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About the author Kathy Reichs:

The American Kathy Reichs was born in Chicago in 1948, is married and has three children. In addition to other subjects, she studied archeology and became a professor of anthropology, and in addition to her professional commitment, she supports social institutions and takes care of those in need. The licensed forensic anthropologist also teaches at the FBI Academy in Quantico. Her competence in this subject is undisputed and, in addition to her writing skills, is likely to be a decisive factor in the success of the Tempe Brennan novels by Kathy Reichs. The fictional character was brought to life in 1997 with the crime thriller "Déjà Dead" (Dead don't lie).

Tempe Brennan by Kathy Reichs in book and film:

The focus of the novel series is on forensic doctor Temperance Brennan, who identifies very much with her profession - even if her life is often in danger. She doesn't give in until a case is resolved. As far as traces are concerned, Temperance is often left with nothing, as she is often confronted with cases that were long ago and offer no clue whatsoever. Because like its creator, Tempe is a forensic anthropologist.

Kathy Reichs writes very authentically for a reason, after all, she has been familiar with the subject of forensics for years. Your fictional character Dr. Brennan has been broadcast with the eponymous title character in the US series "Bones" since 2005. The writer worked on the scripts, but the character of Tempe Brennan is greatly varied in the TV series and has a different life story than that of the older fictional character, both character and biographical: The temperance in the books is around 40, alive separated from her husband and has a daughter with him, Katy. The author knows the institutes in which Tempe alternates between North Carolina and Quebec from her own professional experience.

Kathy Reichs knows how to create exciting scenarios from every new case that Tempe Brennan is confronted with. It is not uncommon for the forensic scientist to find herself in extreme danger, and readers also learn a lot about her past, such as the fact that Brennan was an alcoholic. Often her work can hardly be separated from her personal experiences and emotions - as was the case when her friend Anne disappears without a trace. She and her colleague Andrew Ryan have a relationship that goes beyond work, but the two are still not a real couple. But their lively dialogues are legendary.

Tempe Brennan series in the correct order:

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  1. Dead Don't Lie (1997) »order
  2. Bone work (1999) »order
  3. Let bones speak (2000) »order
  4. Order by Mark und Bein (2001) »
  5. Bone harvest (2002) »order
  6. With skin and hair (2003) »order
  7. Dead Monday (2004) »order
  8. People believed dead live longer (2005) »order
  9. Head overhead (2006) »order
  10. Bones to Ashes (2007) »order
  11. Death comes like being called (2008) »order
  12. The grave is only the beginning (2009) »order
  13. Blood does not forget (2010) »order
  14. Fahr zum Hölle (2011) »order
  15. Bone Hunt (2012) »order
  16. Totengeld (2013) »order
  17. Bones never lie (2014) »order
  18. The language of the bones (2015) »order
  19. The face of evil (2020) »order

There is also an anthology containing the novellas “The Trail of Death”, “Water of Death”, “Glacier of Death” and “Tempe Brennan's First Fall”.

The Bone Hunter: Four Cases for Tempe Brennan »order

The TV series Bones on DVD:

(Tory Brennan) Virals in the correct order:

In these books, Tempe's teenage niece, Tory Brennan, is the main protagonist.

  1. The dead can no longer talk (2010) »order
  2. Only the Dead Knows the Truth (2011) »order
  3. Every Dead Keeps a Secret (2013) »order
  4. Exposure (2014, not yet translated) »order
  5. Terminal (2015, not yet translated) »order

Other books by Kathy Reichs: