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Kashmirstorz is one of the leading wholesalers and manufacturers of maxi dresses and direct suppliers from India. Oversized or plus size dresses, which were formerly known as informal long dresses with floor or ankle length brands, have become the most popular formal outfits. Modern styles are usually cut form-fitting at the top and loosely flowing at the bottom to flow over the body.

At Kashmirstorz, we strive to create different types of women's dresses so that women can wear them everywhere from the beach to parties, etc. If You Are Looking For Wholesale Maxi Dress, Kaftan Loose Dress,Plus size maxi dresses , Plain Dress Supplier, Maxi Dress Direct Supplier, or Wholesale Cotton Maxi Dresses, then you have reached the right place.

Some of our best-selling categories of maxi dresses forWomen are:

Plain, plain maxi dress

TheseFashion maxi dresses are made of a specific color. Usually our customers ask white and dark colors to be a base for adding color. This category of dresses is always in demand because the main advantage is that simple and neutral colors can be easily combined with most outfits, shoes and other accessories. Despite their simple structure, these sleek dresses are incredibly versatile. They are easy to put on for the evening or for quick shopping. And for obvious reasons, they sometimes make great loungewear. You can do itFashion maxi dress Enjoy the summer breeze by wearing a floor-length maxi outfit with jeweled sandals or heels. A simple style on the chest and waist that flows down the hips is very attractive and gives everyone a slim silhouette. Due to the additional length, the legs appear longer overall. Sometimes customers look for such wide waist belt dresses to attract attention. It is easy to furnish with these monochrome outfits. If you want to bring these oversized monochrome dresses from the warm weather to the cold zone, it is very possible to wear leggings or thick stockings underneath. You can also pay for them with an extravagant faux fur coat

Printed maxi dress

In this category are mostlyClothes with Flower and animal motifs in demand. However, we can offer prints that range from simple to complicated prints. Other patterns can be abstract, geometric, modern prints, etc. Printing technology mainly used in digital printing because it allows our designers to use creative ideas to print garments with maximum ease. Flower and animal prints, especially leopard-print dresses, are now among the preferences of all customers. We at Kashmirstorz Manufacturers and AccessoriesTurkey maxi dresses and Printed Maxi Dress wholesale to customers all over the world in bulk. For print designs, customers mainly ask for flower, animal, leopard, tropical, butterfly, tropical, cheetah, and butterfly prints. However, we can offer prints that range from simple to complicated prints. Other patterns can be abstract, geometric, modern boho prints, etc. Printed samples, mostlyfloral maxi dress with medium to long sleeves, are often quite trendy in cool places and for the winter season. Colorful prints and light fabric-based maxi dresses are in great demand in warm weather. Flower-based prints are most popular forSummer maxi dressesStyles. A comfortable and stylish outfit is the right of every woman, and for most women, a flowing and modest outfit is a great asset. Aside from floral designs, stripes and bohemian patterns are also very flattering. Because of their versatility, lightness and femininity, floral maxi dresses are among the most admired and fashionable items of clothing in many regions of the world. One can dress it down for summer or hide many layers underneath for winter.

For ladies with faulty legs, long dresses This type of maxi dress can be worn casually with flip-flops or with stylish heels. One can also choose a sheer style for the beach or pool, or opaque for a formal occasion. The size of the prints is key. In general, small prints are best for short women. Because it has often been seen that large prints on maxi dresses cover the large area across maxi dresses, thus covering the whole body, and therefore large prints on a short body type or ladies with small frames can look too busy and overwhelming.

dye and dye maxi garments

If you search the internet and Wikipedia, you will find that dyeing and dyeing usually consists of folding, twisting, creasing, or crumpling fabric or an item of clothing and tying it with string or cotton thread, followed by applying colored dye ). Since 2016, ties with tie dye patterns have also received a lot of attention. Tye and Dye was basically completely handcrafted and therefore no two pieces are ever identical. This makes this category unique as every customer owns a unique dress and wears it with a great sense of exclusivity and pride. Most of the fabrics used are cotton, viscose chiffon crepe and silk. The colors used are mainly acid dyes.

Casual maxi dress

Our casualMaxi dresses for are perfect for a romantic date or an evening with a friend. This category is requested by our customers mainly as maxi dresses made of cotton, linen, silk and chiffon. This cotton casual wear is offered in solid colors, prints and embroidery designs. Floral and paisley prints are always in demand in printed cotton dresses. However, we can offer prints that range from simple to complex prints. Other patterns can be abstract, geometric, modern prints, etc. Printing technology mainly used in digital printing because we enable our designers to use creative ideas to print garments with maximum ease.

Formal maxi dress

Formal maxi dresses are ideal for evening events and in-house office parties. Many female professionals don't really appreciate the idea of ​​shortdresses at work, especially for office events, and this is where formal attire comes in. Most formal plus size dresses have an extra element of style in shape and form!

