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Soochow University, Suzhou China MBBS Highlights

Soochow University Suzhou China
Soochow University is one of The Top Medical Colleges in the World
Year of foundation of Soochow1899
English medium from2000
Government or PrivateJiangsu Province Government of China
Grade in ChinaA +
World Rank of Soochow University306
Is cadaver provided?Yes, every 5 student's group will get 1 cadaver.
LocationSuzhou City, East China
International MBBS students in Soochow460
Number of Indian students300
No. of hospitals in Sichuan University19 hospitals
Class CommencementOctober every year
Eligibility Criteria in 10 + 275% in PCBE
NEET criteriaNEET 250 +
IELTS / TOFEL criteriaNot Applicable
MBBS Course Duration4.9 years
Medium of InstructionsFull English
Is Chinese language Taught?Yes, 360 hours in 5 years
Recognition and AffiliationsMOE, WHO, MCI, USMLE, PLAB, AMC
MBBS Degree Approved byMCI and WHO
FMGE / MCI Test Passing Numbers2019-2020 FMGE Passing Numbers Country wise
Nearest International AirportWuxi International airport
Nearest Domestic AirportWuxi Airport
Distance from India5 hours from Kolkata
Min / Max Temperature in SuzhouJan Lowest: 1 ° C, July Highest: 32 ° C

Soochow University Fee Structure

Soochow University, Top World Ranking Medical College in the world, Total Fee is Rs 19,63,000 including Hostel. NO HIDDEN COST

Omkar Medicom Fees Packages of Soochow University, Top World Ranking MBBS College in Abroad, include;

  • Tuition Fees,
  • Hostel Fees,
  • All compulsory insurance other
  • Visa Extension / Residency Permit charges in China.

Consultancy fee includes:

  • Visa fees in India,
  • 1st time airfare from New Delhi to China,
  • Alles Admission charges,
  • JW form other Authorization from China, Consultancy charges,
  • Accompanying students from New Delhi / Kolkata airport to Wuxi or Shanghai airport.

Soochow University Fees 2021

Updated on October 28, 2020 Soochow University Fees Package
Soochow University, Suzhou China Fees
Study MBBS Abroad in Top Government Medical Colleges
Payments in China1st Yr2nd to
5th Yr
All fees33700 ¥33300 ¥(Yearly Tuition Fee)
(INR)(Rs 3,37,000)(Rs 3,33,000)
Hostel5000 ¥5000 ¥(Girl's Hostel: ¥ 1000 extra)
(All hostels inside campus)
(INR)(Rs 50,000)(Rs 50,000)
Misc fees2000 ¥600 ¥(Registration,
Residency, Insurance, etc)
(INR)(Rs 20,000)(Rs 6,000)
Total40700 ¥
(Rs 4,07,000)
38900 ¥
(Rs 3,89,000)
196300 ¥
(Rs 19,63,000)
Total Fees of Soochow University
Consultancy Fee is EXTRA and it includes Visa Expenses in India, 1st Time Airfare from Delhi to Suzhou, Invitation Charges
University Hostel Compulsory for this University.
Internship: 6th year's internship is compulsory in this university.

1 ¥ (Chinese Yuan) = Rs 10 approximately. All payments in China has to be made in RMB ¥ / Chinese Yuan or equivalent USD.

*** Please note that the Girl's Hostel charge is ¥ 1000 extra.

Soochow University has hostel facilities for international students inside the campus all the years. Students are not allowed to stay outside. Food arrangements are available in several canteens payable daily. Students can cook their food if they wish.

Other Fixed Expenses:

Payments in India:

  • Application fee
  • Consultancy Fee

MBBS in Soochow University, the Top Medical Colleges in the World

Soochow University is one of the Top Medical Colleges in the World for MBBS in Abroad

Overview of Soochow University

Soochow University is located in Suzhou city of Jiangsu province in China:

  • Soochow or Suzhou University is located in Suzhou, China which is known as the "Heaven on Earth".
  • Soochow is one of the first batches of universities listed in China's most prestigious "211 Project".
  • The National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau and the Jiangsu Provincial Government jointly build and control Soochow University.
  • Soochow is one of the oldest universities in China, built-in 1899.
  • Soochow University has six campuses and the Medical College is in Dushu campus built on an area of ​​496 acres without the hospitals.
  • Soochow University has a total of 19 Affiliated Hospitals, out of which 3 Hospitals are inside the campus.
  • Soochow University World Rank is 361 as of 2019 as per CWUR and always within World Rank 500 by Times Higher Education ranking.
  • More than 400 International students study MBBS and PG in this High World Ranking University in China.
  • International Students are 90% from India.
  • Soochow University Clinical Medicine has entered the top 1% of the Global Basic Scientific Indicators (ESI),
  • Soochow University or Suzhou University in English, approved by the Medical Council of India, is listed in MCI approved Medical Colleges in China.
  • ScholarshipsAll Omkar Medicom students will get Scholarshipfrom 1st year December, depending on their 12 board mark sheet and NEET marks. From 2nd year Scholarship will depend on semester results of the students.

