What does Allahu Akbar Fam

"Allahu Akbar!": What does this phrase mean

How often do we hear the loud slogans from the mouths of Muslims: "Allahu Akbar!" What does this phrase mean that there is a threat or an accomplishment of a call for good or evil? Try to understand.

«Allahu Akbar»: Translated from the Arabic and meaning of the phrase

"Allahu Akbar", which means "Allah is great" (in Arabic) - an acknowledgment of the greatness of the sole Creator of all things, the merciful Lord of all people, one of whose names - Allah.

"Allah Akbar" means in Arabic - the great God who is strength and power over everything else.

This phrase reflects the history of Islam from the first moment of his arrival on earth. The Prophet who brought people into the religion of Islam - Muhammad (peace be upon him), fought from the beginning for the main goal - the people through unity telling of God, the Creator who is one embracing the full strength and might of nature.The futility of prayers, the idols and religious monuments of the error in relation to separation from God is partly responsible for a multitude of achievements - fertility, Wealth, family or government.

God - One and he is great enough that all phenomena and events, processes and patterns in the world, the universe, galaxies and spiritual matters are subject only to himself, his strength and size of the board.

Why are Muslims so fond of pronouncing the term "Allahu Akbar"? What does it mean to them?

This is one of the formulas recognizing the Lord's greatness, one of the phrases that reflect true obedience to God, the oath of negation and domination of other powers.

Virtually every Muslim picks up baby with breast milk and understands what it means, "Allahu Akbar". This sacred, Muslim term sounds from their mouths throughout their lives and accompanies all of their affairs.

This sentence is the first sound in the ears of newborns, seemed just from the mother's lap, the father whispered in his ear, Adhan, and this sentence ends his worldly path of the deceased Muslim when his corpse was read at the funeral prayer.

With the words "Allahu Akbar" (which means "Allah is great") Muslimov give in prayer, called each other in a mosque, start all your good deeds, make sacrifices and give gifts in the name of the Lord to the poor and Needy. With

click on "Allahu Akbar!" Muslims from the beginning of Islamic history in the struggle for the liberation of their rights and the protection of their families, saying that they are not afraid of a hostile, because of all the power and majesty of God.

This sentence Muslims rejoice and be sad, receive good and bad news, wake and fall asleep, get married and have children, so every time affirm and recognize that the only Creator of all things - God, who is unrivaled and incomparable, nor what is greatness.

In this formula power and strength of the Lord of the Worlds, there is no call to violence or anger, harm or harm. In these words, a moral of all sincere belief in the one God, the man who denies idols and does not recognize blasphemy, believes in the reign of the great Creator, and encourages others to do so.

Muslims teach their children this phrase from the cradle until they get used to monotheism.