How to get Eisschluessel mold Terraria

Terraria: Find all the keys - that's how it works

In Terraria you will come across numerous locked chests for which you will need special keys. Here we reveal how and where you can find all the keys.

All keys in Terraria

It is worth collecting all kinds of keys in Terraria, as this gives you access to valuable items, equipment and weapons via chests.

  • Frozen Key: To open the frozen chest in Terraria you will need this key. You can make it with the frozen key mold. This spawns in winter if the hard mode is activated.
  • Golden Key: Allows you to open golden chests in dungeons. You can get it by defeating a purple dungeon slime or by destroying vases in the dungeon.
  • Sacred Key: You can craft it if you have the Sacred Key Mold, five souls for all mechanical bosses, and a temple key. You get the shape in the sacred area or sacred underground. The Holy Chest can be opened with the key.
  • Temple key: As soon as you are in hardmode, you can compete against the boss Plantera. This can drop the key that will allow you to enter the jungle temple.
  • Shadow Key: If you are lucky, you can find it in dungeons or in gold chests. You can use it to open shadow chests.
  • Infection Key: Fight against monsters of doom after defeating the boss Plantera. There is little chance you will drop this key, which you can use to unlock the infected chest in the dungeon.

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