How big is the diameter of 10 mm


my first lenses were 9.6 in diameter, obviously a lot steeper(uncomfortable) were adjusted. BC 7.6. Didn't feel good compared to my current lenses (which I didn't know then )

My new optician immediately ordered large lenses, I think 10.2 (or was it 10.6?)

But were too big, then ordered the 9.8 and he was satisfied. I don't even notice them in my eye. (BC now 7.9 and 7.95 ----> much more pleasant)

But I have to say that the first lenses (9.6) always clogged up, the fitter then lifted the edge a bit (which made them even more uncomfortable)

I think it also depends very much on the material (wettability) and the design of the edges.

If it absolutely does not work with these lenses, change the fitter again and ask on the phone whether they also fit Galifa in a dimensionally stable manner. I have the modula A / Paragon HDS and I am absolutely happy.