How does an electric incineration toilet work

Why a Cinderella Incineration Toilet?

The Cinderella incineration toilet is an alternative to the toilets in real estate and the cassette toilets mostly used in the mobile home caravaning sector.

With the incineration toilet from Cinderella, the feces are burned directly and hygienically and not, as with conventional toilets, transported away with a lot of water in the sewer system and processed in wastewater treatment plants. This protects the environment, the sewer system and the water balance. The incineration toilet already offers sanitation without sewerage.

Cinderella's incineration toilets are waterless toilets. In connection with the waterless urinals from Cinderella, a waterless toilet operation is made possible.

Reasons for an incineration toilet

With the incineration toilet, Cinderella is adopting a new way of absorbing and processing physical excretions such as feces and urine. The new approach of direct combustion enables toilets to be operated in small island solutions that do not require water.

There are many locations without infrastructure, such as water supply, connection to the sewer system and, if necessary, the power grid. This is often the case with remote mountain huts, forest huts, tree houses, leisure properties, holiday homes, summer houses, fishing huts, tiny houses, forest kindergartens, etc.

An incineration toilet does not require sewerage for the faeces. She burns the remains in a closed combustion chamber. The exhaust gases are discharged to the outside, leaving only a small ash residue that is free of germs.

During use, a paper bag is inserted with which the feces get into the combustion chamber and are burned.

The Cinderella is a waterless toilet. A water connection for rinsing is therefore not necessary. In this way, the high costs for the water infrastructure can be avoided in remote properties.

The use of incineration toilets in residential containers, construction sites or other mobile room systems is also suitable.

little need for space

No connection to the water supply because the toilet is waterless.

No connection to the sewer system.

Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance.

No uncomfortable handling of the holding tanks in caravans and motorhomes.

Hygiene: waste products are aseptically incinerated to ash on site.

No use of toilet chemicals.

No emptying the septic tank.

Cinderella is the European market leader for incineration toilets. They are already in use more than 100,000 times in various designs in Scandinavia and worldwide by satisfied customers.

Cinderella's incineration toilets are child safe. This has been tested and approved by the Norwegian testing and certification institute NEMKO.

Cinderella toilets are available in 4 designs. The 3 variants Comfort, Classic and Gas are for leisure properties and the Cinderella Motion for mobile use in e.g. mobile homes and caravans.

Cinderella Classic

The electric toilet (e-toilet)!

With the electric toilet Cinderella Classic, the faeces are burned using 230V alternating current (urine evaporates).

The standard version is operated with 230V electricity.

Can be used for garden houses, mountain huts, barns, remote holiday homes, workshops, living / working / toilet containers, forest kindergartens, tiny houses, etc. where a 230V power supply is available.

Seat / total height 540 / 600mm

Width 390mm, depth 590mm, weight 34 kg

Capacity for max. 12 people

Ventilation duct 100mm diam.

Energy consumption 0.8-1.5 kWh, power supply 220-240 VAC, 10A

Cinderella Comfort

Design like Classic only with LCD display and control panel,

closed ventilation system with supply air from outside

Seat / total height 540 / 600mm

Width 390mm, depth 590mm, weight 34 kg

Capacity for max. 12 people

Ventilation duct 100mm diam.

Energy consumption 0.8-1.5 kWh, power supply 220-240 VAC, 10A

Cinderella gas

The combustion is operated with gas and still needs a 12V power supply for control and ventilation.

Can be used for garden houses, mountain huts, barns, workshops, living / working / toilet containers etc. where a 230V power supply is not available or is limited.

The 12V power supply can be provided by e.g. a 12V solar battery.

Seat / total height 540 / 600mm

Width 390mm, depth 590mm

Weight 34 kg

Capacity for max. 10 people

Ventilation duct 110mm diameter

Gas consumption approx. 125 gr / incineration

Power supply 11-14.4V

Cinderella Motion

The incineration toilet for caravans / mobile homes, expedition vehicles, luxury motorhomes, long-distance motorhomes etc.

Developed in collaboration with caravan manufacturers. Is operated with gas (propane 30mbar) and electricity 12V

Seat / total height 490 / 510mm

Width 390mm, depth 590 mm,

Weight 20 kg,

Gas consumption per incineration 110 gr.

Power supply 11-14.4V

Capacity up to 3 people per hour

Advantages of Cinderella Motion in use in caravans or motorhomes:

No cassette or tank emptying. Emptying the cassettes at the emptying stations is probably one of the most unpopular activities when camping. That is why more and more campers are choosing a Cinderella toilet.

No holding tank required => weight advantage

No use of toilet chemicals

There is no need for a service flap

Can be positioned more freely (with new planning), as the service flap does not have to be taken into account Compared to the cassette toilet.


Gas consumption increases

Body opening required for chimney

In many mobile homes, the built-in cassette toilet can be exchanged for the Cinderella Motion. Additional expenses include air routing for the combustion air intake and exhaust air, usually an additional gas connection, shutting down the water connection and cladding parts.


