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Bloxy Awards

The Bloxy Awards (originally called the ROBLOX Film Festival / Hall of Fame, also referred to as The Bloxys or simply Bloxys) is an annual event held by Roblox. It aims to recognize the artistic, creative, and social abilities of its playerbase. Originally intended for video creators and animators, the Bloxys has expanded to officially include artists, social media influencers, and game creators. Near the end of each year, the Roblox community can send in their vote for each category, where (for most categories) five final nominees are picked at a later date to finalize the voting process. The results are then streamed on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

The first Bloxys was the 2013 Hall of Fame and the ROBLOX Film Festival, shown during the 2013 BLOXcon event. Unlike future editions of the Bloxys, this was the only Bloxys that had winners revealed at different times and locations (except for the Virtual BLOXcon 2013).



The Bloxy Awards has been largely criticized in more recent years to be a popularity contest instead of showcasing upcoming creators and their creations. It has also been heavily criticized and assumed to be rigged for Roblox-affiliated creations and users who are close friends with Roblox employees.