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Causar Ahmed Chaudhury: ‘Astrology suddenly came to me’

Renowned astrologer and lyricist Kausar Ahmed Chaudhury is a man of many talents. He wrote many timeless classics numbers. In a cozy conversation with Dhaka Tribune Showtime’s Nazia Adnin, Causar Ahmed Chaudhury reminiscences of his life and works

For many generations, pretty much every single Bangla music lover grew up listening to songs like “Jekhane simanto tomar sekhane basanta amar,” “Kobita Pora Prohor” “Amai deko na, pherano jabe na,” “Ei rupali guitar phele,” and many more.

We know who sang these songs or who the music composers were. A very few know that celebrated astrologer Kausar Ahmed Chaudhury wrote many of classic Bangla songs for many musicians.

The legendary lyricist wrote songs for LRB, Miles, Samina Chowdhury, Lucky Akhand, Shakila Smriti, Niaz Mohammad Chowdhury, among many others.

Ayub Bachchu's classic rock number “Rupali Guitar” was penned by him. Talking about the beginning of his career as lyricist Kausar Ahmed Chaudhury said: “I started writing lyrics when I was a student of Charukala, and was much inspired by my elder sister”.

“I kept recording my thoughts in a diary from class 6. This helped me a lot later in life to be a better lyricist,” he added.

The multi talented person stopped writing lyrics professionally long time ago. When he was asked the reasons behind it he replied: "The music industry changed a lot after the 90s, I do not get any inspiration to write anymore as I cannot find suitable music associated with my lyrics."

To date he has many unpublished songs, and scripts. While talking about his writing technique he told us: "I usually get instructions from the musicians or the composer, and then I write the song accordingly."

“It never reflected my own life or emotions,” hahaha (laughs).

"I believe writing is also one kind of acting, your imitating others’ emotions through words. "

Letter from Sunil Gangopadhyaya | CourtesyKausar Ahmed was very passionate about script writing. He studied in film-making as well and has directed many TV dramas.

He is one of those persons who had the chance to see legendary film-maker Ritwik Ghatak closely. He was offered the character of a freedom fighter in Ritwik Ghatak’s “Jukti Takko Aar Gappo”. Unfortunately Kausar Ahmed could not play the character as he did not get leave from his government job.

Veteran lyricist grew nostalgic talking about his days with Ghatak. "Those days were crazy and filled with creative inspirations."

“Mr Ritwik Ghatak was a film-maker from head to toe. He had a very good relationship with Satyajit Roy, and Satyajit was the best director in Ghatak’s eyes, ”Kausar added.

Letter from Soumitra Chattopadhyay“Once we drove to Kolkata from Dhaka as Ghatak wanted to meet Suchitra Sen suddenly, but after reaching there he changed his mind. I learned so much from Ritwik Ghatak, and he wanted me to pursue this career. But it never happened and this is my greatest regret in my life, ”he said in a gloomy voice.

As a celebrated astrologer, he has become a known face for his regular horoscope readings on Ajker Rashi published in the Prothom Alo on a regular basis.

When he was asked what made him interested in astrology he replied: “Astrology suddenly came to me when I was 14, but my father didn't like it. My older brother had books on astrology, and I began reading them and became curious in the old ‘shastra.’ It is all about using your intuition, extrasensory perception or ESP and sixth sense; I know it is not science. "

Humayun Ahmed was curious in parapsychology and ESP. "At one time I surprised Humayun Ahmed with my sixth sense, but Ritwik Ghatak did not believe in astrology, so we never talked about it."

Kausar Ahmed Chaudhury contributed so much to our music and film industry. He also worked as a secret intelligent person during the Liberation War in 1971.

"I got enough freedom and support from my family which allowed me to be in the creative field."