Naim xs2 whathifi dynaudio

Everyone's input was much appreciated and the system has rapidly come together as follows: -

Naim NAC-N 272 Streamer (new)
Naim 150x Power Amp (s / h 2009 - serviced 2020)
Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 Speakers (c. 2008 - salvaged from old system in garage)
Altacama Moseco 6 stands
Silver Anniversary XT Speaker Cable (again from old system)

Love the convenience and SQ of streaming Tidal and the streamer was a big improvement on my old Technics CD. Then swapping my old Technics amp for the Naim power amp made for an ever greater jump in SQ, and it's now sounding pretty good to me ears. I'm a fan of the pacey punchy Naim sound and want to maintain it rather than compensate for it.

The system is currently in an average sized double bedroom. It will be moved into a larger living room in the future but the way things are going that could be a while. I'm not looking for an end game system all in one step, preferring to make incremental upgrades and I have no problem with s / h to get best value.

Upgrade plans are:

Short term
1. Rack - looking at a Solid Sounds rack. UK hand built, sensitive pricing and works well with Naim.
2. Speakers - as always, this is the tricky one, will come to that later!
3. Cable - Witch Hat Phantom was recommended on here and further reading suggests it's a great match.

Mid term
1. Speakers - upgrade to floor standers, something like Spendor A7
2. Amp - upgrade to something like s / h NAP200 / 250
3. Power supply - add something like XPSR DR

Long term
1. Amp - upgrade to NAP 250 (DR version)
2. Power supply - 555 PS DR (could be a long wait that one!)

So that's the plan, all input and suggestions welcome.

With regard to the here and now, my thoughts are turning to speakers and I'm looking to compile a list to demo. To begin with speakers will sit on the stands about 6-8 "max from rear wall. Ideally I would like them to work well now in the bedroom often at low volumes. But when the time comes to move the system they won't be out of place in a larger room (although not massively so) until funds allow an upgrade. On the shortlist so far I have:

s / h Dynaudio Emit M10 - a little concerned about the rear bass port given positioning
s / h B&W 607 S2 or new 607 series 1

Budget is around £ 300- £ 400

Will try and demo, otherwise may look for s / h so the loss isn't great if not to my liking.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.