Vince Gilmer doctor who kills his father

Electric door handle kills a doctor

On Wednesday afternoon, a 53-year-old doctor suffered a fatal electric shock when he tried to open a door in a public building with practices and offices on Grazer Stra├če. Emergency services and emergency services were called, whereby a firefighter also suffered a massive electric shock and had to be reanimated.

First, the 37-year-old employee of a doctor's practice touched the handles of two doors next to each other and was electrocuted. She fell to the ground in great pain. A 53-year-old doctor became aware of the incident, grabbed both door handles and received a fatal electric shock. With the arrival of the first emergency services, the situation then deteriorated dramatically again, because there was a specific suspicion that a door to a room with eight children in it could also be under tension. Fortunately, the children were warned and finally rescued through windows and a turntable ladder. Unfortunately, the 53-year-old doctor could no longer be saved. He died on site despite immediate resuscitation and care by the rescue service. His daughter who was present had to be looked after by a pastor.

Accident or crime?

For a reason that is still unclear, a 32-year-old emergency worker from Fire and Rescue Station 2 also suffered an electric shock shortly after his arrival. His colleagues pulled him out of the danger area and carried out a short and successful resuscitation. He was transported to a hospital for further treatment, and other people had to receive psychological care. The Bremen criminal police are now investigating the matter: The crime scene has been sealed and is being investigated with the support of experts, and other witnesses are being questioned.

Symbolic picture: Fatal electric shocks occurred yesterday in the Horn-Lehe district of Bremen Image source: Fotolia




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