How to make a minstrel costume

How to make a minstrel costume

Look for it for lycra pants that go well and long with the ankles, for example in blue.

You can mix and match a pair of colors that go well with the color of your pants a shirt create: with the right side white and the left blue. That you have closed your neck and have a little white lace collar.

use a wide black belt who adapts the shirt to the body. This way you get comfort, but also your tight garment.

Do not forget, a hat : the color of the pants allows you to make a hat with different spikes that fall and that you stay with an elastic head. In each of the peaks you remember a bell , medium-large too hang .

Imagine shoes using the same material: some pointy shoes. Hang a bell that is small enough that it doesn't weigh too much and is easy for you to walk.

And use that Accessories that you want: a tight lycra glove, a zither that you can carry in your hand, an old and fat book, can also serve as a supplement to your costume.

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  • If you have long hair, leave it loose.
  • You can make pants just like the shirt, wide and from the same fabric.
  • Think of a musical instrument of the time and add it to your costume as an addition.