  • Inserting an insert, these are the waterproof paper bags (bowl liner).
  • After use, close the lid.
  • By pressing the start button, the insert and its contents are transported into the firing chamber.
  • The combustion is carried out at approx. 600 ° C.
  • The toilet indicates when the combustion chamber should be emptied.
  • To empty, simply remove the lower insert of the combustion chamber, empty it and push it back in.
  • The ash is unpolluted and can be used as fertilizer, for example.

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Cinderella insert (paper bags or bowl liner)

Inserts (waterproof paper bags) for Cinderella incineration toilets. Suitable for Cinderella Motion and for the house variants Cinderella Classic, Comfort and Gas.

  • Inserts Motion (mobile home), pack of 500 inserts
  • Cinderella inserts (house), pack of 500 inserts

Available at ka-mobile or in the worldcamper online shop

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Scope of delivery using the example of Cinderella Comfort

Toilet, operating instructions, installation instructions, 2 plastic pipes, "chimney cover", pipe T-piece, supply air cover and inserts (not in the picture)

Cinderella Motion

built into a series motorhome based on a Fiat Ducato panel van.

Cinderella Motion in a disabled caravan

Cinderella transportable incineration toilet for temporary use

Installed in a box the size of a Euro pallet and ready for use with just a few installation adjustments.

The water-free incineration toilets are pre-installed in a stackable Euro-pallet box, so that storage and transport are very easy to manage.

The stackable Euro pallet box measures 1200 x 800 x 790 mm. When you push up the lid of the box, the attached tent walls follow and transform the box into a complete toilet room with easy installation of pipes for incoming and outgoing air. Plug in (230V) and off you go. The height of the tent when fully assembled is 2290 mm.

Ideal for temporary construction sites, base camps, field hospitals and rescue operations. The model fulfills the need for a good sanitary infrastructure in camps for emergency organizations, which must be able to set up their camps very flexibly. Another example are field hospitals, where the tent units can be used to provide a separate and hygienic toilet infrastructure to separate staff from patients. The tent and toilet solution can also be combined with the HEPA filter exhaust module from Cinderella.

Where do you get the incineration toilets, the installation material, the spare parts and inserts (paper bags)?

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Homepage ka-mobile:

A very interesting product is coming via the motorhome, the incineration toilet from Scandinavia to Germany. The incineration toilet is becoming more and more popular. There are already over 100,000 Cinderella incineration toilets in use by satisfied customers worldwide from Australia to Northern Norway.

The Classic, Comfort and Gas variants are ideal for use in remote properties.

Areas of application for incineration toilets

Incineration toilets are mainly used in remote mountain huts, mountain facilities, garden houses, holiday homes and mobile homes.

Furthermore, incineration toilets are used on platforms for aquaculture, in crane cabins, railways and mining.

The toilets are also used in construction trailers and construction site vehicles so that there is no need to set up a separate construction site toilet at each construction site. The toilet changes the construction site with the construction vehicle. Especially when you have to drive to several construction sites every day.

Because the Cinderella toilets can be installed and removed quickly, they are often used in houses, apartments, commercial properties, halls, warehouses, etc. on a temporary basis. A toilet can be installed quickly without having to go to the sewer system.

The incineration toilets are currently being tested in the event of a disaster. They are quickly installed in mobile room solutions and burn any contaminated faeces directly to sterile ashes.

In remote mountain huts and mountain facilities, the water for the toilets may be transported up by helicopter. A Cinderella incineration toilet can simplify transport here. That protects the environment.

In the household, the toilet uses the second most water on average after showering / bathing / personal hygiene. The use of an incineration toilet can help to reduce water consumption. In areas with permanent or temporary water scarcity, the incineration toilet is an optimal solution for a toilet.

The feces are burned directly in the toilet at high heat. Pathogens such as viruses and bacteria are also burned and do not have to be further treated.

Built into a container, the Cinderella incineration toilet is suitable for crisis areas.

Waterless toilet

Many people understand waterless toilets to be waterless urinals, composting toilets, separating toilets, bag toilets etc.

The Cinderella incineration toilet is also a waterless toilet.

Are you looking for a toilet without water?

Are you looking for a toilet without a water connection or a waste water connection?

Are you looking for an electric toilet?

Difference to dry toilet, compost toilet or separation toilet

Urine and feces are not separated and processed into compost, but the feces are collected in a paper bag, fall into the combustion chamber and are burned to ashes there in a germ-free manner.

Accessories for holiday properties derived from camping

ka-mobile not only offers you incineration toilets, but we can also support you very well if you have your mountain hut, garden shed, tiny house or other leisure property with e.g. solar system, 12 V batteries, LED lighting, water tanks, water pumps, gas cooker, gas grill, etc. . want to equip. The requirements of mobile homes and holiday properties can certainly be related.

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