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Flash the kernel

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Edit: >>> solved !!! <<<

Hello, I would like to have a problem there too

Now that I have googled and read for days and got no further here either (despite Sufunu), I open this thread ...

Down to business:
As you can read, I rooted the Wildfire (without S) and this one with revolutionary. Froyo 2.2.1 Sense (should also be lead like that).

Now - after reading a lot about it - wanted to put the HCDR kernel 4.1 on it, in order to be able to overclock moderately but with a bit of "emphasis".

Flashing the kernel always failed because I didn't have the clockwork mod recovery on it ?!
Whenever I went into normal recovery, my WF hung up with the famous red triangle with the exclamation mark in it ...

Since I am apparently too stupid to flash a new recovery on my mobile phone (despite goggling and reading endlessly), I then tried the "Kernel Manager pro" app (bought specially for it).

That actually worked after the second attempt.
Now I have the HDCR Kernel v4.1 on it and unfortunately I have to find out that the WiFi no longer works! But I need WiFi and I don't want to do without tethering (that is no longer possible).
Now I've downloaded a few other kernels and put them on my SD card, which I wanted to try out now. Now it no longer works with the Kernel Manager (closes or closes every time during flashing).

Now I can't seem to avoid flashing the other recovery after all ...

But I can read it through as often as I want, I can't do it. Horror!
I have the img file on my computer, but with the description

Now you open a command window (Windows search, run window etc.) and change with code:
cd C: \ adb-tools \
in your ADB folder.

I'm not getting any further :-(

Open the command window, I'll manage that.
But then it already says "C: \ Documents and Settings \ HP_Owner>"

I then entered "cd desktop \ recovery" behind it (because I have the recovery.img in this folder).
After pressing Enter there is then in the window "C: \ Documents and Settings \ HP Owner \ Desktop \ Recovery>"

And now???
I've already tried the ROM Manager, with which it should / should be super easy. But that doesn't work either.
It shows me e.g. under "Install Clockworkmod Recovery": Current recovery system: Clockworkmod
But it doesn't seem to be installed because I can't find it in the boot menu. Just the normal recovery, and when I click on that (with the power button), it goes in the direction of the red warning triangle = end of terrain!
And when I click on "Restart into the recovery system" in the ROM Manager, then exactly the same thing: Restart and then red triangle ...

Many Thanks.
The Sascha

P.S .: Well I've now installed Setcpu and set it to 710 max. And 160 min. ...
There is a lot going on there! Above all, you can see right away how often it boots up to the 710. I think that if you have installed a lot of apps, then that makes a lot of sense (at least with the rather modest Wildfire in terms of performance ;-))

So I would like to keep this performance, only the WiFi has to work ...

P.P.S. and EDIT:
Now, after what feels like 84 attempts with "Kernel Manager pro" (which is always closed when flashing), I managed to flash another kernel ( Finity). You can overclock that too. BUT the WiFi doesn't work there either. Is it really still due to the kernel that the WiFi doesn't work?

Thanks for tips, advice etc ...
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