How to program dialog tv remotely

Dialog TV hub

Television ViU Hub. You can now enjoy an enriched and personalized television experience from the comfort of your home.

With this app, now you can:

• Watch two TV channels at the same time. No more fighting for the remote - as you can now watch two TV channels at the same time - one on the TV and another on your mobile device.

• Earphone TV - Want to enjoy TV in private without disturbing the rest of the household? We got you covered with Earphone TV. You can listen to the audio through your mobile device with plugged in earphones while watching the action on the big screen. The TV will be on mute and you can catch up on your favorite programs privately while your family sleeps peacefully.

• Smart remote control - No need to search for the remote anymore as you can control the Dialog Television ViU Hub with the built in remote control functions on the app. It is time to get rid of the batteries once and for all!

• Set program reservations and reminders from anywhere, anytime. - Now you can schedule program recording & set reminders for your favorite shows via the Dialog TV Hub app.

Simply download the app, pair with your Dialog Television ViU Hub and you are good to go!