Suzhou University currently offers UG and PG in 12 subjects, which include Medicine, Economics, Science, Engineering, Management, etc.

The University has 30 departments, with;

  • 27734 full-time undergraduate students,
  • 13871 master's (PG) students,
  • 4202 doctoral (P.hD.) students, and
  • 3271 international students.

World Rank of Soochow University

  • Soochow University ranks 306 in the world as of 2021 March.
  • Soochow University has the top Grade of A + in China.
  • Suzhou University is among the Top Medical Colleges in the world to study MBBS Abroad for Indian students.

The educational environment of Soochow University

Soochow University Educational environment:

  • Soochow University has 6 campuses, which include the Main Campus, East Campus, North Campus and the Dushu Lake Campus.
  • Dushu Lake Campus has the Medical College of Soochow University.
  • The Dushu campus is a completely updated with the best architecture and modernized campus with a Modern Hi-tech library, canteens, labs with several training centers.
  • English medium MBBS program for the international students is one of the oldest in China.
  • Soochow University has 19 directly affiliated hospitals, 3 of which are inside the campus.

Directly Affiliated Hospitals of Soochow University:

  1. First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University or Suzhou First People's Hospital,
  2. Second Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University OR Nuclear Industry General Hospital,
  3. Children's Hospital of Suzhou University,
  4. Dushu Lake Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University or Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital,
  5. The Third Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University or Changzhou First People's Hospital,
  6. Zhangjiagang Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University or Zhangjiagang First People's Hospital,
  7. Changshu Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University or Changshu First People's Hospital,
  8. Taicang Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University or Taicang First People's Hospital,
  9. Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University or Suzhou Stomatological Hospital,
  10. Changzhou Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University or Changzhou Fourth People's Hospital,
  11. Ideal Eye Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University or Suzhou Ideal Eye Hospital,
  12. Ruihua Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University or Suzhou Ruihua Orthopedic Hospital,
  13. Wuxi Ninth Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University or Wuxi Ninth People's Hospital,
  14. Gaoyou Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University or Gaoyou People's Hospital,
  15. The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University or Chinese People's Liberation Army Rocket Army Medical Center,
  16. Affiliated Infectious Disease Hospital of Suzhou University or Suzhou Fifth People's Hospital,
  17. Guangji Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University or Suzhou Guangji Hospital,
  18. Hulunbeier Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University or Hulunbeier People's Hospital,
  19. Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University or Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital.

Soochow University First Affiliated Hospital

The First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow Universitywas founded in 1883.

  • It was the first batch of Grade-A, Class-A Hospitals by the Ministry of Health of China.
  • The hospital has successively won the titles of National Civilized Unit, National Hospital Cultural Construction Advanced Collective, and Health News Hospital Reform and Innovation Award.
  • It is among the best 50 hospitals in China list released by the Hospital Management Institute of Fudan University.
  • It got the first rank in the top 100 Chinese prefecture-level city hospitals for six consecutive years.
  • Major statistics of the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University:
  • The hospital has 3,000 in-patient beds.
  • In 2019, there were 41 Lac outpatient visits,
  • 1,64,000 patients admitted, and
  • 82,000 operations were done in 2019.
  • The hospital has 4,558 employees, including 326 senior experts and 639 top deputy experts.

The hospital has;

  • PET-CT,
  • Flat-panel fully digital cardiovascular contrast system,
  • Fully digital Medical Linear Accelerator,
  • Digital X-ray diagnostic system (DSA),
  • Multi-conductivity physiology laboratory system,
  • Radiotherapy planning system,
  • Excimer laser system,
  • Photon skin rejuvenation,
  • Anesthesia workstation,
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (the MRI),
  • Cardiopulmonary bypass machine,
  • Blood dialysis machines,
  • Automatic genetic analyzer,
  • High intensity focused ultrasound tumor therapeutic apparatus,
  • Multi-slice spiral CT machine,
  • Breast X-ray machine,
  • Digital subtraction Angiography X-ray machine,
  • Cold circulation tumor treatment system,
  • X-ray simulation positioning machine, etc.

