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Can pregnant women drink tea with mint?

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As soon as a new life arises in the body of a future mother, a woman begins to be responsible not only for her health, but also for the growth and development of the baby in the womb. What the child will look like depends on the genes. However, the health, immunity and condition of internal organs largely depend on the lifestyle of a pregnant woman. It is very important to adhere to the rules of healthy eating, it is necessary to exercise more, it is necessary to refrain from self-medication and use prohibited drugs, exclude alcohol and cigarettes from life. In addition, you need to rethink your attitude towards herbal medicine. Some broths have strong properties and are no worse than some medicines. Before using even the weakest and most harmless decoction, you need to know how it works, today we will talk about mint - is it allowed to drink tea with this plant during pregnancy, does it have any benefit, and how to drink mint tea to help not to harm yourself or your baby.

The Benefits of Mint Tea During Pregnancy

Everyone knows the unusual taste and powerful aroma of mint. The composition of the plant is amazing in the truest sense of the word - it contains a lot of vitamins C and A, almost the entire range of vitamins B. There are trace elements in mint - iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, manganese, zinc . Mint contains amino acids, essential oils, tannins, aromatic gums, phytosterols and organic acids. Peppermint is used as a sedative, bactericide, and anesthetic. Regardless, it's worth noting that mint has phytoestrogens that affect women's reproductive systems. Mint can relieve menstrual cramps and relieve menopausal symptoms. But how does mint affect the body during pregnancy?

  1. Reassuring Initially, peppermint is used as a powerful sedative, replacing antidepressants and other medicinal sedatives. Not only is it effective, but also a safe natural medicine.Hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman lead to irritability, nervous disorders, anxiety, anxiety, panic attacks. To manage depression and stress, you can use a cup of mint tea. Not only the tea itself has a calming effect, but also the aroma - it calms and relaxes perfectly.
  2. Toxicosis The early stages of pregnancy are exacerbated by toxicosis, which manifests itself not only in nausea and vomiting, but also in drowsiness, apathy and loss of strength. Mint tea helps manage these symptoms. Drink it without getting up in the morning and your day will go by in much better health.
  3. libido Mint tea has light aphrodisiac properties. This means that if a woman is consumed regularly, she wants an intimate intimacy that cannot have a positive effect on her relationship with her husband. This is very important because many women lose libido during pregnancy.
  4. From dizziness. Headaches during pregnancy are common. It is linked to anemia, toxicosis, hypotension, and other problems in the body. Mint tea helps reign with weakness and dizziness. In half an hour after you have had a mug, you will feel a lot lighter.
  5. With a cold. During pregnancy, a woman's immunity decreases, she often suffers from colds. For pharyngitis, laryngitis and tonsillitis, peppermint tea is used as a means of flushing the pharynx. Mint disinfects well, reduces inflammation and redness, numbs and heals quickly. In addition, it is much safer than many drugs that are banned during pregnancy.
  6. Against edema. Mint tea has a slight diuretic effect and helps eliminate edema of the limbs, which is especially important for late pregnancy.
  7. For the digestive tract. Mint tea has a great effect on the intestines - it has a carminating effect. Mint tea protects against gas, gas and constipation.

In general, mint has a positive effect on the body of a pregnant woman, it strengthens and strengthens immunity, nourishes all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. But is this strong decoction safe?

Can I drink mint while pregnant?

Mint has a powerful effect, but mint tea cannot always be taken during pregnancy. Here are some contraindications that should be followed.

  1. A large number of phytoestrogens do not make tea completely harmless. In the early stages of pregnancy, mint can cause a miscarriage. Therefore, up to 10-12 weeks before such tea, it is better to refuse it or take it in minimal quantities. In addition, the mint cannot be consumed at any stage of pregnancy with the risk of miscarriage.
  2. Peppermint has a great impact on blood pressure and is effective in lowering it. However, if you have hypotension, mint can make your condition worse. You cannot drink low pressure mint tea.
  3. Peppermint is widely used to suppress lactation to help complete breastfeeding quickly and painlessly. For this reason, tea should be excluded from the diet in the later stages of pregnancy - it can cause the woman to fail to have breast milk after giving birth, or it can be critically low.
  4. Mint is an excellent prevention against varicose veins. However, if there are already varicose veins with painful large lumps, mint can make the disease worse.
  5. Mint tea should be discarded in the case of liver and kidney diseases.

Remember that during pregnancy, regular consumption of products and medicines must be negotiated with your doctor, especially with chronic diagnoses and features of the course of pregnancy.

How to drink mint tea during pregnancy

In conclusion, mint tea is very useful, but it needs to be drunk wisely. First of all, you need to give up tea in early and late gestation or reduce the amount to a minimum - no more than one cup in a few days. In the second trimester of pregnancy, you can drink tea freely, up to 3-4 cups of weakly concentrated tea per day. To make the drink even more useful, mint can be brewed with cranberries, chopped ginger, rose hip, lemon, raspberry and currant berries. You can add honey to warm tea for sweets. The resulting drink not only soothes and supports a weakened body, but also gives the future mother a magical range of aromas and summer flavors. Tea with mint is not only consumed inside - it is on this basis that cosmetic masks, hair conditioners, etc. can be made.

Mint while pregnant is a great way to get rid of annoying nausea. If you don't always have the option to drink tea, carry mint candy or fresh mint leaves that you can simply chew on. This will help you regain your strength and get your body in shape quickly. Peppermint is an effective and safe remedy, especially if you continue to work and have not yet issued a prescription. Use the mint correctly and you can only benefit from the plant!

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