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What to do if the car is stuck in the snow

When the car is stuck in the snow, thoughtful action is required. Desperate to step on the gas is counterproductive when the wheel spins: The tires would only dig deeper and the situation would only worsen. So how do you have a better chance of freeing the car again?

What to do if the car is stuck in the snow

  • First try the gentle method: If space allows, straighten the wheels, carefully accelerate and slowly release the clutch. It is also helpful to load the drive axle.
  • To improve grip, a doormat can be placed under the powered tires. Alternatively, coarse sand, split or cat litter can also help.
  • Snow chains are also helpful when things can't go any further. All information about snow chains and their use in Austria can be found here.
  • If a tire spins, it can help if a second person sits on the fender. The weight improves the tire's grip.
  • If the car doesn't move like this, you can try to “rock it free”. The car is made to roll forwards and backwards in the small pits in which the tires are stuck by alternately accelerating and disengaging or switching between R and D stages in the automatic transmission. If helpers are present, they can increase the rocking movement by pushing it in batches. The goal is to use the swing of the rocking motion to overcome the obstacle.
  • Often the only thing that helps is more manual work: If you get stuck despite all your efforts, the snow has to be at least partially removed. The tires should be exposed all around as much as possible. The car must also not sit on the snow: even the best winter tires are useless without contact with the ground.
  • Once you've got the shovel in your hand, you should think about how you can get your car back on safe ground and remove any piles of snow on the way - you don't want to get stuck right after you've finally freed yourself could.
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In order to prevent uncomfortable or even dangerous situations from the outset, you should adapt your driving style accordingly in wintry weather. The most important tips for driving on snow and ice can be found here at a glance.

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