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Install additional citation stems

Zotero Style Repository

With Zotero in Firefox, a citation style is installed from the Zotero Style Repository with a simple click on the title.

With the Zotero Standalone, the citation style must first be downloaded to the local computer (right click on the title and select “Save target as…”). Then double-click on the downloaded file while Zotero Standalone is running, or an alternative installation method can be used as described below.

The repository allows you to search for the name of the citation style as well as filtering by type and subject. By checking the option “Show only unique styles”, the same citation styles, which are only listed under different names, are hidden (e.g. in the citation styles of the journals “Nature”, “Nature Biotechnology”, “Nature Chemistry”, etc. only the independent "Nature" style displayed).

Alternative installation methods

Citation styles in CSL format (file extension “.csl”) can also be added through the Style Manager, which can be found under Zotero Settings , Quoting, Finding Styles. The Style Manager shows the list of currently installed citation styles and allows you to add new styles or delete already installed ones.

A new citation style as a CSL file can also be installed in the open Firefox using drag and drop.

Report errors in citation styles

If the output in a citation style does not work as expected, you should first check that the current version of Zotero and the latest version of the citation style from the Zotero Style Repository are installed. After it has been determined that the citation style deviates from the guidelines, information for authors or published examples, the error should be described in the forum Citation Style forums. For such an entry one should choose the title “Style Error: [name of the citation style]” and attach a link to the guidelines or excerpts of these, which correspond to the reported error.

Inquire about new citation styles


Further questions are answered in the following FAQ entries:

Additional questions can be asked in the Citation Styles forum.