O brother, where you speak


It had been a week since that little incident happened. Fleur had been put on a Veela band if necessary, which suppressed her Veela and thus she could no longer use her Charm.

Draco and Harry were about to have a suit made for the ball. Harry already had his, only Draco was missing. He stood on the pedestal while the needles around him sewed something here and there on the suit.

Harry sat in the chair and watched. Draco will always be the only one for him and no one can change that. Harry drank from his cup of coffee that he had been given while waiting. Draco just looked gorgeous to him. Draco smiled at him and Harry couldn't help but do the same. Draco's smile was brighter than the sun and more beautiful than any being in the world.

When the suit was ready, Draco did a few laps to see if it was as comfortable as he wanted it to be. Everything was perfect, Draco thought, and he walked over to Harry.
"How do I look?" He asked. Harry got up, put the mug on the table next to it, and pulled Draco close.
“You look wonderful Dray. The suit suits you and shows off your eyes. "

Harry stroked his left eye, which immediately turned blue and revealed the black mark.
“I like both of your eye colors. Because of me, you could always walk around with it. Let everyone see that you belong only to me, "he said and gave Draco a quick kiss.
"Should I walk around like that?" Draco asked provocatively and Harry grinned.
"Oh yes." Harry gave his Veela another kiss before they paid for suits and left the shop.

"What do you want to do now, Draco?" Harry asked.
"I want something sweet," he admitted and Harry gave a harsh laugh before they went into the honey pot.
To their surprise, the weasels were there too. Ron had his basket full of candy.
"Can you even afford that Wieselbe?" Draco asked sneeringly.

The twins came to them.
"Hello Harry," said Fred.
"Hello Draco," said George.
"Well, look for something to nibble again?" Both asked at the same time.
"Can I refuse my partner a wish?"
"No," both said again. Ron didn't like the sight of his brothers talking so familiarly with two Slytherins.
“Fred, George, get away from them. They are Slytherins, one wrong move and I could even trust Evan to kill you, "he snapped.

The twins don't care what their brother said.
"Weasley, you have no orders or are you their mother?" Harry asked maliciously and laughed. Ron drew his wand and pointed it at Harry.
,, Oohhhhhh. Come on little brother, you never learn do you? "Asked George.
“He should be taught a lesson. He always has such a big mouth and there's nothing behind it. "
"Oh, that really affects me now. So you think I'm so cowardly. Draco I think I'm crying on your shoulder. Weasley was so mean to me. "

Played hurt, Harry wrapped his arms around Draco and Draco put his arms around Harry protectively.
"Oh no, Weasley hurt you so badly. We'll buy you a lolly and you'll be happy again. We don't have to pay attention to the Weasley, "Draco jumped into the game.

The twins were almost laughing on the floor and the other two had to hold back a lot.
"Honestly Wieselbe, we have more behind our big mouth than you can imagine," Harry said again and looked sharply at the redhead, who was competing with his hair.
"Stupor!" He shouted and the spell flew towards Harry. Harry yawned briefly and fended off the spell with his hand.
"Is that what you want or do we want to go outside to sort it out?"
"You will soon pass your laughter."

That was a sign that they were going to do it outside.
"Fred, George, please take care of Draco. He should buy everything he wants. I'll deal with this redhead. "
"You don't give orders to my brothers!"
"Shut up, Weasley." And so Harry and Ron disappeared outside. Some of the students who heard the argument ran after them.

Draco looked at the twins.
"Who's coming to the funeral?" He asked and the twins grinned.
,,Not me. He doesn't belong to the family, "said Fred and the other two laughed. So Draco went to buy lots of candy with the twins while Ron was getting ready outside.

"Are you finished?" Harry asked, bored. Ron had been spitting big noises the whole time and attacking every now and then. Harry, however, didn't get a single scratch, while Ron already looked more than damaged.
"Far from it," he replied. Harry sighed and dropped his head.
“Why do you always have to be so stupid. Check out that you've lost. Better get out of here before I can't hold back any longer. Dead, I can't use it yet, "Harry said annoyed.
"As if you could kill someone."

Harry grinned and, faster than Ron could even see, he already had Harry's staff around his neck.
"Well, still convinced that I can't kill you," he whispered in his ear. Ron's heart pounds against his chest.
"You're just bluffing," he said in a shaky voice.
"Sure?" Harry felt Ron swallow and grinned.
"Shall I prove you wrong?" He asked.

The students around her had stopped cheering her on when they understood the gravity of the situation. Some went to get teachers, while others stayed as witnesses.
"You two again?" They heard Snape's voice behind the crowd. Harry looked at the teacher, who was squeezing through the crowd.
“I was just defending myself. Weasley here, thinks I have to provoke me. I was just defending myself. He fired a curse on me first. Actually, I was about to kill him, but then they came, Professor, "Harry said with a grin.
"Should I go again?" Asked Snape.
"No, now I don't feel like it anymore. You broke everything. "

Harry pushed Ron forward and Ron fell to the floor.
,,Already over? It's a shame, I thought we'd be in time, "Fred said from behind and came out of the crowd with his brother and Draco. The Veela seemed very satisfied with his bag of candy. He approached Harry with a smile.
"Did he hurt you?" Draco asked in a playful fatherly way.
"No, but the professor had to be bothering you," Harry said pouting.
“At the latest by the end of the day, you killed him. We still have time. "

Ron looked at them both in confusion.
"You're sick!" He shouted, got up and ran away. Harry grinned, looked around and saw the students back off.
Harry shrugged.
"What are you going to do now, Draco?" He asked as if nothing had happened.
“I don't feel like it anymore. Weasley took away the urge to shop. "Harry sighed.
"Then we'll go back." Draco nodded. The two twins followed them, as did Snape. Harry was just too careless for Severus' liking. At least Weasley would hopefully rest before Harry actually kills him before they have no longer gained power.

A black tomcat was walking through the hallways of Hogwarts when a rust-red colored tomcat came towards him. They both faced each other before attacking each other. At least it looked to outsiders as if they were going to war, but for them it is more of a reunion.