Embroidery maxi dress

Our embroidered maxi dresses are unique in design and style. They are luxury products and are often requested by our high-end customers. For a feminine and whimsical look, embroidered maxi dresses are a nice choice. Mainly preferred in light solid colors like a white maxi that appears light and airy, which makes it perfect for relaxed looks in the warmer months. These types of clothes are in demand in different fabrics, but cotton, linen, viscose crepe and silk are particularly ideal. Our customers usually consider subtle embroidery patterns. Small floral motifs and paisley designs are always in demand when it comes to embroidery designs.

Mainly used embroidery styles are Hedebo, Cross Stitch, Candlewick, Crewel and Goldwork. Embroidery can also pick up other materials like beads, pearls and sequins, etc. An embroidered maxi outfit is characterized by a distinctive and enriching embroidery pattern that gives the dress an amazing look and enriches the beauty of any fashion goer. Traditional vintage embroidery such as zari work, zardozi work, mirror work and resham work are also mainly used to enhance the appearance of traditional outfits such as caftans, maxi dresses and long kimono dresses. Heavy and deeply embroidered dresses are the first choice of women for special occasions such as wedding receptions, engagements, reception meetings and other festive events. This is why they are in high demand during the wedding season. However, you can also find casually embroidered caftans that are suitable for semi-formal occasions.

Long sleeve maxi dress

A long sleeved maxi dress must have sleeves that cover all of the arms to the wrists. This style is very popular in the cold seasons like winter. Most popular with women in the Arab world and older women. As women mature, they resist dresses, which causes them to show a lot of bare bodies, and therefore tend to go for sober clothes. Even with age, the body shape of women tends to get mixed up, and therefore in view of the fact that long-sleeved dresses not only cover the legs, but also no longer get the midlife arms in shape. In the Arab fashion world, modest clothing is a predominant factor, hence dresses that reveal almost nothing are always preferred and hence long-sleeved dresses are high on their demand list. These dresses are mostly designed with slightly curvy and body-shaped patterns, and fabrics are mostly made of lighter materials such as chiffon and cotton. Printed patterns, embroidered cutouts and hole patterns are also offered in the long-sleeved outfit category.

Short sleeve maxi dress

The short-sleeved dress has sleeves that reach over the elbows. The term is used to mean longer than cap sleeves and shorter than ¾ sleeves. This category known as the Short Sleeve Category, called the Short Sleeve Maxi Dresses, is primarily looking for adorable small floral prints and a longer dress length. Another main aspect of this type of outfit is that customers are looking for soft material due to the obvious heat in the summer season. Ladies tend to look for curvy sizes and sometimes extra pockets for that extra edge. This type of outfit is in great demand in the Japanese market as it is mainly made up of Petite Structure ladies with most of the arms open and naked. Although our Japanese customers are looking for oversized patterns with small sleeves.

Cotton maxi dress

Cotton dresses are the best summer outfits and are sought after by fashion visitors all over the world. Printed cotton dress is mainly preferred along with embroidered styles, especially in the Arab fashion world. Cotton is considered to be one of the best and most organic natural textile fibers. Regardless of what clothes are made of cotton, they are very comfortable to wear, absorbs water and absorbs water, and is perfect for the summer season. In hot summer countries everyone wants a long but loosely cut cotton dress in their wardrobe. It is a known fact that a full length and flowing style maxi dress adds a certain sophistication to all day comfort. All of our cotton fabric dresses are designed and made in simple colors, printed patterns, and embroidered designs. In the category of prints, cotton dresses are most often chosen in floral and paisley print patterns. However, we can offer prints that range from simple to complicated prints. Other patterns can be abstract, geometric, modern prints, etc. Printing technology mainly used in digital printing because it allows our designers to use creative ideas to print garments with maximum ease.

Arabic maxi dresses

At Kashmirstorz you can find great prices on a range of Arabic maxi dresses wholesale. With a wide variety of high quality dresses that can be ordered in bulk, we offer our customers many options for Arabic and Islamic dresses. We know finding the right Arabic plus size suppliers can be stressful, but we're here to make it as easy and fun as possible! A wide range of product categories are manufactured by us, such as Evening Dress, Special Occasion Dress, Wedding, Party & Events. And you will definitely find the right Arabic kaftan dresses from our collections. The arabic maxi dress outfits are made of various high quality materials and generally consist of floor length with long sleeves dyed in different colors. Also described as traditional Arab clothing, South Asian, Turkish, and Moroccan clothing, this type of garment or garment has its cultural origins related to the Arabian Peninsula to which they originally came.

Chiffon maxi dress in bulk

Whether you are thinking of a thin body or ending up on a bulkier side, or wanting to love a little bit more of yourself, the key to wearing loose outfits is looking cool. With their seductive drape and shimmering appearance, fabrics with chiffon weaving are popular options for maxi dresses, caftans, evening wear and high fashion dresses. Most chiffon outfits are printed and usually cut on an empire line, which means that the waist line for the dress is raised well above the normal waistline. Since silk chiffon is very expensive and limited to high quality boutiques, most of our customers prefer viscose, modal and polyester chiffon for garments. Viscose and polychiffon are very popular in the Arab fashion world, but they ask that you put another fabric under the chiffon to create dimension, negate the transparency factor and add bulk to the garment. These types of chiffon dresses can enhance the appearance of your chest and slide over other parts of the body, creating a beautiful curvy silhouette that others will be the envy of. Chiffon is the perfect fabric for all year round in season and is preferred by every customer.