First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University Main campus Location:

  • Shizi Street, No. 899 Pinghai Road, Suzhou Courtyard: No. 188, Suzhou, China.

Soochow University Second Affiliated Hospital

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, established in December 1988, is also known as the General Hospital of Nuclear Industry and the Sino-French Friendship Hospital.

  • It is a tertiary-A hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, nuclear emergency, etc.
  • The Second Clinical College of Soochow University has a postdoctoral mobile station for clinical medicine, a doctoral degree, and a master's degree awarding a point for first-level clinical medicine, and a national drug clinical trial base.
  • The hospital, located on 3 campuses, Sanxiang Road, Luoxiang Road, and Huguan, has
  • a total of 2050 beds.
  • 32 clinical departments,
  • 8 medical technology departments, and
  • 20 functional departments.

In 2019, in this Hospital,

  • 24.6 Lac patients visited the OPD,
  • 92,600 patients admitted, and
  • 42,000 surgeries were done.

There are more than 3,000 employees, including nearly 600 senior experts, 18 State Council Special Allowance experts, 44 doctoral supervisors, and 134 master supervisors.

Soochow University, Suzhou China | Fees, Students, Scholarships, Hostel

International MBBS Students at Soochow University

International Students studying MBBS at Soochow University, Medical College of Suzhou China:

Among all MCI Approved Medical Colleges worldwide, Soochow University or Suzhou Medical University China is one of the Top Medical Colleges in the world for Indian students to study MBBS abroad.

  • At present, 460 international students are mostly from India. The rest are from 40 other countries like Japan, Korea, the United States, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Britain, and some EU countries, etc.
  • Among all the international students, 300 plus are from India only.
  • MBBS degree of Suzhou University Medical College China is valid for the MCI Screening Test, USMLE, UK PLAB, AMC, DHA, HAAD, and licensing exams of all the countries.
  • All Indian students must contact Omkar Medicom, theOfficialMBBS Abroad Consultantfor Admission at Soochow or Suzhou Medical University.

Language of Study at Soochow University

Language of Instructions in Soochow University, Suzhou China, one of the Top Medical Colleges in the World:

  • Soochow University Suzhou Medical College will teach all the medical subjectsonly in the English medium.
  • At the same time, there will be a Chinese language class, thrice weekly 45 minutes each session, for international students.
  • Students will learn common vocabulary, which will help them with their daily needs.
  • In higher stages, the professors will teach the students about Medical Terminology in the Chinese language.
  • In the 1st year, more Chinese language classes will be taken along with anatomy, biochemistry, and other medical subjects.
  • Later, the Chinese language class will be for every week to keep the practice.
  • It helps the students to communicate with the patients in their hospital classes at a later stage.
  • Suzhou Medical University will take all medical subject exams in the English language only.

Soochow University Hostels

Dushu Lake Campus or the Medical College of Soochow University in Suzhou China has international hostel buildings, separate for Girls and Boys.

  • Boys building has three-bedroom modern apartments, and two students will share in room. Boys apartment has one big attached bathroom and one common drawing room for these 6 students.
  • Girls building has two-sharing studio rooms, which are better than the Boy's room. That is why Girl's hostel rates are 1000 ¥ higher than boys.
  • Both in Girls and Boys dormitory, all rooms are air-conditioned and have internet access, attached bathroom with geyser. All rooms have one balcony.
  • Students will pay for electricity, water, and the internet as per usage.

Soochow University Library

Soochow University has individual libraries on each of the campuses. The most famous is the Binglin Library of Dushu Lake or the medical college campus of Suzhou University.

The 40-meter high lotus-shaped library was ranked first among "50 most beautiful university libraries in China" in 2014. Binglin Library, with an area of ​​32,000 meters, looks like a crystal lotus blooming in the Suzhou University.

Soochow University Scholarship

Soochow University Scholarship amount depends on12 board marks, NEET marks, attendance, otherbehavior of the student. Scholarship amount starts from Rs 50,000 up to Rs 3,10,000 per year.

This University has three types of scholarships:

  • Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship,
  • Chinese Government Scholarship, and
  • The Confucius Institute Scholarship.

So far, all Omkar Medicom students have got a scholarship here.

