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The jury's wage and release obligation is a benefit granted by the employer to employees, even if the release and payment are required by law. How the employer performs the duty of a jury is largely a decision of the employer, unless the state or federal government has enacted statutory regulations.

When employers see a jury's policy of opting out, the main policy questions they need to answer are these.

  • How does the employee have to document the duty of a jury for the employer?
  • When the employee is required to report the jury subpoena.
  • How does the employee have to process partial days in court?
  • How much paid vacation to give the employee a jury duty.
  • How can unpaid leave be granted in addition to paid leave?
  • How to deal with jury fee granted by the court.
  • How can it be ensured that an employee does not have any negative consequences for fulfilling the legally required jury duty?

Your jury duty

Effective date:

Basic Policy:

Your company recognizes that jury duty is a civil responsibility of our employees. You must provide HR and your manager with a copy of the indictment within one day of receiving the subpoena.

Occasionally, the summons to sit on a jury occurs at a time of the year when the employee or employer can have a significant impact on the customer or the workforce because the employee loses the jury. In these cases, the employer can send a letter to the court demanding that the employee's duty to jury be postponed.

Your employer grants paid vacation if an employee has to be on a jury. You will receive your normal salary or your hourly remuneration while you are on the jury for up to 15 days in a calendar year. If you are entitled to overtime pay, no overtime payments will be made while you are on a jury.

At the end of the 15 days, you can use your Cumulative Paid Time Off (PTO) if you want to continue getting paid while on jury duty. You can also take the additional jury duty as an unpaid leave of absence.

In no event will your employment be affected by serving on a jury. You will not be harassed, threatened, or verbally abused to get out of jury duty, and your same work will be available upon your return.

If you sign up for jury duty and are fired, you will be expected to sign up for work for the remainder of the day that it occurs. If you are told that you will not have to go to the court on any day of your jury service, then you must come to work.

Additionally, you are expected to cede your paycheck received in the first 15 days of serving on a jury to your employer to make up for the fact that your employer pays you for those days. If you sit on a jury for longer, you can pay the court after 15 days.

If you take additional unpaid leave of absence for additional days of jury duty, your health care, dental, vision and disability benefits will continue and the normal payments you make will be deducted from the unpaid amount on your return.

Employees are expected to work with their manager to ensure that jury duty does not adversely affect your customers and your employees.

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