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Dana Ottmann (32), psychologist, successful cyclist, one of the countless corona vaccine deaths in March. Cynical comment by Karl "Bates" Lauterbach (SPD) on this: "Such vaccine damage in previously healthy people must be accepted in order to achieve the great goal!"

After the unexpectedly high response to the first tgm interview with a Charité insider, we decided to pick up the thread again. Merkel's test, vaccination and lockdown madness continues to paralyze the country and all of Central Europe, and there is no end in sight. The announcement by the "Eternal Chancellor" that she will soon have a Covid vaccination herself cannot change anything.

tgm: "Dr. X, many German citizens have taken your advice from our first conversation to heart and feel good about it so far. "

Dr. X: “That's good news. But it is even better not to have one of these experimental serums injected at all. "

tgm: “Angela Merkel announced that she would be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca preparation this week. What is your opinion on this?"

Dr. X: “That doesn't change anything. As early as 2009, during the swine flu campaign, the “elites” were proven to have a different means than the common people. And after all the vaccination deaths that we already have to complain about, I reckon that Merkel will have a maximum of one colored vitamin complex administered. "

tgm: “So cheating. If that is discovered, the Union rushes even further into the cellar. "

Dr. X: “Angela Almighty doesn't care about that now. She only pursues her own agenda. And hardcore Merkel fans would even gloss over that. Did not know. Higher aim. Cheap apologetics. In this new act of the smear theater, it is only a matter of pasting up the Germans' vaccination fatigue. The excuse with the lack of preparations no longer works, now at least the undecided should be lured into the vaccination trap. "

tgm: “Some of our readers were a bit shy about applying lemon juice or alcohol to the vaccination site. What do you think?"

Dr. X: “Of course, I understand that. We are talking about an area that the common man likes to steer clear of. But a possible short-term local reaction is of course nothing against a vaccine damage that can end in death, even in many healthy people, as the last few weeks have increasingly shown. "

tgm: "Have you considered alternatives?"

Dr. X: “Are there alternatives for people who cannot avoid vaccination? Yes, actually, I definitely have. If you cannot or do not want to inject lemon juice or alcohol into the vaccination site in the first 5 minutes after the vaccination application, you should apply external heat treatment within this time frame. "

tgm: "And how should that work?"

Dr. X: “As with the other methods, speed is everything here. I suggest filling a small insulating jar with hot water at home. The water should be at least 70 ° C immediately after the injection. Then you disappear into a quiet corner within 5 minutes, pour the water into a glass you brought with you that is not too thick, if possible with a lid (the commercially available plastic beak cups are also ideal), and place it firmly on the fresh injection site for 5 minutes . "

tgm: “Sounds pretty heated. Can't there be a first-degree burn? "

Dr. X: “That is in fact the only and very manageable risk, especially for people with sensitive skin. But this possible "first-degree burn" (sounds dramatic) is in reality comparable to a locally very limited mini sunburn that quickly subsides. A couple of cool compresses or the well-known creams from the pharmacy such as Soventol, Systral or Bepanthen provide relief. If you throw yourself into the Mallorcan midday sun for an hour, you run a much higher risk. "

tgm: "Thank you very much and see you next time."

Dr. X: "I would be happy. I have to thank."

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