0. whoops handler prettypagehandler



  • Includes providers for Flint other Zend Framework 2, with community-provided support for other platforms and frameworks
  • Now included in the Laravel 4 core!
  • Detailed & intuitive page for errors and exceptions
  • Code view for all frames in a stack trace with line highlights
  • Frame comments & analysis through custom middle-ware / handlers
  • Request & app-specific information through custom middle-ware / handlers
  • JSON & AJAX support
  • XML & SOAP support
  • Clean and tested code-base that's easy to extend and build on to make it work just right for your project


With composer:


In your Silex project, register the bundled service provider:

For integration instructions with other frameworks or platforms, check out the README file.

Or if you'd rather take control, integrate it manually and tweak it to fit your needs:

Learn More & Contribute

API Documentation is available here. If you need any help, or want to give us a hand with the project, have a look at the repository!

whoops on github

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