tells Mercedes that he is the father. Mercedes believes him, but says that Finn deserves to be the father a lot more and that he should let Quinn make the decision.

In Splitting hairs Mercedes and Artie sing the solos in this number Hair / Crazy in Love. When the deaf start singing "Imagine", Mercedes starts singing along as the first of the New Directions and the others do the same later.

In Who is in the picture? Like most of the other New Directions, Mercedes is against a yearbook photo of the Glee Club. As the Glee Kids prepare for their Jump performance, Mercedes says that once she has her record deal, she won't talk to any of the other members.

In Everything is at stake they are looking for a ballad for the Sectionals and Rachel explains that

agree that Mercedes And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going sings. Mercedes later tells Tina, Kurt, Artie, Brittany, and Santana that Puck is the father of Quinn's baby, but that no way they should tell Rachel. When the Sectionals arrived, Mercedes was appalled that the Jane Addams Academy was singing "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going". So she gives the ballad to Rachel and sings along with the others on "You Can't Always Get What You Want." Like the others, she is happy that they won the Sectionals.

In Hello hell like most Glee kids, she is skeptical about Rachel and Jesse's relationship.

In The Power of Madonna Mercedes and Kurt tell Will that they are going to be shooting a Madonna video with Artie when Sue walks in and complains that Will stole Sue's idea. She insults Will again because of his hair, but this time Will doesn't put up with anything. He will not give up the Madonna idea and insults Sue's hair in revenge, which completely takes her with it. Mercedes and Kurt visit Sue because she was so angry after the argument with Will. Sue admits to the two of them that she is actually just jealous of Will's hair because when she was little she experimented with her sister's hair and destroyed it forever.

Mercedes and Kurt offer to give her a new look, which Sue accepts with interest. Kurt and Mercedes are very happy with the result of the video too Vogue. But suddenly you see Sue again as before and not at all in Madonna style. Sue explains that Figgins made it clear to her that she didn't have to imitate Madonna because she was a strong woman herself. So she's the same again. Sue records Mercedes and Kurt for the Cheerios and they both sing for 4 minutes. Mercedes later tells Will that she's finally getting solos at the Cheerios and that she doesn't always have to complain about the last note.

In Love is a long way Sue has ordered Kurt and Mercedes into her office and makes it clear that they don't act like real cheerleaders to the outside world. Mercedes just says she doesn't feel comfortable showing so much bare skin. Sue makes it clear that there will be a reporter from Splits Magazine in a week's time because Sue was named the best cheerleading coach in 2000 years. Mercedes should lose 10 pounds by then if she wants to stay with the Cheerios. At lunch, Kurt is not satisfied with the Mercedes food choices. He asks them to pull themselves together because they are finally someone by being accepted into the Cheerios. She shouldn't screw up her eating habits. Mercedes then asks Santana and Brittany how they got such a good figure. They talk about a certain drink from Sue. Mercedes doesn't think it's healthy, but the only answer they get is that it works, even if you're not feeling well. Quinn watches the scenario. Sue lets her cheerleaders line up to measure her weight. Although Mercedes has made every effort, she has even put on weight. Mercedes is desperate. While eating, Artie and Tina want to persuade Mercedes because she doesn't eat anything in order to be one of the popular cheerleaders. She gets aggressive quickly and suddenly sees food everywhere. Shortly afterwards she faints him. A little later she wakes up again in the hospital. Quinn is with her and gives her a candy bar to get her back on her feet. But Mercedes refuses. Quinn explains that she has gone through such a phase and now wants to be there for her. During her pregnancy she changed her eating habits and asks herself why you can eat for someone else but not for yourself. Quinn encourages Mercedes because she does