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Best Cantonese Movies to Watch on Netflix for Chinese New Year

Fat Choi, the Chinese term for “becoming prosperous” gives you a hint on what the movie will be about. Fat Choi Spirit is a comedy film starring Andy (played by Andy Lau) as a talented Mahjong player who got disowned by his family for his gambling habit.

However, his luck changes after meeting Gigi (played by Gigi Leung), who becomes his lucky charm after getting together. The star’s losing streak returns after the two break up and Andy is forced to navigate through a new life, job and losing mahjong games afterwards.

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3/8To inspector calls

Based on J.B. Preiestly’s play of the same name, An Inspector Calls is Hong Kong’s remake of the play, with added slapstick and playful elements in this version. Released in 2015, this movie is the most recent Chinese New Year movie on the list, but the cast is filled with familiar all-time favorite names such as Louis Koo, Eric Tsang and Teresa Mo.

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4/8Justice, My Foot!

Another film starring no other than Stephen Chow as the lead, Justice, My Foot! Is set in imperial China. Chow acts as the role of successful lawyer, Sung, who is struck with bad karma due to his shyster ways, causing premature deaths for 13 of his sons. The lawyer decides to retire from law after his 13th son passes away, but finds it hard to give up his former career and launches into his final case instead.

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5/8God of Gamblers

Gambling is a tradition for many during Chinese New Year, which explains the number of gambling-related movies available. God of Gamblers is one of the most talked-about ones throughout the years despite being released over three decades ago. The film stars two of Hong Kong’s most famous actors, Andy Lau and Chow Yun-Fat.

Chow plays Ko Chun, a famous gambler known as the “God of Gamblers”, however, he keeps his identity a secret from the public. Lau plays Little Knife, a mediocre gambler who idolises Ko Chun and the two strangers meet when Little Knife accidentally caused Ko Chun to lose his memory due to an injury.

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6/8Infernal Affairs

A twisted tale about a long-time undercover cop in the mafia, Infernal Affairs was one of the highest-ranking Hong Kong films of all time. Starring family-favorite Cantonese stars, Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Anthony Wong and Eric Tsang, this movie’s intense storyline will have everyone focused on the show during reunion dinner.

Nominated for numerous awards in Hong Kong and worldwide, Infernal Affairs even inspired American film director, Martin Scorsese to make a remake of the film, producing The Departed, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.

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7/8It's a Mad, Mad World

What would you do if you win nineteen million dollars from the lottery one day? It's a Mad, Mad World follows a struggling family whose lives change when the TV reporter’s wife wins the lottery. A goofy, heart-felt movie starring late Bill Tung, TVB’s late sweetheart, Lydia Shum, Eric Tsang Chi-wai and other notable stars, travel back in time to 1987 with this film.

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8/8Ip Man

A touching biographical martial arts film based on Ip Man, a martial arts grandmaster who trained Bruce Lee, the film was released in 2008 and gained international attention, grossing over US $ 21 million dollars worldwide.

Ip Man is played by Hong Kong actor and martial artist, Donnie Yen and the film focuses on Man’s life during the Sino-Japanese War. While we can't attest that Ip Man himself actually did everything that happened in the movie, it's an excellent watch that might inspire you to take up martial arts one day.

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