How to Play Gifs on Android

How to Search for GIFs on WhatsApp Using Android

In this guide I will tell you how to search for GIFs in WhatsApp with Android can. Also, I will show you how to customize and share animated GIFs on WhatsApp, not just this method. Finally, I would like to tell you what the difference is between the archive and the GIF keyboard (tenors).

I have to say that the guide is specific to Android phones like Samsung Smartphones is. If you have an iOS device, then you should check out How to Search for GIF on WhatsApp with iPhone. With this in mind, we will get started right away.

How to Search for GIFs on WhatsApp Using Android

If you are wondering how to search for GIFs in WhatsApp with Android you need to update the application first. You can about Google play upgrade. However, if you don't get a version equal to or greater than 6, consider getting a beta to install. You can find them.apk file on the APK Mirror. Remember, you have the option to install unknown Activate sources.

After upgrading, you can open the app and join a conversation or group. After that you need the Emoticon button, Smile icon, next to the writing bar. This is how the Emoji keyboard look. As you can see, that is GIF button Now available. It's on the back, next to the emoticon button. Just press it to do that GIPHY GIF archive to display. The animated images are all free.

Around Search for GIF on WhatsApp with Android, you must after pressing the GIF button on the Magnifying glass symbol (bottom left). You will see that box looking for GIPHY and the alphanumeric keyboard appears. You need to write a keyword to find the animated image of your interest. Related GIFs are automatically displayed. You can scroll through the results by swiping your finger from right to left.

When you find the GIF to share, select it with one touch. You will then see the screen Send GIF with the Profile names or Group namesyou are sending it to, including. This is not the editor you can use to draw on WhatsApp with Android, it is one Preview. Therefore, at least for the time being, it is not possible to customize GIFs by inserting emoticons, text or handwritten text. Also, you can't share multiple GIFs at the same time.

Then all you have to do is add a comment (optional) and hit the button Send click. The GIF will be shared in chat or in the group you choose.

Difference between archive and GIF keyboard

After you find out how to search for GIF using WhatsApp on Android you may want to know the difference between the archive and a third-party GIF keyboard. If you remember, it was already possible to install a GIF keyboard on WhatsApp. It allowed us to share the images animated by the conversation without going outside. Now it's about the same, with the difference that GIF archives integrated into the system and cannot be added via third-party applications. In addition, the GIF keyboard used the tenor archive, the is now integrated into iOS. However, on Android there are those of GIPHY.

However, since the animated image archive became available, you no longer need to configure Tenor's GIF keyboard to Search WhatsApp with Android for GIF. However, it still applies to anyone who is unable to update the application.

To know more about this procedure and other sharing methods, please read How to Send GIFs to WhatsApp on Android.

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