Lace maxi dresses

At kaschmirstorz, the leading bulk supplier and manufacturer of clothing and caftans of all kinds in free sizes, you can get maxi dresses for women for every occasion. There are also a number of criteria for lace clothing, depending on the country in which your market is located. Like when a brand or retail chain owner is in European countries, they prefer very small, intricate lace pattern patterns that are stitched over the maxi without the lace creating an overwhelming effect. They prefer very light shoelaces, even in small areas such as sleeves, near clothing slits or under the neckline of the dress. On the flip side, when companies target audience in Middle Eastern Arab countries, they request major lace work on the garments, preferring lace designs and patterns that are easy to spot and that make up the bulk of the outfit. Lace designs they are looking for should have floral and paisley patterns, and small beadwork will also be appreciated. Gold and silver laces are chosen for black and white dresses. Regardless of whether you are looking for a black and white maxi dress, floral women's clothing or kaftan outfits made of lace, you will find everything that meets your requirements in our catalog.You will find everything according to your requirements in our catalog

Maxi dresses for petites

Gone are the days when little body type ladies were asked to avoid maxi dresses because of their short and small body structure. Now there are immensely many types of dresses, especially when you think of little girls and ladies. The most famous dresses are medium to small patterns on delicate frames. In terms of prints, medium sized print size with lots of space in between. This segment prefers subtle colors with non-overwhelming designs and patterns. Some also like less frills and find them beautiful. Instead of flat patterns, curvy sizes are preferred by women who are body conscious and want to show off their figure. Sometimes, to look taller, plain and vertical stripe dresses give the petite body a flattering and elongated look.

But in Japan, average ladies come in small, petite bodies, but they look for oversized sleeveless maxi dresses and kimonos that are open-front dresses. Maxi dresses have become tank tops, and one-piece shirt dresses made of fabrics such as cotton and linen are mainly in demand by Japanese customers

Why maxi outfits?

Because of their low weight, these women's outfits are extremely versatile. You can dress it up for the summer season or hide layers underneath for the cool winter. For ladies and women with faulty legs, long dresses are always forgiving. You can easily wear it casually with flip-flops or transform yourself into a stylish view.Each person can choose a sheer style for the beach or pool, or opaque for a formal occasion. With the best selection, a free size dress can be worn for virtually any event. Although these fashion staples look better on some ladies, designers say there is a dress for every body type.

Styles of the maxi dress

Maxi dresses come in different styles. But that much is certain that not all styles match all accessions. Since some styles are suitable for work or formal events, others are only suitable for a casual day out or beach wear.

  • Halter neck
  • Backless
  • Sheer
  • Strapless
  • Sleeveless
  • Long sleeve
  • Short sleeve

Now is the time and women all over the world have realized that a comfortable and stylish outfit is a must for every woman. For most women, a flowing and modest outfit is a great asset. Because of their versatility and femininity, loose wear is one of the most admired and fashionable items of clothing in many regions of the world.

Who can wear a maxi dress?

Every lady, woman or fashion vista girl can wear a loose fit dress. There are a variety of ways to style a loose fit outfit that is suitable for a variety of events for every body type. It's easy to take to the beach and, if necessary, can be styled for a wedding or work. Nowadays there is a tremendously increasing trend among some women wearing it as maternity clothes.

Different colors of Maxi make for different looks and require custom pairing. Most women prefer to choose solid fabrics as they go with colored shoes. Plain Solid Category Beach Kaftans have a unique characteristic that also makes you appear taller, just like a skirt suit. Colorful and printed maxi caftans and skirts look super cute and perfect in warm weather. Floral prints are probably the most popular summer styles. Stripes are also flattering. However, one must watch out for striped clothing as it can create a counter-look that you may not have intended.

Why choose us as a women's maxi dress manufacturer?

  • The fastest growing high quality clothing manufacturing and manufacturing company with three decades of expertise
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Purchase of bulk longMaxi dresses or you can sayBulk buy maxi dressesis a decision that is sure to have a bold impact on your forward-thinking customers and your brand. Buy a loose fitting dress to make your customers look that fashionable quick and easy. Our minimum order quantities start from 100 pieces per style and we can offer designs and varieties from our catalog. However, we are open to custom designs and pattern based dresses that customers want for their brands. All we need are precise specifications of the requirements. We will make samples as per the requirements and get approval before proceeding with the bulk orders. We have the capacity to produce 20,000 pieces per month. The prices mainly depend on which category, fabric and quantity the customer needs. The rule of thumb, however, is that for larger quantities the prices are relatively lower than for small quantity orders.

We have customers in Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, the USA, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and Australia. Our products have been a mainstay for distributors, luxury brands, retail chains of all sizes, event organizers and wedding customers, both private and commercial.

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