Corrie died tomorrow when the war started

Corrie ten Boom - a brave woman **

Free at last

Four days later, Corrie was suddenly released. However, it later turned out that this was just a mistake. A week later, all women of their year were murdered. On New Year's Eve 1944 she drove home through ruined Berlin. Betsie had been right: before the end of the year Corrie had been released to her earthly and Betsie to her heavenly home.

After the war, God gave Corrie two houses in Holland in which people who had suffered from concentration camps were cared for. One looked exactly as Betsie had seen in a dream. And she learned to forgive those who had caused her so much suffering.

Corrie traveled all over the world. In many countries she reported on her suffering in the concentration camp and on how her faith had helped her to survive this terrible time and to forgive her tormentors [7]. Many thousands heard their message. She spoke simply and directly: “Do you know Jesus? Are you a child of god No abyss is deeper than God's love ”. Corrie ten Boom died in 1983 after a long illness.

Hans Misdorf

The article appeared in “Der Weg” 1/2006


[1] Once she asked him: "You mustn't die, I need you". "When do I give you the ticket if we go to Amsterdam together?""Just before we get on the train". “Our Heavenly Father does the same: not beforehand, but whenever we need it, He gives us what we need. You too".
[2] the Gestapo: hist; (Abbreviation for Secret State Police) the political police under National Socialism
[3] As a result of this betrayal, Betsie and his old father, brother and nephew were also killed.
[4] north of Berlin
[5] the body search: searching the clothes worn on the body of a person.
[6] to beat sb.: Beat sb. (Full of anger) vigorously several times
[7] torment: torment