What does a1 mean since day 1

A1 driving license - how can you get it? What can you drive with it and what are the costs?

A1 driver's license for motorcycles (© Kristina Afanasyeva / fotolia.com) The A1 driver's license enables the holder to drive motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles with a displacement of up to 125 ccm. The AM driving license is the ultimate entry into the world of motorcycling. Building on it, you can gradually and over time obtain driving licenses for other driving license classes that allow you to drive really powerful motorcycles. The A1 driving license can be applied for from the age of 16.

Which vehicles can I drive with an A1 driver's license?

With this class you can Motorcycles and three-wheeled motor vehicles to lead. These are light motorcycles. Motorcycles and three-wheeled motor vehicles are defined as follows:

Three-wheeled motor vehicles

The wheels on a trike, which is what we are talking about when talking about three-wheeled vehicles, must be set symmetrically. It has more than 55 cc of cubic capacity and the performance of the trike exceeds the maximum speed of 45 km / h. Furthermore, the performance of the vehicle may have the value of 15 kW not exceed.


Such a vehicle has the upper limit of 125 cc, or the output of whatever type of motor may not be more than 11 kW. The relationship between weight and performance also plays a role here. That means this relationship has at most 0.1 / kg to be. The curb weight is crucial. However, if a motorcycle is registered for the first time before January 2013, this regulation will not apply.

In driving school circles, the A1 driving license is called den "Junior motorcycle license". Here is a brief overview of the motorcycle classes that are gradually building up on the A1 license.

  • AM, mopeds and scooters
  • A1 motorcycles up to 125 cc
  • A2 motorcycles up to a maximum of 35 kW
  • A All more powerful motorcycles

Which motorcycles can be driven with class A1?

In principle, class A1 already includes all vehicles in class AM. Otherwise, with a certificate of this class, it is possible to drive motorcycles with an output of up to 15 kW. A small listing would look like this:

  • Cycles with auxiliary engine with a maximum speed (depending on the design) of 45 km / h or less
  • Mokicks and mopeds with a maximum speed (depending on the design) of a maximum of 45 km / h
  • Three-wheel mopeds with a maximum speed (depending on the design) of 45 km / h or less
  • Four-wheeled light motor vehicles with a maximum speed (depending on the design) of a maximum of 45 km / h

Old times

Anyone interested in the driver's license or the driver's license class will find that the classes have changed frequently in recent years. So it was the driving license class until 1980 3 or 4which entitles them to drive a corresponding light motorcycle. This was followed by the driving license class 1b. This is, so to speak, a shrunken version of Class 1 that applied to motorcycles. A light motorcycle with a maximum capacity of 8o ccm, the so-called "Eighties", a maximum output of 6000 rpm with a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour, that was what you got with the Class 1 B could drive. At that time there were also a lot of so-called small motorcycles, these had no speed limit and few safety regulations. The new law should stop this.

Due to the decision of the American and Japanese industry to increasingly produce corresponding vehicles, the German road traffic regulations were changed to the Oversupply of 100 cc or 125 cc motorcycles to meet. The owners of driving licenses of driving license classes class 4, 1b or 1 can easily drive light motorcycles with 125 ccm. Owners of the old driving license class three are only allowed to drive trikes. With the new regulation, the maximum speed of 80 km / h, which until then applied to light motorcycles, was also dropped. February 14, 1996 was the key date on which the maximum capacity for light motorcycles was increased to 125 cc. On this day, the highest permitted power of these vehicles was catapulted to 11 kW.

What needs to be done to get A1 driving license?

Driving license classes (© fiedels / fotolia.com) The theory test can be taken three months before the minimum age of 16 years. As a rule, the practical test is not earlier than your 16th birthday. In order to obtain this driving license class, attendance at a driving school, which of course is associated with corresponding costs, is essential. It will be made by the legislature 16 theory lessons demands. Any of these Double lessons will be 90 minutes last. In practice, the 12 special trips in particular must be completed. They each last 45 minutes and are divided into 5 overland journeys on federal roads, country roads and four journeys on the motorway. Above all, moving up and down is practiced here.

Finally still find 3 hours in the dark or at dusk. Here the driver should get to know the lighting system of his motorcycle better. The practice hours will be based on the driving instructor's concept, there are no legal bases here, especially for the training of driving instructors. He will therefore fall back on his experience and intuition, also when assessing the need for practical driving lessons. In order to get a basic feeling for the vehicle, the driving school will certainly be able to use private practice areas.

Theoretical test for driving license class A1

The test arrangement for the driving license class A1 provides for 30 questions for the learner driver. To pass an exam you are no more than 10 points of failure Allowed for the questions rated differently. If a participant answers two questions that are worth five points incorrectly, then he has also failed the exam. In this case, however, he has the option to take the exam again. If the theory test for two driving license classes is taken at the same time, the number of questions will be reduced to twenty. The error rate may then only reach a maximum of 6 error points.

Practical test for driving license class A1

The practical part of the exam, which is preferably carried out in town, takes about 45 minutes. But it can also be driven outside of built-up areas, just as the examiner likes. As a rule, a security check of the motorcycle will be part of the test. A motorway trip could also be arranged. The legal regulation states that the practical test must successfully take place at the latest one year, i.e. 12 months after taking the theoretical test.

What does the A1 driving license cost?

Overall you can come with a cost between 900 and 1700 euros calculate. Practical lessons cost around 30 to 50 euros each, special trips are generally more expensive, and the registration fee at the driving school can be around 200 euros. Also required: a first aid course, passport photo and an eye test. Issuing the ticket costs around 30 to 50 euros. Here is a brief overview of the exam fees.

  • Theory exam fee: around 20 - 80 euros
  • Practice exam fee: around 80 - 180 euros
  • TÜV fee for the theory test: around 40 - 50 euros
  • TÜV fee for the practical test: around 100 - 120 euros

The driver's license has to be renewed as a document every 15 years.