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Do Diet Supplements Protect Against AMD?

So far, zinc, lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin C, vitamin E,, omega-3 fatty acids and ginkgo biloba have been examined in studies on this question. There is no evidence that omega-3s and ginkgo will help.

Daily intake of the following nutrients may slow the progression of AMD:

  • the so-called AREDS combination of vitamin C (500 mg), vitamin E (400 I.U. - International Unit), (15 mg), zinc (80 mg) and copper (2 mg), or
  • the almost identical AREDS-2 combination of vitamin C (500 mg), vitamin E (400 I.E.), zinc (80 mg), copper (2 mg), lutein (10 mg) and zeaxanthin (2 mg).

A benefit of the AREDS active ingredient combination has so far only been shown in people with a significantly increased risk of late AMD. You already have a lot of deposits in mind, so-called. For some of them, regular use of the AREDS combination could reduce the risk of late-stage AMD associated with visual impairment. For this, the funds had to be taken daily for several years.

It is important that they are only taken in consultation with a doctor, because they are not suitable for everyone. The health insurance companies do not cover the costs for the AREDS combination.