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The early comer

A film review by Falk Straub

For some teenagers, growing up is hell. Dan Beers shows what happens when you can't escape it The early comer in an amusing way.
Puberty is a necessary evil on the road to coming of age. Rob (John Karna) endures all her atrocities with stoic calm. Even when a college job interview and a date with the hottest girl in school (Carlson Young) literally go wrong, the teenager reacts calmly. When he relived the most important day of his school career to date, however, Rob was also uneasy. The time warp starts over each time Rob ejaculates. From now on it is important not to come too early.

With its wacky mix of And the marmot greets you every day and American Pie Director and co-writer Dan Beers delivers a successful feature film debut. His comedy circles somewhere between dry school humor, feel-good romance and the search for meaning. Beers' recurrence of events is much more original than many other films that deal with time loops. So varied The early comer not only its content, but also its form. Episodes that have already been viewed are shown the second, third or fourth time in different settings, from new camera positions or in a modified sequence of cuts on the screen.

Despite the coarse trigger the time warp is The early comer far less disgusting than American Pie, of course not as mature as And the marmot greets you every day. In contrast to Harold Ramis ‘hit comedy from 1993, a completely different generation also plays the leading role in Dan Beers. And for them the film has interesting questions and answers about life, love and friendships between all the foolishness. The early comer advocates leaning back and just deliberately being late. Here, Beers and Ramis are suddenly very close again.

For some teenagers, growing up is hell. What happens when you can't escape it is shown in an amusing way by Dan Beer's “Der Zurühkommer”.