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Holidays for the skin ...

with the beauty mask from MAYBEAUTY

The skin of the face is the part of the body that is exposed to the most environmental stresses. Even if it is put on daily, it "breathes" a lot of pollutants, gets the full load of sun, the dry heating air, etc.
It is therefore advisable to do something good for the poor facial skin.
One option is to pamper you with a face mask.
The beauty company MAYBEAUTY currently offers two high-quality facial brands:
  • Incredible Face Mask and Maylash
I tried one of them myself and here is my result:
The Incredible Face Mask - the incredible face mask
It is supposed to rid the skin of blackheads and dead skin.
Although I don't have any blackheads, it has removed the old flakes of skin, which I could see from the enlightened and visibly refreshed face. It not only removes blackheads and dead skin, it also reduces oily skin and acne.
For me, this face mask put an end to the dead skin cells. The skin looked fresh and relaxed afterwards - even slightly punished.
What's inside the mask?
First of all, the main ingredient consists of deep sea sludge. The secondary additives include glycerine, distilled water, liquid Germall plus and carbomer.
Actually very good! At least I didn't have any problems with it - even though I have very sensitive skin!
The mask has also been dermatologically tested.
  • Apply mask to cleansed face
  • Leave on for 30 to 45 minutes
  • Remove mask
  • Then clean with warm water
  • Finished!
Yes, you can already see a significantly improved complexion after the first application. At least that's how it was for me. The skin felt soft and supple - as if it had been put on. She looks fresh and rested.
Where can I get this mask?
You can order these and other products in the MAYBEAUTY online shop. At the moment you can get e.g. 12 masks plus spa brushes for 39.00 € as a really good offer.
What else is there to say about the mask?
For me it is very important, for example, that the company assures that this mask has not been tried on any animal. So she is Not tested on animals!
Shipping is free - not only in Germany, but worldwide!
If you want to convince yourself of the advantages of this facial brand, you have the opportunity to save 30%. Just click here!
The mask is really easy to use, but you should really take care not to cover any hairs with the mask. Because after a short exposure time, the mask “locks in” in the hair, and if you then pull it off, it can pull quite a bit! Happened to my eyebrows the first time! But if you pay attention to that, then you have a really very good product for caring for stressed skin!
I tested the mask extensively and was enthusiastic from the first moment. It does not burn, has a slightly cooling effect and leaves the skin well cared for and deep into the pores.
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