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. The game's objective is to reach the top of a randomly-generated tower which resets every six-minute round. When a player completes a tower before the timer resets, they speed up the timer.

The game is somewhat derived from ObrenTune's Obren's Inferno: Reborn (formerly Kiddie's Tower of Hell), an obby game where players must complete multiple different towers with no checkpoints, similar to Tower of Hell

One month after the game was released, THE Tower of Hell was created as a more difficult substitute to the game. It contained all regular sections of the game until February 25, 2021, since then it only contains ObrenTune's sections. It does not have any rounds or checkpoints.

The game is often called Tower of Hecc by younger players and child-friendly YouTubers due to the association of hell as a curse word, but considered less profane to other players.

This is a list of all of the 260 sections in Tower of Hell, including 242 regular sections and 18 secret sections. All of these sections are:

The following is a list of section difficulties with all of the containing sections.


Abstract, Alien Jumps, Amazon Bridges, Balance, Balls, Branching Out, Brickade, Catch Zone, Chevron Jumps, Choices, Clapped, Code, Connecting, Conveying, Conveyor Walk, Corner Catch Zone, Crag, Crossing Stairs, Crushed, Curved Way, Dashing, Deadly Snake, Dices, Diverse Sight, Dotted Line, Ease Y, Flames, Fragmented, Goofy, Gravity Treck, Hallow Orbit, Hook, Im Blue, Jump, Math, Monkey Bars, Obbyists Peak, Parkourmaster, One Corner Way, Overcomplicated , Plates, Rescale, Ringularity, Running On Circles, Shapes, Simplicity, Slide, Slippery Snake, Smashing, Snake, Spiky Cylinder, Split Decision, Staircase, Stairs, Swirly Path, Tango, The Tower, Veins, Wall Wedges, Walls, Which One


Bubblegum, Constant, Cube Root, Left Right, Legos Struction Site, Lights Out, Mini, Minty Sprint, One Sided Convey, Overlapped, Platforming, Scattered



All Around, Aura, Bridge Crossing, Contrast, Disco, Double Crossed, Electricity, Fluently, Hanging Bridges, Jurrasic Forest, Killbrick Mayhem, Neon Hell, One Side, Orbit, Perfect Timing, Pinwheel, Pulsar, Sweeping Tower, The Insult, The Spinning duo


Animous, Aqua, Careful Climbing, Checkered, Close Shave, Cylinder Chaos, Death Jump, Directional Grid, Dizzying Paths, Double Spinner, Gravitron, Half and Half, Heartbeat Horror, Hexagon Havoc, Hole in The Wall, Hurdle Hurtle, Inversion, Joyride , Loose Escalator, Mixture, Neon, No Gravity, Owch Edgy, Pain, Points of the Compass, Powerline, Return to Sender, Rubiks Cubes, Saturn, Skatepark, Summit Climb, The Agent Returns, The Agent Escapes, The Challenge, The Death Blocks, The Factory, The Filter, Trenches, Unstable Pathway, Up, Wall Hug

Very hard

Blender, Maelstrom, Switching Sides, The Meetup, Twisted Belt, Twister, Vortex

The menu can be accessed by clicking on the bottom-left icon of the screen. The following is a list of menu sections that can be accessed for certain purposes.


Grade: All mutators and gears can only be used for one round at a time. You must repurchase them once a round is over.


Mutator Cost Membership Cost Description
High speed 100 coins N / A

Increases everyone's speed by 25%.


500 coins N / A

Disables all kill parts in the game, they would not affect your health.

Low gravity 130 coins N / A Reduces everyone's gravity by 25%
Fog 150 coins N / A Makes the entire game foggy.
Negatives 150 coins N / A Inverts colors of the entire game.
Lengthen 150 coins N / A Adds another section at the bottom.
Extra time 50 coins N / A Adds two minutes to the round timer.
Invisibility 10 Robux 150 coins Makes everyone invisible.
Double jump 35 Robux 300 coins Lets everyone jump twice.
Bunny hop 10 Robux 500 coins Makes everyone jump repeatedly with no spacebar affect.
Checkpoints 30 Robux 400 coins Adds checkpoints in every two sections.
Double coins 25 Robux 2,000 coins

Increases everyone's coin reward by twice the amount.


Gear Noob Tower Cost Per tower cost Description
Speed ​​coil 60 coins 120 coins Increases the speed of your character.
Gravity coil 80 coins 152 coins Reduces the gravity of your character.
Fusion coil 90 coins 150 coins Combines the effect of speed and gravity.
Trowel 40 coins 70 coins The ability to add a part, useful for skipping parts of a section.
Hook 80 coins 152 coins The ability to hook into something, also useful for skipping parts of a section.
Hourglass 90 coins 180 coins Freezes every moving part in every section. It can be turned on & off anytime.


Coin Amount Cost
200 coins 25 Robux
500 coins 60 Robux
2,000 coins 230 Robux
10,000 coins 1,100 Robux

Double coins

600 Robux
Skill reset 50 Robux


Effects can be purchased from 2 boxes, one costs 500 coins, and the other one costs 25 Robux. Once a box is purchased, the player will receive an effect depending on the following possibilities:



Killpart Color

  • Changes the color of kill parts depending on which number is inserted. This also depends on the section color.

VIP Server Settings

  • Tower size
    • Ranges from 4 to 40 on the number scale. Rounds can generate up to 200 sections from the "/ setLength " command.
  • Skip Round
    • Rounds can also be skipped using the command, "/ skip".
  • Lock Shop
    • Prevents anyone from purchasing any mutators and gears.


  • Game Design - ObrenTune & PyxlDev
  • Programming - PyxlDev
  • Interface - PyxlDev
  • Graphics - LeetLego & PyxlDev
  • Music - Evenbear1 & BriefSerendipity

Players can purchase a membership subscription through the menu. There are weekly and monthly subscriptions players can purchase. Once a membership subscription is purchased, the player will receive the following benefits:

Players can access Pro Towers by going through the door that is tilted "Pro Towers" with no certain requirement. Pro Towers have twice the amount of sections and 2 more minutes in time compared to Normal Towers. They also award 2.5 times more coins players would receive for completing a tower. u suck - val

This is a list of commands players can use in VIP Servers. The following commands are:

  • / skip
    • Skips into the next round.
  • / setLength
    • Changes in the number of sections of the tower will generate within the next round.
    • Players can change the number of sections ranging from 4 to 200.
  • / remove
    • Generates no sections in the next round.
  • / mod
    • Generates a modded version of sections separate from the regular sections. Currently there is only one mod right now.
    • Players must first insert the "/ remove" command before inserting this command in the chat.
  • / kick
    • Kicks a player depending on the username inserted.
    • Players can also use the command to kick the other players in a VIP server, which can be used as "/ kick others".

This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • RenLeaf's in-game user tag can be seen as "Sub to PinkLeaf".[1]
  • On April Fools' Day 2020, the game's name was changed to "Of Hell" and later to "Hell".
    • The walls around the tower were also removed for that time.
  • From June 13-15, 2020, players could have received a free membership subscription by typing the command "/ freemember". After June 15, 2020, the free subscriptions were removed.