When a man plays mind games

Guys, stop playing!

"I hate games" - which woman does not know this sentence. Closely followed by "No, so sorry, I'm sure not to play with that" - and bang, let's do it anyway. Why? Because we have to. And whose fault is it? The men's!

Games are all the rage

But actually the question arises: do we have to play games to find true love, or at least find a cute guy that we like to have? Are games an absolute must to become "more interesting" for men in general? That's ridiculous, isn't it ?! If we want something, then we should be able to get it and if something does not suit us, why are we not "allowed" to address it? Because it is not the "trend of the times". It seems to be becoming more and more popular that, in order to please a guy, we go into his games. In other words: We will only write back later, although we have already read the message, just so that HE doesn't believe that we are "easy to get". And we first postpone a date or the date of the day so that we seem like we have a private life crammed with appointments and events. That's nonsense!
Why can't it be so easy? As a woman, why can't you just say: "Hey, I like you and I would like to see you. Let's do something." Are you less desirable then? Are you then uninteresting because you can be reached? Do men always have to strive for the unattainable and conquer the woman who is not good for them anyway before they realize that she is the wrong person? Obviously. So what do we do? We play along because otherwise HE will get the crisis and let us be turned off from the start.
But what we don't consider: HE only plays anyway, so sooner or later we'll be away from the window anyway. Often earlier than we would actually like and without our being able to do anything about it.

Where are the good old days when you talked about things, when you called each other to make a date and didn't sit around for hours waiting to finally write to him and then sit for hours again and wait for him to finally answer .

An episode from my life

After several mistakes and "head-over-head-in-love" actions, I met a guy a few weeks ago at a time when many of my friends prophesied that it would happen. Namely when you don't expect it and when you don't feel like men anymore. So the framework conditions were perfect and as I could see from my horoscope, the stars were also good.
The problem: He obviously didn't see it that way. At least not right away. Because although he was totally interested in our personal conversations, complimented me and only spoke positively about me to acquaintances, the "Facebook writing" afterwards was more than tedious. Messages were read but not replied to until hours later. With a lot of humor and charm - of course, so that "woman" is even less familiar with it - but the ambiguity of his statements bothered me.
Why? Why, when we happened to meet at parties, was he so sweet, charming, flirty and then suddenly not anymore? Because he played with me!

What do you learn from it?

Just because a guy is sweet, funny and charming and totally flirts at you doesn't mean that he really thinks you are "attractive". Of course, it is great for him when he can talk to a pretty lady, joke around and unpack his flirting slogans. But it's all just a game.
The only thing that you can still hope for, and hope dies last, as is well known, is that HE will understand at some point that YOU are the right woman at his side. And then please without playing. Every now and then it seems to work, as you unfortunately notice over and over again on Sundays in the park, at dinner in a posh restaurant, on the dance floor in the club and in romantic films.