The city of Suzhou University, China

Soochow University Medical College campus is located in Suzhou Dushu Lake Higher Education Town in eastern China. Suzhouis well equipped with all kinds of modern amenities and transport systems, like,

  • Metro train: The total active length of the Suzhou city Metro is 118 kilometers, with three lines (Line 1, 2 and 4) in operation at present. In total, six tracks of Metro will run in Suzhou. Dushu campus has its own metro station known as Dushu South on Line 2.
  • High speed bullet train: More than 175 pairs of high-speed bullet trains are running in between Shanghai and Suzhou, with an average travel time of 28 minutes. The train fare is 34 ¥ only.
  • 4 International and Domestic Airports, and
  • The city has an extensive network of City bus and regular air-conditioned buses. Bus fare starts from 1 ¥ only.

Other Geographical details of Suzhou, Jiangsu.

  • Total area: Massive 8,488 square kilometers (Comparison, Delhi: 1485 sq km, New York: 784 sq km)
  • Total population: 1.07 crores as of 2018.
  • Airport Domestic and International: Soochow University has 4 airports nearby; Shanghai Hongqiao (1 hour), Hangzhou Xiaoshan (2.30 hours), Wuxi Sunan Shuofang Airport (45 minutes), Nanjing Airport (2.15 hours).
  • Distance from India: Suzhou is only 5 hours by flight from Kolkata with one stop-over in Kunming.
  • Weather: Suzhou lies in a subtropical monsoon climate zone. That is why the weather is mild and moist with four distinct seasons.
  • The Lowest winter temperature is 1 ° C in January.
  • The Highest summer temperature is 32 ° C in July.

Reviews of Soochow University

Experience with Omkar Medicom was very good. They cleared all the initial doubts that we had as parents. Mr. Bhoumik gave detailed information about the Universities we were interested in, he helped a lot in deciding the University. The best part was they took the students from Delhi, accompany them up to the university hostel and get them settled there. Mr Bhoumick always remained very helpful and co operative. Thank you very much Team Omkar Medicom.

I am so glad I consulted Omkar Medicom for my admission in China. They have been so supportive and helpful right from the admission to the visa application process. Shamik sir traveled with us the first time and even stayed with us for more than a month and helped us in every respect, be it our sim cards, bank accounts, accommodation .. everything. Omkar Medicom was very friendly, informative and genuine with their dealings. Our tiniest queries were answered. I must say Shamik Sir and Bhaumik Sir have been very helpful and supportive. I am happy I chose Omkar family.

Omkar Medicom is excellent, always friendly. They helped me in every respect. Admission, Visa, taking us to China, immigration, sim card, hostel everything. I have seen the sufferings of students from other agencies at my university. I feel lucky that I came through Omkar Medicom. Thanks to Shamik Sir and many thanks to my parents for choosing Omkar Medicom.

It's been an overwhelming experience with Omkar Medicom. Today I feel so fortunate to get their assistance in getting one step closer to my dream. From registration to reaching to the University, it's been an incredible journey. Dr. Shamik took us from Delhi to China and never left us alone for a minute. Dr. Shamik helped us in every aspects whether it be admission, visa, sim cards, id cards, bank accounts, shopping, hostel stuffs and even ensured that we get the best version of everything. He gave us all the details with proper guidance. He always looked upon us and never make us realize that we were far away from our home. He then stayed for more than a month to ensure that we are settled down comfortably. Dr. Shamik is the best version of human I had ever met in my life till date. I'm so blessed to be the part of OMKAR FAMILY. We love you Bhaumik sir and shamik sir. Thanks for everything .😊

I am very delighted on the service of omkar which they rendered to my son for getting admission to xinjiang.They processed the entire ... etc which helped to get admission with utmost easiness as getting admission to nearby college. The service of Sushil Pillai and Bhaumik is marvelous for clearing all and even silly doubts arised with regard to admissionMy family deeply indebted to Dr.Shamik who accompanied students to china, for giving parental care for solving all issue in China. They charged nothing more processing what they quoted at the very first stage of admission.I salute the team Omkar and its dedicated persons like sushil pillai and bhaumik Saheed.H Pulimoottil Alleppey 12

Soochow University Address

Map of Soochow University, One of the Top Medical Colleges in the world for Indian Students to study MBBS abroad

Soochow University Address:

Medical College Campus: No.17, Section 3, Ren Min Nan Lu, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, P.R.China, 610041

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MBBS in China Best University Videos

Soochow University is one of the Best 5 Medical Colleges in China. It has a high World Rank of 361 as on 2020.

Video of Soochow University.

Soochow University student Swastika reveals the truth about Omkar Medicom and the University, which is among the Best 5 in China.

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  • Top 5 MBBS abroad in Medical Colleges in China with high World Rank for Indian students.
  • Soochow University Hostel details.
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